Actor Makes out with this Actress in a Loo - Guess Who?

We came across this juicy blind item in a popular newspaper. Can you guess whom are they talking about?
This actor is on a roll, post his separation from his wife. He has been linked to three young actresses and all of them gush about him starry-eyed. All believe he’s exclusive with them. One actress has been cosying up to his family in the hope of marriage. Recently, at another actor’s party he was caught in the loo making out with one of these actresses with whom he’s working with in a musical. While he’s always been a bit of a hedonist, he was always discreet, but now that he is not accountable to his wife, he has thrown caution to the wind.

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Sonam and Farhan. Sonam shamelessly said on KWK that she wanted to gu on a date badly with Farhan.

Farhan ,must have definitely turned down the offer!

Adhuna Bhabani - you are worldly wise ;) and definitely better off.. Respect Lady !

Shraddha hundred percent is not innocent and we all know that.. hence the house of her own. All the actresses are the same and pretend they live with their parents but don't and have their own floors with lifts that go direct to it (Sonakshi), PC used to pretend that Parineeti same thing.

I don't believe this story one bit it is a blatant lie. Even if they are dating which I think is ok he is free/single and she she is free, single,young and pretty they can get together, Shraddha is a very pretty girl if Farhan finds her attractive there is nothing wrong with it but to make out in the loo is just lies. Someone is really out to malign Farhan that he just got divorced does not mean he has suddenly become a dog, Since his divorce he has been linked with every single young actress.Give the man a break is that all that is to him. you guys should give him some credit, some one is trying to make him look like a s.....x addict. Pllllzzz. anybody that believes this must be small minded. People always believe the worst about people, making out in a loo !!!?????. LIES !!!!!!!!

PV please post.

this is disgusting . so cheap. what is wrong with them

Honestly where do these tabloids keep pulling these blind items from? And is there any truth to them or are they just made up out of someone's imagination? Don't know how true this blind is but it is in a very bad taste. Also the timing of this juicy gossip can't get any better. Think Rock On 2 is going to release soon so this could be another publicity stunt. Secondly, Shraddha is on roll these days with back to back hits and also carries an innocent and goody two shoes image which may not go down well with her contemporaries and hence they are spreading these dirty hook up rumours about her. Thirdly, the party was held last week so why is this news coming out now after a week when her new movie still with aditya was released, and created quite a buzz with people loving the chemistry of the two? This bollywood is a circus so anything can happen.

disgracing shradda why? coz shes doing better than alia and parineeti?

It would have been disgusting if either of them were married... Both are single , what's wrong in that.

Because what they did is what caused Farhan's wife to kickk him out & separate. He cheated! So easy for for some people to say what's wrong in that. Sad.

You seem to know everything about Farhans personal life... There was no news that he had an extra marital affair which lead to his separation. Stop speculating... Current scenario both are single.

Wow.... What a MARD ! Hats off bro...

i honestly want to know how journalists find out this information. do they install cameras in the stars' bathrooms to spy on them? no offense pinkvilla, just curious.

Eww Farhan is old,ugly and Shraddha's uncles's age

Farhan is HOT!

for the life of me cannot understand how a guy like Farhan who is zero sex appeal and "a rat just died in my throat" voice can play around with 3 women at the same time. Looks like women in bollywood are desperate.

I won't lie: Objectively, I find Farhan VERY hot (just look at him in the shower scene in Rock On). But he did cheat on his wife repeatedly, and it sounds like he's juggling three women without being open/honest about it with any of them. And that makes him repulsive.

Can't believe Shraddha left Adi for this guy. SMH. Aditya is way hotter and sexier than any other actor from the younger lot. Shraddha just left a sexy fish slip through her fingers. Sigh!

Why is it disgusting. At least he officially separated before having fun. Unlike the other cheaters in the industry!

WRONG! Farhan had fun/cheated on his wife with several women and finally with him cheating on his wife with a girl young as Shraddha, his wife kicked him out of home and later went for official separation.

Yikes! Did not know all of this.
Hope it is not true.


so i guess this confirms that aditya and shraddha are not back together. im happy for him. and all the best to shraddha and farhan.

Farhan Akhtar. All 3 Shraddha, Aditi and Kalki fell for his act . Those girls can do better .

Three girls at the same time?

Hey guys! this blind is about Farhan, Hrithik has nothing to do with it. Thanks

Wasn't adi at this party too? Be with whoever you want shraddha but who hooks up with someone while their ex is in the same building??

Your ex is in the same building so you shouldn't get together with your current? *scratching my head*

That's called giving basic respect to the previous relationship. You loved the person for heavens sake (unless it was just a game for Shraddha) but I think Aditya truly loved her. Dirty dancing on the same floor with your ex and your current, surely doesn't sound cool to me. Nor is it cool to be a regular visitor at your ex's home. Its like disrespecting your previous relationship as well as your current one. Shraddh's ex Vanraj was such a classy guy too. Now I know it wasn't his fault but Shraddha's. Girl seems very wild, unclassy. Shraddha lacks the basic respect towards her relationships. Maybe once Aditya finds a girl, he'll give his relationship enough respect and ask Shraddha to not visit him or associate in anyway to him.

Farhan " sheikh with mini harem" Akhtar and Shradha " too innocent to be true" Kapoor making out in Loo. Other two actresses are Aditi and Kalki.

Aditi is the actress cozying up to the family.

He is old enough to be her "Uncle" ji. OMG what was she thinking? Wake up and smell the sunshine. People need to get counseling.

Is not treu alia pr Start
Sid alia br Up
Shraddha is bigger Star as alia
Alia with Dirty PR

Never imagined shraddha would date a married man and break his marriage. But she is shakti kapoor daughter !!!

