Actress Pleads to a Superstar To Not Replace Her with Another Top Actress in an Upcoming Movie - Guess Who?

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Here is an interesting blind from a popular newspaper. Can you guess whom are they talking about?

In B-Town, stars’ equations change as often as the weather. A top actress who was signed for a film with a big super star is suddenly finding herself in a situation where she might be replaced with another top actress (who has worked with the actor earlier), whom she cannot stand. The actress who signed the film, visited the superstar at his suburban residence one evening and was there till the wee hours of the morning. Buzz is, she pleaded with him not to replace her in the film which has him playing an unusual role as she’s going through an emotional low, post her recent split and she needed to work to stay sane. The superstar is said to have felt sorry for the actress and assured her that she wouldn’t be replaced.

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recent split, means its Cat only.......... Only she needs work desperately.........she begged RK to take her back, now pleading to SRK for work.........finally she realized how wrong is to use people just for her benefit.

Who looks good/superior by this article? Thts your answer to who planted the story!

Okay now I get it y was lunch organised by dp as soon as she landed..To plant stories about other actresses as deepika has zero movie in her hand currently

Wow. Deepika must be really burning with jealousy and so got her cheap PR team to plant this blind item in the media. Deepika was desperate to work with SRK in imtiaz ali's next. Imitiaz ali's film with SRK is huge, and apparently has a great script but is more commercial than Tamasha/rockstar, etc. Deepika was already green with envy that Anushka got that role, and now Kat has got the main female lead opposite SRK in Anand Rai's film. So cheapika, i mean deepika has decided to spread rubbish stories. So sad!

I guess Kat fans should stop dreaming now !

Deepika haters think everyone is a rival of hers, from Sonam to Kangana to Katrina to PC to Kareena. So any BI about other actresses they blame her PR and when it's a blind about her again they blame her PR. It's as if no one exists in their universe other than DP. Despite their hatred towards her, they are obsessed with her. She is their moon, their sun and their stars. Lol

yes. I think you're right. Lol. Haters so funny. Die with hate

So this is the outcome of those phoren gifts and lunch with your team.... It's been a busy week. don't you agree PVians??

it's obvious

Katrina just leave and find a new job. Seriously you are really embarrassing yourself. As much as I don't like her, I wish she leaves in a dignified way.

Rai and Bhaijaan

Pathetiic !!!!

Lol....someone's really trying to make Katrina look like a begger ...begging for rk, begging for films etc. And also make it look like the makers wanted dp but due to begging kat got it...hahaha...well, if begging works I am begging for that role opposite SRK in my Imtiaz's next!

why is this Kaif acting so desperate? can't she just quit with dignity rather than making a fool of herself? it's really getting embarrassing now!

as she’s going through an emotional low, post her recent split and she needed to work to stay sane. Well if u need to work to stay sane, then get another job! Don't ruin a film with your pathetic acting skills just because u r jobless! Go back to ur old job in UK, that's all you're good for.

it's cool, anybody with srk but deepika is fine for me

PRDP doing their work again. kat must have got the role and now they have to show that it's just bc of srk's pity

While i was reading the beginning of your sentence I read it as Prem Ratan Dhan Payo!!!! LOL

ok when is deepika and her pathetic PR gonna leave other actresses alone. she hides behind the "i'm a good girl" act and plants her pettiness and and real face through the PR work

ok when is katrina and her pathetic PR gonna leave Dp and other actors and actresses alone? she hides behind the : i am a good saint girl" act and plants her pettiness and real face through her PR work

Ms desperate Turcotte at it again to begging. She has really stooped so low. Come now Kitty Kat, run along, your time is up. I got it! Each and every filmmaker in Bollywood wants deepika in their film and all other actressess are doing her rejected roles. Well. Let's see truth will come out sooner or later... And I will decide whether to hate you or not! PV post pls I am pleading and it's already very late in the night..

