Insecure Actress Hikes Her Fee Following Arch-Rival's Continued Success

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Here is an interesting blind item from Mid-day. Can you guess who?

This actress is on the speed dial of many big brands, but has been acting pricey of late. When a skincare company recently approached her to renew their contract, she demanded a hike of over 60 per cent to continue endorsing their products. 

"She even told them that they could approach another actress if they could not afford her. The brand officials were stumped by her attitude. Now they are in a fix since they want to launch their latest campaign as soon as possible and it is difficult to find another brand ambassador at short notice," says a source, adding that the pretty face, who used to charge Rs 3 crore for endorsement deals earlier, is now asking for Rs 5 crore. So, what prompted her to hike her fee all of a sudden? The source explains that she wants to assert her position in the industry since she feels overshadowed by the achievements of a contemporary. “They both have been in this industry for about the same number of years. But her fellow actress is more favoured by filmmakers for her acting talent and versatility. She, in fact, was interested to know how much her rival earns from brand deals and when she found out it was less than Rs 3 crore, she decided to demand more money to prove that she is a bigger star,” adds the source. 

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Shraddha the insecure actress

Sonam kapoor does not endorse any skin care brand

Sonam is crossing all limits..however she cannot match up to Dp ever..concentrate on yourself instead of bringing her down

Yet another pro-Deepika , anti-Sonam blind item! They release them like clockwork every week.

It's sonam obviously , can all dp fans try to stop bringing Kareena into this as ur just embarrassing your fave . First of Kareena is already the highest paid heroine so she doesn't need to worry about that . The fact that she got paid 8cr for a brief role on BB goes to prove her star power 2nd of all Kareena can charge any amount and she will get it .

It's katrina Kaif - insecure of Deepika

thats sonam hahaahha

Kangana is not into Brand deals. She is not famous for her brand endorsements.. It is definitely Sonam Kapoor. She is high af after PRDP and she thinks she is the TOP heroine LOL. And since L'Oreal is her only career high she is extremely insecure about it. And the fellow actress is definitely Deepika Padukone. Calling her versatile and demanded set her PV haters on fire already LOL.

SONAM KAPOOrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Calm down,guys.It can't be sonam.D is neither versatile nor talented!!

Deepika and Anuskha (insecure). brand Nivea.

lol that's weird considering Anushka is a much better and versitle actress than the overrated Deepika.

Yeaahh but she ain't the superstar actress like DP is. The joke is on you , Anu Fan. :)

I have a feeling its Kareena. PC is rival, who is owning both in US and India

LOL KAREENA. She is out of the game ages ago....

Lol i really like how some sonam prs under name of fan came to her rescue after the blind iteam came now belming deepika can make reality change (sonam is bad actress ), now reality hards to accept instead of belm deepika and her pr every singal day like sonam is oscar wining actress with out pr!!! why don't some ppl accept that she ia an flop actress and survivi g in bollywood beacuse of papa dearest is producing film for her as some iddioit die hard sonam fans are comparing deepika's performance in bajiro mastani with sonam's distear performance in prdp (even she didn't managed to perform an pretty face rule very well ) , while deepika is acting in her films and getting appercations , and deepika perfomance wasn't second fiddle in fact with having powerful actress like prianka she manged the grab attention as most of sites were surprised gone gaga over deepika and ranveer's performance, and got her own deo in bajiro mastani trailer , ppl are mad in dangerous war sences and emotionsnal sences she perfomed , as sharukh sats picher abi baki hai mere dust, yet to see epic sences with outstanding performance of deepika(while sonam can't give good performance with having no competition lol) , while haters are busy to find iddioic reasons to use it against deepika, deepika perfomance in bajiro mastani will surely will make miss fashionista's inscure tampercer more high. Pv pst this time don't ignore this time for hood sake.

Rediff reported in 2012 that Sonam makes 3 crores on her Loreal contract. For me, it is more likely Sonam than Katrina, though Kat signed her L'oreal contract in December of 2013, that contract cannot possibly be up for renewal at this point, not unless they signed her only for two years which L'Oreal rarely ever does such short term contracts. Sonam signed hers in December 2008 and imho is within her right to ask for a raise when the opportunity presents itself. I strongly doubt that she is doing so because of Deepika though. Blake Lively earns $420,000 (2.2 Crores) per year on her Loreal contract while her husband Ryan Reynolds earns nearly 2 million dollars per year from the same company (for much less work than Blake imho) as a brand ambassador. These women need to be paid more. Let's focus on that instead of mudslinging on a blind item.