So shraddha has moved on from Aditya Roy kapur to farhan akhtar. What a downgrade ! Speaks volumes of " true love ". Dump a guy when he is down and out . Date a guy with whom you can sustain a career . Good foe adi . He deserves better .

I always knew Shraddha's sweet, innocent, angelic good girl image was FAKE A.F!!! It's just a facade she has developed very well to hide the ugly truths & real skeletons in her closet. It's obvious why she and Adi broke up. She'll go where big success & career stability lies. Like father, like daughter! Tsk Tsk.

Didn't expect this from both Farhan and Shraddha! It's quite disgusting tbh

Farhan and Shraddha. All these years Farhan was cheating on his wife with different women. Now he is separated. He will have more fun.

Its Shraddha and Farhan!! No wonder why Shraddha is inspired by PC...LOOOL!!!

Ha ha ha....good one!

But both of them are single, so why is this even an issue ? It's not uncommon for recently divorced men to 'go all out' after the breakup. That's how men (and some women too) usually get over a relationship, by jumping in another one...or three. :P

Whats the point in getting a divorce if you cant be with whom you want to be with

Hrithik n Yami..time to kick Pulkit out of her life

This blind might actually be true because every other sites are talking about the pair's "dirty" dancing during the success bash of Baaghi when her father Shakti Kapoor left the scene and they also exited together as well.

Hey prabhu....pehle SRK, Hrithik and now Farhan.
The more they pretend to be faithful, the worst players they are....

Seems like salman would become faithful after marriage..

Poor Salman. He was singing from his heart when he sang "Ishq ke naam pe karte hain sab yahan raas-leela hai.....Main karoon tho saala character dheela hai"

shraddha nikli shakti kapoor ki hi beti...

The year you realise that Farhan and Hrithik are the biggest players...

farhan and deepika

It's Farhan Akthar..separated from his wife and linked to three actresses shradda aditi and kalki..god never thought he is such a player like this..even a year ago I read somewhere that he is crazy about his wife and now this..BW is a totally a cheating place that no man can ever remain loyal to their wife for so long no actor actress can ever be trusted.

This blind stinks of jealousy and desperation to malign people. Who cares?! If 2 people voluntarily do whatever, how is it any ones prob. Lets focus on their work

Hello Shraddha/her PR,

Fans would care if the person they idolized, end up breaking a marriage and than goes out wild making out in a toilet with a 40 year old & father of two kids, that too right in presence of Aditya, a guy you claimed to love. Don't know if your wild ways have made you aware of it but there's this thing called ethics and character, nobody can be anybody's fan only for the fictional characters they play. To love, admire someone for real people need to love, admire the real person.

sorry to butt in, but ethics is something to be followed and not imposed on others. You follow your ethics, build a character. leave others alone. thank you.

As if she's not already left alone with Farhan lol. Ethics & character are not followed but built. Sorry to say, Shraddha didn't built any.

It's Farhan and shraddha

hahaha today released a new blind item, hinting at an intimate relationship Hrithik and Yami, I hope to publish it Pinvilla

as it's a married man..actress has to be PC .

are these girls so stupid or they dont care and having fun??

What is it with women with married men or previously married men,..what is the attraction and it is not only in Indian , I have noticed that with women of other races too

Great. Go for the women.

Someone is busy since Shraddha's movie did well at the BO again. They are trying to malign her and of all places they are making out in the bathroom? Really? They are both single, she could easily just go to his place or get a room. This blind is stupid from all angles just a malicious attempt yet again to go after two people with on shot. Hmmm who benefits from both of them going down. Easy guess people.


Not first time, have seen them cozing up at guwahati airport

I've said it before I'll say it again.
Shraddha may not have Alia's pr who links her to every costar yet that doesn't make her innocent. She's no doodh ki dhuli either

Shradha ?? i dont think so !

Could they not get a room.

One of the dirtiest blinds...Farhan & Shraddha

Farhan proving that all these bw men are the same

Tabloids having a field day every other day after Farhan's new found single-hood. How seriously to take this? Last I heard, he was to move in with Kalki but that was rubbished by both on Twitter. And who cares anyway, he's a single man now. Free to indulge in these kind of shenanigans.


how is Loo public? You were invited? Kalki is with Jim Sarbh

Ermmm.. because it was a loo at a party with liberty for anyone to access? Kalki is way too classy and mature to ruin her character by hooking up with a lowlife cheater like Farhan.

Farhan n Shraddha ... tch tch

Farhan who apparently has his own harem of women. Caught canoodling Shraddha with whom he's doing Rock On 2- in the toilet of all places !!!! Aditi & Kalki to finish off that triangle ( or quadrilateral) .

Quadrilateral.. Lol

Farhan and Shraddha. Other actresses: Aditi Rao Hydari, Kalki

actor- Farhan akhtar
musical-rock on 2
actress-shraddha kapoor/prachi desai

Farhan a$$....

Never knew Farhan Akhtar was such a player :P

Farhan and Shraddha..??

Farhan ? and who ? Shraddha ?

Another blind about Farhan Akhtar and Shraddha Kapoor. I don't know if Shraddha is like this and I will be very disappointed if she is. Farhan I am no longer too sure about. Oh well their business, neither is married and or in a relationship, they are both single. So it's nobody's business.


Farhan akthar

farhan shraddha

Farhan Akhtar?

shahid? ranbir? salman(less chance)?

Actor : Farhan Akhtar
Young Heroines : Aditi Rao Hydari , Shradha Kapoor , who is the third one ?

Farhan Akhtar... linked to Aditi, Shraddha, and Kalki.
He's working in a musical with Shraddha - Rock On.
Another actor's party... no clue.
Am I right? Am I right?


Farhan Akhtar and Shraddha Kapoor.

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