This A-list actress' cousin makes a sexual assault charge against a tycoon, later solves the case 'out of court' - Guess Who?

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A tabloid has carried a piece of gossip in their tailpiece section making us put on our thinking caps. Can you guess whom are they talking about?
Here's what it reads:
NOW, while a desi Bollywood export is doing rather well on foreign shores, her poorer cousin (literally) is always in hot water. The woman in question was once embroiled in a suicide case in the capital when the wife of her lover ended up hanging herself.The latest we hear is a sexual assault charge that she made against a catering tycoon last week. The matter, we hear, has now been resolved “out of court“, but we really do hope this cousin gets some real work for a change.
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Mira chopra

Madhu Chopra.

Mira is priyanka chopra's cousin and she is better looking than Priyanka. She works in south movies,she did some vikram Bhatt movie in Bollywood.

Oh pliz..a random family member of a family member of a family member..suddenly becomes ur cousin when u r famous..what bs

Kya family hai

minara chopra

Vijay mallya,Anisha and deepika.

Its so wierd with these chopra cousins. no boundaries, married men are also fair game. The only one i like is Parineeti. She is not into all that.

it runs in the family...

Priyanka chopra's cousin


Mira chopra

katrina and isabella turquotte

meera on the will get answers. She was the one having an affair with married man...which resulted in his wife's death.

Meera or Mannara Chopra, not Parineeti.

Pari and Jagjit Bhavanani?

Deepika and Anisha padukone.

They are sisters not cousins.

for sure its Deepika & some rich guy

Read properly .It says A List actresses cousin.

who is catering tycoon??

deepika, anisha padukone & vijay Mallya

kajol is the poorer cousin of Rani..Adi Chopra is 10000000 times richer than Ajay

pinkvilla please block this person ..please!!

parineeti, priyanka & some married man!!

kangana & rangoli?

A List Top Actress- Rani, cousin- Kajol, Tycoon- Ambani, Kajol & Ambani having an affair

Meera Chopra, but she's not a first cousin. I think she's a distant cousin.

Chopra girls have a pattern

A list actress Rani, cousin Tanisha mukherjee

either parineeti or mannara chopra....

To all the ppl saying it's Parineeti, please explain to me how this is Parineeti? You guys don't waste any time to drag her name through rubbish. Y'all are ridiculous. It's funny.

Mira chopra,Priyanka's cousin

Parineeti! But what the hell is she up to?What a hot mess!

Meera Chopra. She was questioned for the suicide/murder for Ruchi Bhattam from Delhi since she was in an relationship with her husband, Sumit.

Priyanka Chopra and Jagjit Bhavanani?

Mira chopra?

These chopra girls are just trouble!!

Priyanka chopra's cousin? but which one? and what tycoon?

Pari and Ranveer?


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