Yes, I think it's Sonam too. While your point of equal raise is well-taken, I dont think Sonam should get a raise just because of equality issues. Not hating on her but simply stating plain facts. She doesn't have a compelling body of work or fan base. In addition, because it's a skin-care/make-up brand she isn't doing a great job of showcasing that. She's been sporting terribly patchy, white-washed, cake-y make-up since a long time. You can check out the public opinion on her appearances in blogs such as HHC. She IMO doesn't deserve the raise or the brand. It's representing Loreal in a poor light.

Jealous Sonam & Successful Deepika!

how can it be Katrina? She can't act so it could be Deepika and Sonam. I think the blind is fake. Probably done by Deepika's PR.

No its done by kat or so name pr who can't see dp happy n successful.

Its Sonam, skincare company is L'Oreal and she is crazily jealous of Deepika.......has become friendly with Kangana also due to common jealousy of Deepika

its parineeti and her rival alia

it cant not be sonam. (loreal is a cosmetic brand) sonam cannot afford to throw tantrums, get replaced by other, she wont let go of loreal easily.. maybe its anushka (read nivea skincare brand).. she's isnt friendly with deepika.. (her comments on kwk prove she's jealous of DP)

Kangana who is insecure..successful deepika...

u know its other way around....kangna is known more for her acting than deepika and kangna was never paid 3 cr for endorsments simply because she was never in position to demand that much fact she hardly had any endorsments before twmr....

It's sonam she has been in the industry for same time as deepika, and has recently given a hit Prdp. LOL AT PEOPLE WHO ARE SAYING ITS KAREENA. first of all Kareena been in the industry for over 15 yrs and also Kareena gets paid waaaayyy more then Dp be it in movies or endorsements so don't embarrass your fave Dp like that just to try and bring Kareena down. I'm not a fan of either but everyone knows Kareena is the highest paid heroine charging 8-10cr and 5cr per endorsements already

katrina and priyanka

deepika's PR needs to chill. this is too much


Insecure and talentlss, dumb, bitter Sonam Kapoor.
The versatile actress that is in demand by all is Queen of hearts Deepika

Poor deepika has to deal with her hater contamprories, sonam made remark on her when she ruled 2013 in her kity and kareena said a lot of time that she has given lot's of rules to her contemporaries following ramleela, and here when deepika nailed mastani character 4 days before trailer came bebo fans trolled pv by saying that kareena could have been better choice (since they were fustreated deo deepika got huge appercation from udiances and critics and media ) and now they even photoshoped deepika deewani mastani look to kareena as much desparete and passionate they are to hate on deepika(obviously beacuse of deepika nailed it which they didn't expect this time) lol, bad ppl are every where, but i liked the facted deepika is unaffected by all these attacks while she keeping slaying and give more reason to her haters to be jealous lol.

how can u say deepika nailed the mastani character on the basis of 3 min trailer??i think u should wait for 18 dec to make any conclusions

You seems to be has no clue what is trailer of bajiro mastani all about lol , deewani mastani is already 10 milions hit in youtube.



it says the two actresses have been in the industry for same amount of years. Karen debuted with refugee and depict with om shanti om. O.o

Rumors has it that KKK is still begging for the role of Mastani.

Well neither of these can refer to DP, the skin care brand she endorses is Garner and DP charges 6 crores for that endorsement deal (this is since 2012). She may charge less for others but this is the skin care brand she endorses and this blind refers to it being a skin care brand. It could be Kat or Sonam with Kangana being the other actress cause Kat is not getting many film offers right now and she is the only one that needs to assert her presence at this time and Kangana is taking her endorsements not DP's. However, Kat started out in 2003 with Boom and Kangana's first release wasn't until 2006, but Kangana did sign her first movie in 2004 and began acting at that time. The blind is vague about when they both started, technically they have both been around in the industry for the same number of years (within a year). It could be Sonam but I doubt Sonam has the clout to ask for 5crores for an endorsement deal. This seems like a made up blind to me, the facts don't really add up. PV please post.

