Guess Who? A top star's upcoming film runs into trouble with a distributor

Can you guess who is the top star being referred to in this blind.
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A leading daily has carried a blind item about a top star and his upcoming film, a love story, having run into some unexpected trouble. Can you guess whom are they talking about?
Here's what the blind reads:
A film starring a top star which is set to release this year, has run into some unexpected trouble. The film, a love story, was sold at a high price and is one of the most anticipated films of this year. But now the distributor is having second thoughts and wants to re-negotiate the price and bring it down. The problem arose when another top star decided to release his realistic drama on the same day. This other actor has had a string of successful films recently, and appears to be quite unbeatable at the box office. This has caused the distributor to rethink the price he is paying, as he doesn't want to his financial prospects.

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Is this the one with Anu? Because that would be hilarious.



LMAO. Try to write a better blind next time.ZZZZ.

SRK is gradually losing the plot..i don't recall the last movie that made any sense and was entertaining as well. Akki on the other hand are choosing very interesting topics. Almost all of his last movies have been very entertaining without being blatantly idiotic...It is almost SRK thinks all viewing are idiots who will spend money watching his crap..I don't even finish any of his movies on Netflix...they are so bad...

Ajay Devgan -Badshaaho

hahahahaha! Who wrote this BS! LOL

Poor SRK...

If SRK can be called poor who is the second richest actor WW and only gained $150 M just last year then god please make me poor as well!! Since all I have is just $300 in my account! LOL.

Poor you!

Shahrukh and Akshay (unbeatable star)

What does Raula mean?

In this case, Empty Seats

Hahahaha...that was a good one!

Akshay's non commercial movies are made on a low budget with a tight script & is socially relevant . He is the reigning National Award winner . 'Toilet' sounds way more interesting than Imitiaz's movies all of which are about a man finding himself usually by learning to let go & having fun in life.

Ajay Devgan -Badshaaho

SRK n his film Colossal Flop

lol. This bs. You can't negotiate something that already bein sold . Who wrote this! Lol

But Shahrukh Khan's movies do way better overseas than everyone else. We N.R.I.s love him, most recognizable international star.

because N.R.I 's are robots. since they dont live in India, they want to picture the it as everything is rosy and fine here. People who actually live here are the ones who are concerned about depicting real life situations in movies. N.R.I s are stuck in 90 which must be the time they left india

Yup pretty much. This is all actually detailed in Anupama Chopra's books as well. NRI's are very into nostalgia and fake family hindustani values. This is why tv serials do so well overseas with all the saas bahu stuff and SRK and DDLJ type movies do well. NRI's are basically starved and deprived of movies and will watch literally anything - if it's punjabi related all the Sikh's and punjabi's will come out to watch, or if it's SRK or a Salman film. Everything else they will watch online when it comes or on tv when it comes there.

Us NRI's love DDLJs, KKHH, etc we loved the 90s..and we miss the 90s. We love SRK, Salman, Aamr, Madhuri,etc....we don't love Ranbir and Varun that we don't enjoy the smutty, gritty movies that Bollywood makes nowadays... Westerns Drama are much grittier and realistic...we done need Bollywood for that.

we enjoy the colours the songs the dances....

Aw man, I'm really looking forward to this movie, but they won't even release the name. And Toilet doesn't look remotely entertaining to me. Looking more forward to see Akshay in 2.0

I'm thinking SRK.

SRK n his film Raula

SRK n his film Raula

SRK n his film Raula

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