This cutesy female actor & her handsome athlete beau have been sparring unusually lot, these days - Guess Who?

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A leading tabloid has carried a blind that has made us put on our thinking caps. Can you guess whom are they talking about?

YOU could say the country is waiting for these two to get hitched. But it doesn't seem to be happening anytime soon. The cutesy female actor and her handsome athlete beau have been sparring an unusual lot these days. If our sources are to be believed (and they absolutely are always right), the lovers are on the verge of yet another schism. The lady is on location in Europe ranting about what to do with a “man-child“ like him. She is worried that a split will hurt her image, considering his uber popularity. But our mantra for the ladies is always this: there is no Mr Right, find a Mr Left and drag the boy to the right. Stay.

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Scorpio & Taurus can have everlasting love.. Its just the situational tragedy they are facing. Yeah scorps can get bit too possessive, but we gurls love it.. Aint we !

Anushka is a player but very subtle and her average looks helps. She is waiting for ranbir.

These two are in no way private. They turn up to airports knowing cameras are there FFS.

I don't like Arusha at all. She is not a self confident girl. Always stammering, too nervous... On the other hand Virat is a dude!! Love you VK! You can do much better than her

ADHM PR and nothing else

deepika didn't want to be with msdhoni n yuvraj back in the day.... anushka is having trouble with virat...maybe it's not meant to be between actresses n cricketers... although i think virat n anushka do love each other, and they shud get passed little arguments

Alia n virat should date they will make a cute couple

i dont know why ranveer fans have to always bring ranveer into it... he was asked about anushka as an ex recently n he flat out denied any relationship n anushka has always denied it too...his fans need to move on, even if they did date. She has definitely liked virat way more than she ever liked ranveer, so no point comparing. Also theres one deepika fan who keeps posting that virat shud date deepika... it's jus ridiculous what seem ppl post

they were in west indies n prague together 2-3 weeks ago n looked happy n in i doubt things could fall apart again that quickly. Both of them have their flaws n i think they shud try n make it work coz they do seem to truly love each other...

She is too smart for him...he needs someone who would be just happy to settle down with him and look after the house types

Anushka sounds too confident at times. In her various interviews one can sense how over confident she sounds. What she's doing is great - her own production house, speaks up about women equality in the film industry, doing good roles - but she needs to understand that talking to a point of sounding over confident can ruin everything for her. So tone down Anushka and sometimes a little humility will make people look up to you. Also, what happens between a couple must always stay between them. This is dignity. By calling him a man child in front of sources who conveniently leaked it shows that you are a child yourself and probably need to handle relationships better. Calling him a man child will not do any good. Virat will always remain India's hero who represents and fabulously displays his skills in what is called India's most loving sport.

Ever wondered that this could just be media created? Anushka respects Virat too much to call him a manchild and let this show to the world. This blind is hurting her image as well as his. As per the another post on PV, Virat has cleared this rumours via someone to PV. This is just someone else's doing. She is not a fool to talk bad about Virat knowing the backlash she always gets no matter what happens with Virat. Also if Anushka needs to leave Virat for her personal reasons, she will do so no matter what happens afterwards. She is not the type to be in a relationship for her image. If Anushka does not like to talk about her relationship to the media, she wont go tell others ( specially sources) about Virat being a manchild and she would not allow her PR to do that either. This girl has shown humility more than others and its not nice of you to say she is too confident. whatever happens between them as a couple has always stayed between them. they are one of the very few couples in btown who we dont know what goes on in their relationship. they keep to themselves. They have just spent time together in Prague and are both sorted individuals. PV POST.

You talk as if you are Anushka herself. I have no reason to believe this is media created. There is never any smoke without fire. You said its not nice to say that she is over confident. Well, it wasnt offensive or derogatory, it was just plain opinion; nothing more nothing less.

come on guys ... its not Anushka and virat.
the clue is in the first word. YOU. Yuvraj.

Hazel Keech is not working anywhere ,nor does she particularly need to worry about her image.

Well Anushka and Ranbir come out in the open already...would be the best PR for your movie too..PV PLEASE POST

She once told she couldn't bare Ranbir while shooting for Bombay Velvet...she cried one day too for which he had to apologize..that's when during promotions she mentioned...they will drive each other crazy if they were a couple and would not sustain a day..haha..may be because both like to talk a lot and not listen..

They do make a hot couple, but if it's not meant to be..

esha gupta and hector bellerin

Happy for you Virat. You are the most eligible bachelor of India. Get yourself out of this mess!

Yuvraj and deepika.

u guys are really obsessed with Deepika. she is not dating any athlete neither she dated yuvi. its may be your idol who is single and trying hard for EXES

Yuvraj is all set to get married, have some respect and grow up

Has anyone noticed how he will like her annoying Insta posts, but she's not even following him?

Well, this is up there with the best news I've ever heard.

I am against this mantra. You shouldn't change for anyone else nor should you expect someone to change for you. Just end it.

Anushka's problem is she wants to date a "man" but one who is also a big celebrity (sadly there are none left, all taken) to help her image because lets face it, on her own she does not have much star power. Dating Virat allowed her to join India's "power couples". Without him, no one would care about her much other than to say she is good at her job. I'm sure Karan Johar has told her to hold on to Virat for dear life! Or at least till after the release of ADHM.

Virat should dump Anushka & date Deepika. Virat is so hot & he deserves someone hotter like Deepu!! Rooting for "Virapika"!!

Ha ha...more downvotes as usual!

Deepika fans r so annoying just like her!!

Viral is so not hot.. Just because he plays good does not automatically makes him hot. He is such an average joe

Anushka & Virat .The clue is in the cutesy roles she's making a career out of & that they are on the verge of a second break up again this year. The press may land up painting her as being overly ambitious (as they always expect the lady to compromise no matter she may have worked as hard as the man) & people will blame her for Virat's playing. Either she chooses the same type of personality time after time or she's a tad bit too particular. If she's unhappy with him ,she may as well give it up instead of hanging on to the man just to please the public

The problem with Anushka is she always thinks she is the better one in the relationship...with Ranveer she thought she was too over the top and not sorted...she didn't give him time to she is making Virat look bad...I mean they r different personalities so she should just say it's not working...why always belittle the other guy...but I think it's just her personality...she always behaved she is above everyone..

Spot on observation.She does tend to to think she is above everyone.

Anushka and Virat..Just like Anushka and Ranveer they are both Narcissists. Co-Narcissists have great attraction and chemistry but it always gets competitive and there is one upmanship with each other as both are egotistical.

bhaago Anushka

Anushkha I have a strong hunch he isnt right for you, you will be fighting a lot, he seems like that type

Hazel Keech and Yuvraj Singh...I guess??

Anushka is an army child and she's going for these pretty boys who are all spoilt brats. What does she expect? She had the same problem with RS, saying he wasn't 'man enough'.

What image?

Deepika and Novack

Anushka and Virat. They both are temperamental. Virat does seem very self-involved.

Pretty obvious, Anushka and Virat. Virat seems tempermental and hot headed.

Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma - She is shooting for Imtiaz Ali's next with Shahrukh Khan in Europe.

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