The sad part is that most people are falling into this mastermind trap of miss padukone. This news came on other sites mentioning that Katrina was spotted at Mannat from 10:30 yesterday to 4:30 am today for script reading.That cunning padukone's PR released this item today to malign her and let the film fall out of her lap. Those who wish ill on others will surely their comeuppance. Karma will give it to you DP.
P.S: if Kat was really begging for the role why did SRK call her at his place? Don't think she can just barge in. PV you better post it!!!!! I will spam you until you do!

The only beggar Katrina ; dont know for how many years she wants to survive on her face value n all dis begging gesture :D

begging rk to take her back,begging for films and her fans"aka pr"have the audacity to call her dignified,smh

its king khan and desprina kaif

If it's Rai's film then he has pretty much confirmed in an interview(Mumbai mirror) that Katrina is doing this film so I am still confused what Katrina is begging for? Kabir's film has Chinese actress so obviously it's not his film . Deepika can't do this film because 95% she is doing PAdmavati. Kareena and Katrina will never be in same frame. Rai doesn't want to work with Kangana. Alia, Anushka and Shradha's date diaries are full so that leaves just Sonam. But she is doing chick flick. I think this blind is made up because Katrina did pay visit to Mannat.

Rai confirmed where? MM is kat PR and cant be trusted at all. Rai even didnt confirm this film neither SRK so how can he confirm this kat? Dp isnt doing any Padmavati neither she is offered i guess. This blind is expose the ugly face of katrina

would you kindly give us the link to that article where Rai pretty much confirmed kat is doing it,coz the last time i checked no confirmation has been made and almost every actress is being linked to this film

If you Google: "Katrina Kaif has been finalised to play Shahrukh Khan's love interest in Anad L Rai's next movie" you'll come up with a page of hits. Even with "finalized" misspelled.

Salman and Kat. It's the Kabir Khan film that Kat wants pretty badly.

There are reports of Katrina meeting SRK. She must've met him to discuss the prospects of working in his movie with ALR. However, these extra spicy details regarding what she discussed is just to create some drama. DNA is known to make fake blinds to attract traffic. Classic DNA move. Anyway I hope they cast a good actor who fits the bill at the end of the day.

Blind might be true, but it is always rivals of DP that are targets of BIs . Coincidence ?

This is clearly DP PR lol

This is clearly KAT PR. stop blaming DP PR . Dp and her PR is not obsessed with kat like kat and her PR is obsessed with DP and her PR.

i don't see srk working with kat at,specially not at this point of his career,not on her life

srk's biggest hits were with dp,i don't see him going for kat or anyone else if she agrees to do it,as for kat,i remember this pr team member of hers going on and on about how lucky kat is dating the kapoor prince,being a top actress with money and fame,i think she jinxed her,lol,anyway you reap what you sow,she went relentlessly after a guy in a relationship,kat and her pr after he dumped her are now saying no real man can be stolen,well no decent woman should try to steal a man,also she uses everyone to her benefit and now everyone knows that and since she's a flop now,no one is willing to put up with her pragmatic ways,she's of no use to them now,so like she once did,it's others turn to throw her under the bus and i for one couldn't be happier

I love the fact that, most of the people here think that whatever happens in Bollywood it is because of Deepika only. That's her power.

katrina fans : anything negative comes about kat or i say true they always says its DP PR and blame her fans as if only DP fans hate kat. kat is hated by many other fandom
Katrina fans : if anything bad about DP comes they say oh its DP PR and its so true. lol
get a life haters.

OMG! Kat still has fans? I thought her PR was posting stuff pretending to be angry fans!

My Deepu is back with bang. The day she put her foot in Mumbai there are two blinds to prove entire world how loving and caring RS is. One blind to show Kat is begger. One article in Filmfare that PC is sending feelers for PAdmavati. See this is why I love her. She is so fun. Boring Kat should learn something from her. all those stories of bland salad cooking MY girl has guts and wit.

