This actress tried to hit on her colleague like crazy but he was having none of it

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Well, this is a tricky one. This blind was posted by an international daily. That should be hint enough! Guess who?

It was a no go for this foreign born A-/B+ list mostly television actress on this ABC show when she tried to hit on this former A+ list tweener actor turned B+ list adult movie actor. She was hitting on him like crazy for a couple of hours at a television taping and he was having none of it.

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Must be Madhuri Dixit

PC was born abroad??!!

shr's single so why not..hit on all the gays....oneshotoneplace .com / priyanka-chopra-just-dropped-the-mother-of-all-bombs

She was also flirting with Nick Jonas in front of media.

Are you guys seriously? if she really was interested she wouldn't hit on him on a tv show. anything done on public is just for public pr

please grant the same for DP also when such things are posted about her.

Priyanka posts photos with zac on facebook, tweets tagging Zac but he never responds......

I actually saw this report it wasn't a blind and it was in a very popular american tabloid (either Star or In Touch) and the report was that she was flirting with her "date" at the Met Gala and he wasn't interested and was staring off as he smoked his cigarette. Nothing to do with a costar and for some reason Pinkvilla has just made this into a blind when it wasn't even one to begin with. Now I don't believe this in the slightest as Priyanka hasn't had any reports of flirting with her colleagues in America - her reputation there is actually so shrouded in secrecy as to her personal life that people keep asking her why she doesn't bring a date for the red carpet. Also she has a flirtatious personality by nature, whereas the Jonas kid was probably just stoned and boring lol.

I thought she a thing for the Rock and not Zac.

LOL. My vibe was that Priyanka felt affection for Zac the way you like a little kid in the neighborhood too cute for words

As much i'd love to see PC's incorrigible stooges in grief, I'm not buying it. I like PC and she is too smart to go after a mimbo like Zac Effron.

PC , as she's foreign born & doing TV . Dunno about the man . People are guessing Zac Efron who's supposed to be gay in real life (according to lots of Hollywood blinds). Thus his reaction ! ;)

why are people saying Jamie dornan? did they meet anywhere recently?

Priyanka Chopra, Zac Efron

This person is fast breaking into the A-list

I din't know PC is a foreign born...LOL Come up with something better losers.

Well it's from a Hollywood blind item, so yeahh

Isnt he married?That explains it.

Zac Efron

They make up stuff like this about A list Taylor Swift, so good to know that Priyanka is slowly approaching that level from her A- list

Jamie Dornan is the actor

Jamie Dornan

Abc, mostly television star-They are clearly directing it towards PC..A-B really?? With the way she's turning everything that she touches into gold it won't be long she IL rule the roost in Hollywood and be counted amonst the tops.. Wait and watch..

for hours!what stamina she has. she must have really liked him

They are hinting at PC and Zac Efron. But she's just trying to mislead journos constantly so that they don't ask her about a certain Mr.Khan.

Step away from the painted lines. 3,2,1...

priyanka chopra!

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