Lol pretty top actress is an katrina whose didn't spoted since diwale other actresses are in open . Anushka spoted airport and prianka in west and sonam spoted in event and masaba weading reception and even kangana and alia they were in the same weading cermony and deepika is promoting tamsha and parineeti is spoted recently with sanya , it's katrina, if she does her nose also it will be completely weird to watch her she is already looking bad with overdone plastic surgeries. And YET, people are mindlessly blaming Deepika's PR. Your blind need to hate her without looking at context is a testament of her success. Everything is about her for her haters exctly.


The actress this blind is lauding can it no way be Deepika because 1. She hasn't had a sudden rise now 2. She doesn't charge less than 3 crores. 3. It can't be Sonam against her because it says the phone keeps ringing from brand endorsers - and since when is Sonam a brand favorite. It also can't be Katrina against her because they didn't start around each other.
And YET, people are mindlessly blaming Deepika's PR. Your blind need to hate her without looking at context is a testament of her success. Everything is about her for her haters.

The actress tht is insecure is Katrina n contemporary actress is Deepika

The actress tht is insecure is Katrina n contemporary actress is Deepika

It's Katrina. Yes she started in films before Deepika but her first successful Hindi film was only a year & a half before Deepika made her debut in OSO.

HOLD ON!!!! ALL YOU ANTI-DEEPIKA haters this is NOT about Kangana (in the favourable position of this story) she is NOT VERSATILE - she has played only two types of characters in her career so far 1. depressed & suicidal. 2. Angry/gutsy & independent. Deepika has played numerous different characters including a blind girl (Lafangey Parindey), south indian, north indian, shy & quiet (YJHD), strong & independent (Ram Leela , Race 2, BAH), angry & Frustrated (Piku).... the list can go on. Secondly Kangana only has 2 hits (excluding Krrish3) to her credit in the last three years whereas Deepika has 7 hit films in the same time frame and most likely 2 more before the end of the year!!! So only Deepika can justify the "continued successes" statement!!!! And finally there is NOBODY who is overshadowing Deepika in the industry today. Good or bad, she is the media's darling. SO PLEASE do not get it twisted. Infact, after writing all this, I don't blame whoever the actress is that is insecure. Deepika's success & stardom is very intimidating right now.

kangna is way way better actress than deepika.....whole bollywood knows it expect for dp blind fans like u....and your list of deepika movies to show how versatile she is very fake...she was thrashed in the most of the movies u listed....kangna twmr act alone trumps every role that deepika have done till date and u will know when datto beats mastani for awards...this is truth ..dislikes to this comment wont change the fact...pv post it

plz dont try to say deepika is the only successful actress right now...kangna herself is very successful of her own and have potentially great line up of movies with brilliant directors....

Hmm, how strange. Kangana is not universal, playing only 2! types of roles has more critical praise and 2! national awards, while universal Deepika no has neither the first nor the second ...

Deepika and Kangana? Why Deep always jealous Kangana ? Deepika has it all - fame, fans, recognition, money, beloved. that does not suffice for the happiness Deepika?

people who are saying that rival actress is deepika are clearly missing a main point here....deepika is not known for her acting talent and versality that much as kangna is known.....

PR of DP is so active they had to make a movie over it PR-DP.

Awsome, LOL.

Sonam just made a movie... PRDP (Prem Ratan Dhan Paayo)......what a coincidence!!!

Kangana is known for her acting talent more than sonam or the rival actress is surly kangna....and the actress in question is either deepika or sonam...the blind item dont say they started in the same year it says that they started at about the same number of years...kangna started in 2007 and sonam and deepika started in both deepika and sonam cant be the answer to this blind..

its kangana and deepika. Deepika has been succesful for quite a few years now. so it is not a sudden rise. sudden rise is of Kangana. Also, Kangana is versatile and more prefered by filmmakers Deepika could be bigger star but always insecure about Kangana. sonam and deepika does not work for this blind item since deepika is the bigger star here.

No its not dp kangana as it's says both r here for same number of years. Dp is here for 8 yrs where as kangana for 10 or 11 yrs

"both started about the same time"so it does not clearly means it is deepika and sonam who started in the same year...the rival actress is surely kangna because it states that filmmakers favour her for acting talent and versality who is the actress to renew her contract for skin care??

Another vicious blind item against sonam, cheapika's pr is going crazy after PRDP, The list of her targets is endlist, Bipasha, katrina, kareena, sonam, kangna & now the latest addition is her so-called best friend PC, the way she has reduced her to second fiddle. No doubt she is the most cunning & manipulative woman in bollywood.

pv plz post

it cant be states that she used to charge 3 cr for endorsments but kangna was never in position to charge that much before fact she hardly had any endorsments in her hand during that time..