So typical of insecure and jealous kat fans blaming DP and her PR for their flop idol desperation. Truth is she went there licking SRK ass and begging him for a film. She desperately needs a hit which is only possible if she works with khans or hrithik otherwise she has no starpower or talent of her own. But neither khans not kumar not hrithik is interested to work with her. Stop blaming innocent DP and her PR . Your despo user idol isnt sati savatri and now world knows her true UGLY face. Post this kat PR

go get some rest loser, kat was there for script reading , srk sayed a hundred time he dont choose his heroines it's the directors' job

katrina was at srk house till wee hours of the morning. she must have offered him her SERVICES to get this movie but srk wont work with her as he knows the REAL face of kat. Keep trying kat no one is offering you any film including your best friends ali and kabir.


Katrina deserves Filmfare for jthj...all this deepikas PR dint give her....over enthusiastic PR....

LOL i love you scarcism.

Kat is after other actress projects first she tried to steal sultan from anushka by vsiting and begging salman then kabir next from dp, salman next from jacky, ayan next from alia, don3 from pc now wants anand film from kareena. jobless user kat. Those kat fans who are saying she was there for script reading lol in order to read a a script one must be signed but truth is kat was never offered this role neither any other film wait for official announcement then typical kat and her PR would say she was offered but rejected it due to date issues. To all those jealous kat fans who are blaming it on dp and her pr a big lol as dp and her pr is way to busy and happy doesnt gives a damn about loser kat. KAt do have a PR and is very manipulative woman. she is not saint neither genuine. stop blaming dp and her pr all the time. post this comment kat PR you arent posting it

THERE are open articles about Kat visiting sharukh and u people r talking about's an and l rai movie and he is keen on considering deepika that Kat can't stand.she is so with as ready to come with her in KWK also.

i'll say dp was offered the role and she said yes,srk might feel sorry for kat but he will never risk casting her in a movie after their pairing was mercilessly ripped apart,also he's on a career low,so he would never risk ruining his shot at getting back on top,he might have told her she will still do it,but then he will tell her sorry kat anand insisted on dp,as for the ones saying it's kareena,kat likes kkk,she was the only kapoor member who didn't despise her when rk was dating her

Hey kat Pr why are you not posting my comment?

LOL Deepika's PR is firing shots.

still recall how anushka and katrina was bitching about deepika embarrassing her on the stage of an award show! How tables turn, she is much bigger and considered much more talented than them today!

What did they say about DP? I dunno about this incident.

Nobody knows if they were bitching. The three were on stage and Katrina/Anushka who are friends were talking and bondin while DP was left out, as she has no friends.

I feel sorry for Kat...fading stardom is not easy to handle. And she is clearly not handling it well.

the jobless kareena pr's get rest , katrina get the role and she went to srk's house for the script reading not to begging him to cast her.Srk like katrina and prefer her that's obvious from jtjh promotions and she is the only actress that he kiss onscreen for 20 years of his career , and he would cast her in don 3 too . please pv post this

Have seen srk n dp in 3 movies, nw wna c him n kat!

Rumours were that DP is reading the script for the other role n she liked the story.. lol kat n dp together wud never happen anyway!

Why my comment is not getting posted.. ??? It's Katrina (The one who pleaded) n SRK (as a Dwarf) .. Another top actress whom he has worked b4 is DP whom Katrina can not stand .

It is Kat and SRK

SRK would perhaps only recommend PC but then again she can act, so its cool.

Kat cannot stand most actresses...just like Ash. They are far superior than everybody else (in their own heads).

SRK has good business acumen and he wont take anyone on the basis of kindness. That is something only Salman would do.

hey DP's PR why are you not posting my comment??

Kat fans obsession with dp continues. Why blame dp pr? Its despo kat pr is not posting my comment . Hope u post this kat pr.

Mine got ignored too .. Let's see this time they are posting it or not..

Hater logic:

Blind item on Deepika: omg, it must be true!

Blind item on any other actress: it must have been planted by Deepika's PR!

that is my logic, thank you my doll

sure you will post this one

The actress is Katrina Kaif , SRK is the superstar doing Anand L Rai's next , he's supposed to be a dwarf in the movie ( like Kamal Hassan in Apoorva Sagodharangal). It all depends on whether Katrina suits the role or not - Anand's movies are usually based in small towns. It's not too clear who the replacement will be -Kangana or Sonam . As for SRK , his last few movies have not done too well , he will ultimately do whats good for him.

Why Would SRK replace Kat tho ??? and who is the other actress ???. Seriously get a life PV. He dosen't suggest actresses unless it is PC.

Well she has hit bottom in her career so she is pleading I know one despo who is number 1 , top of her game still cheap enough to go after somebody else's work. This is about Katrina. There is another article about PC how she is sending feelers to Bhansali to work in PAdmavati. Who is realising all this?

SRK is wont work with cheater and liar kat as he is friends with salman who ignore katrina now .They had a fight for years due to kat at her birthday and become friends as soon as user katrina cheat salman. Srk is very calculative and needs a hit which is not possible with flop katrina.

Awww poor jealous dp and her fans no films so target another actress and price as if the role was ever offered to deepika...

Lol poor jealous kat and her fans no star bf no films no friends no star power so target dp and her fans . Truth the role was never offered to katrina. Wait for official announcement. Its either kareena or kangna. Post it katvilla

lol sounds like Kat and Sallu. Who is the actress she can't stand? Deepika?

pV grow up its not a blind she was there for script discussions

Katrina and deepika?

THERE are open articles about Kat visiting sharukh and u people r talking about's an and l rai movie and he is keen on considering deepika that Kat can't stand.she is so with as ready to come with her in KWK also.

katrina is beyond fake and shady.

Kareena is way more prettier than artifical plastic KAT

katrina . srk. kareena and movie is Anand next. But he is not fool to cast a woman with zero talent after working with talented kangana.

Salman Khan house is I'm suburban Panadol. Shahrukh Khan house is in main city. It's Katrina Salman Khan and Deepika. Movie is TUBE light. Salman has unusual character in the movie. Kat is begging and off course she can't stand Deepika

salman and unusual character what a joke , it's salman from 2003 till now and he does the same goody goody strong funny man

A big LOL to all kat fans who says kat get films on her own merit. Truth is it was always her star BFS who made their producer friends to cast this non talented plastic woman in their films.

A big LOL to all kat fans who says kat get films on her own merit. Truth is it was always her star BFS who made their producer friends to cast this non talented plastic woman in their films.

its katrina and shahrukh. she is lobbying for a role to ruined it again but after fitoor no sensible maker wants her. Other actress is kareena as she has been roped in for anand next with srk. despo kat

One again confirmed its plastic kaif

Its Katrina, srk and deepika. It's anand l rai film. But I heard, its a 2 heroine project. What if deepika will be cast in another role, so what's the problem. But I think due to Kat's guilty consciousness, she can't face deepika, as Kat is her man stealer.PV please post.

Deepika sour grapes sweetie try something new next time to malign Katrina this trick won't work.Im glad either Katrina or Anushka is doing the movie

Katrina darling stop being so obsessed with Deepika as this much of obsession is not good and insane. Your truth is out and for the world to see. Accept the truth noone is offering you a film and by visiting big heroes begging for work wont help you anymore. BTW kriti exposed you and your PR when you try to malign Deepika name. You arent getting this movie but kareena or kangana will do it. post this katvilla u arent posting. done be biased

WTF ???
Thanks for making my day !
Your comment made me laugh SO hard .

Noooooooo. Kats was recently spotted at Mannat. I don't mind her in a movie like Don but not anything else. She really can't act. :(

Hopefully it's just a song or a special appearance.

Who is the another actress that she can't stand? SRK is so kind.

Give it up Katrina. SRK is a businessman, he saw how disastrous his coupling with you was. The public did not like it. He is no Salman Khan who will put you in movies if you let him bang you a couple of times.

SRK and user Katrina...
SRK should not cast her in his next she has too many haters..they will never go to watch the movie in theater..loss for him..

The actress is Katrina for sure but who is the actor??

Srk and Katrina.

Superstar=Salman Khan, pleading actress= Katrina

And the other actress KK cant stand = Jacky? But then again KK can't stand any other actress.

Shahrukh - DP - Sonam - Anand Rai Film?

When did DP or Sonam go thru a split with their partner recently????

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