Sonam. "Overshadowed by her contemporary" can apply only to her.

this is definitely Sonam, DP and Sonam were both launched in the same year and I have not seen Kangana doing much brand endorsing. Sonam has L'Oreal..Katrina was launched much before Sonam or DP..

Deepika is not the contemporary actress who is liked for her roles because it says that the said actress charges less than 3 crores. Deepika charges way more.
Sonam is not the insecure actress because she isn't the go to for ANY brands.
Can't be Katrina and Deepika because they didn't start anywhere around each other
It is Deepika and Kangana because the former started in 2007 and the latter in 2006. Notice how it says 'around the same time'. Also, Kangana must charge less than 3 crores and is known for her acting and versatility the most.

I think its rather katrina than sonam because sonam doesnt have that much brands and she isnt in the same league with dp yet...

as far as I understand Bollywood, there is only ONE number one actress and that is Deepika Pdukone. The rest are far behind in Second. So not sure if Deepika is the insecure actress

Sry i so Not agree with you number 1 is Priyanka !!! Look at Barfi !!! Sry But you Are just a blind DP Fan who does Not See her Weak Sides she is a mediocre actress ! Even in The Trailer of Bajirao you can See that PC is more talented But of course this Brand Rivale Might Be Sonam or kangana! And i am no PC Fan But The truth is The Truth and DP and PC both Are good Looking Woman

so u clearly dont understand bollywood....

The blind iteam says that the two actresses got lunched in the same time , and one got outsadanding achievement another one is not, kangana filmfare and national award winning actress and what over is less but deepika is filmfare award winning actress and has lot's brand in her kity and has high demand in bollywood and deepika is one the top actresses of today , kangana is also in demand after queen, both in high part of their career , how it could be kangana and deepika? it clear the flop sonam kapoor who made her dabut with deepika and deepika has gone milestone ahead from sonam , while we seen her direct inscure reaction in coffee with karan season 4 after deepika given back to back 100 cr film with getting appercation and awards she started to attack poor deepika and her rememarks on deepika never ends every single day you have an article about sonam which passes nusty comments on deepika, , and intreasting she says that deepika is jealous of her , so now that came to open clearly that her remarks on deepika on coffee with karan season 4 was clear streatgy to pull down the poor actress beacuse of her inscureties lol, no wonder why deepika don't gives any attention to her big mouth.

Sounds like more shady PR from the Deepika's team.

Katrina B**** kaif

Sonam will go 6 feet under only for too much jealousy from Deepika. If I was DP; I would be happy just reading about the compatitoon existed in Sonam 's head only. Get a life yaar. Go and sign up for acting lessons instead.

Sonam and Deepika

Kangana and Deepika. But don't know which is who.

Sonam Kapoor

Deepika Padukone - Garnier

Sonam and Deepika?


Sonam Ji.


DP trying to compete with Kangana and prove that KR is not number one, no one agreeing except for PV LOL.

HMMM easy one Deepika insecure over kangana's recent success, acting abilities and versatility.

Who is she? I guess kat n pc as both started in 2003 . It can't be deepika or kangana as they didn't start toghter.

anushka sharma jealous of Deepika , anushka is talented actress but why get jealous of Deepika even she is not bothered to brand goes from her hand if deepika is getting more success than that means she is has something more than you talent is not enough to survive , poor deepika has to survive in industry that full of her haters whither personaly or perfectionsly, as point says inscurety is the best.

don't bring Anu into this...she is not the kind of person to do this.

Sonam- Deepika?

Everytime I try to like sonam she goes and does something stupid... When will she learn to rise above and focus on learning acting instead of being petty.

Sounds like Sonam

pricy actress katrina brand name olay and contemporary actress deepika

Sonam maybe since they were launched in the same year

Kareena has done this in the past. Also not much going for her in the movies.

haha sonam kapoor

Sonam and Deepika!

OH HERE WE GO!!!! We all know this is Katrina and her rival is Deepika. LET THE FAN WARS BEGIN!!!!!!!

Katrina and Deepika didnt start at the same time . Kat in 2003 and Deepika 2007


Sonam - DP. Both have been in the industry for 8 years. Brand could be L'Oreal.

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