Drama in the powder room - Rajeev Masand

Guess Who,rajeev masand
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This week's controversial blind item by Rajeev masand.

A prominent actress who’s currently straddling masala films with meaty projects directed by ‘realistic’ directors was allegedly busted snorting ‘white powder’ with the glamorous wife of a studio head in the ladies room of Mumbai’s chic Oriental restaurant recently.

Industry insiders are saying that the restaurant management broke up the ladies’ party when a female patron alerted them that something ‘fishy’ was going on in one of the stalls in the powder room. The restaurant manager apparently let the ladies off with a stern warning, and asked the women to clear their bill and his premises immediately.

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I don't think it is Kareena. She seems sorted in life. Everything seems to be going right for her. If someone does this powder stuff, it shows on their face.


Rani Mukharji

kareena kapoor


it can be chitrangada

It is Sonakshi.. 'Realistic' is sarcastic

Kareena Kapoor

kangana or priyanka............most likely kangana as she has less friends in industry than priyanka.


i think its kangana or bipasha basu


its bipasha basu.....
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Are you insane? Bipasha isnt doing films with any realistic film-maker (her next films are aatma and No ENTRY2)and she will never resort to drugS.These Kareena fans have to bring her name up everywhere

I highly doubt its Kareena......not cause she's pious or anything, but because she's so vain, that'll keep her from doing anything that ruins her beauty or skin

My guess is priyanka or lantana, but priyanka fits the bill of prominent actress better and does straddle masala pics as well as 'meaty' roles

Madhuri Dixit

more like pc she is doing barfi.. realistic cinema..pc loves chinease food...

if you'll can't name the culprits do not publish these stories.

Not Kareena nor deepika both are health freaks and are disciplined yoga freaks. Deepika doesnt drink or smoke.

Prominent actress -Definitely, Kareena, she was a size 0 but not anymore, it is known for loosing weight.
Her weight has always been a big issue with her with YOYO diets.
PS she does drink alcohol and admits that she would starve herself earlier in her career to loose weight.

Studiohead - Amrohi lady

Kareena has it all - a steady relationship with a guy who loves her and a hot career....she looks gawjuss and 17 yr old. Now why would anyone with everything want to ruin it? Its not kareena. Its someone else or some mean person is spreading horrific stories about Kareena. She just returned from a romantic getaway for Pete sake!

@person who commented below

Kareena doesnt do drugs and she doenst need to! Look at her skin it simply glows.. Mayb another actress.


Gia Carangi the world's first supermodel and gorgeous woman did real hard drugs like heroin but still managed to look drop dead gorgeous on her shoots.

could be kangana too

Mon, 2012-08-27 18:56 — Anonymous
Anonymous's picture

it is TOTALLY kareeen kapoor. oriental restaurant is the giveaway

How is oriental restaurant a giveaway ? what rubbish!

Its surely kareena.

Why Kareena why?

it is TOTALLY kareeen kapoor. oriental restaurant is the giveaway.

Hmm....anything and everything happens in Bollywood so this little fiasco could be true. However, I'm with the others and agree that it may not be kareena, instead it could be Deeps. Hopefully it's neither because they're idols for many fans and it totally gives out the wrong message about drugs! Saying this, Masand DOES need a punch in his face....moron!! And what the hell does he mean by 'realistic'?

Mon, 2012-08-27 09:36 — Anonymous
Priyanka PR making it seem like Kareena.
but i dont think it is Kareena.
PC please take care of your lame career and not spoil other people's day
how does this post lead to people hating on pc...AGAIN!
get over it people!
I'm so sick of Pinkvilla and how everyone here hates pc..what did she do to any of you to deserve this?

it can't be preity because she has no meaty projects besides everyone knows she is a crackhead.

BTW, Deepika is not likely candidate here either. From what I have heard and read about her, she does not even touch alcohol and is extremely disciplined in her diet and workouts, also doing yoga every morning. You can she it in her complexion, she glows from all the toning from her intense workouts.

masand needs to be beaten

so good to see even the haters are not saying it s Kareena Kapoor :)
LMAO at the article :P

Haters on the loose... its not Kareena... Its Deepika going at every events and hanging with first wives club... Aish fans need to retire from this website... They are in so much pain when it comes to Kareena. It seems that they cannot never stalk and follow her. Kareena do not hang out with people except her few friends. She does not need to makeup publicity when she is the national news.

why are people jumping into kareena? lol kareena wouldnt ever take DRUGS...shes a healthy girl. its the ones who take drugs to lose weight....Preity or Bips

bollywood heroines are glam barbies who shud make those midget 40-plus khans look convincingly younger..thats their task now since this 100 crore trend started :D sniffing or drinking and partying will ruin their beauty..am not following news much to know who is doing which movie but priyanka looks like someone who is ruining her looks while kareena doesnot have damaged skin or a face of a druggi...i like masand blind items,but he is done a bad job this time,i am not convinced that kareena could do this..i am not a fan of hers..but she looks like a perfect barbie doll (good skin and nice face), and i didnot mean my previous sentence as a compliment :D

masand shud be more convincing when he is doing those blind items...very badly done this time...

post plz pinkvilla...

I have personally known and met Kareena over the years... She will do ANYTHING but resume to DRUGS. From the hint, I am assuming... Anushka???? Anurag Kashyap is known as the realistic filmmaker.... People may call Madhur a realistic filmmaker... but I think he is an overexaggerrated and over-rated filmmaker.

It is definitely not Deepika, she isn't doing any movie with a 'realistic' director. SLB and Rohit Shetty aren't known for their realistic cinema.


I don't think Kareena will do coke.Looks made up,or maybe its just someone else.Or just like @Bipashafan says A PUBLICITY STUNT!

thou I hate Kareena .. I know its not she !!!

How can this be true ...kareena is not even into drinking , she even turned vegetarian some years back ..and lastly, she is too much into yoga and fitness to indulge in drugs! Masand , you better have something to back this up coz if its not true, u r in deep trouble!

I have never liked Kareena that much, but such kind of speculation is very dangerous. Unless Masand has solid proof, he should restrain himself from bringing drug charges against a lady. I also find it hard to believe that Kareena can do drugs, isn't she all about yoga and trying eat healthy?

kareena should give back to him...he is getting on my nerves now....always saying something bad abt stars...as if he is a saint...

obviously its not kareena....no one is gonna believe him...he will write something n he wants everyone to believe him...guess what...kareena has loyal fans....

masand has gone mad as usual....trying to ruin everyone's impression in bollywood...seems he thinks only he is clean n sober....

its bipasha basu.....

its preity zinta....with sussane roshan....

How could said this is publicity stunt? No one want negative publicity, they paid their PR to made up good image.
This is a fake story of sick jobless rajeev.

Well Kareena haters will have a hay day with this one, I hope she sues. She does not look or act like a coke-head, if it was about Preity then yeah I get that.

Priyanka PR making it seem like Kareena.
but i dont think it is Kareena.
PC please take care of your lame career and not spoil other people's day

I hope Kareena sues Masand or gives him a tight slap in response to this stupid crap of an article!

This article is absolutely false and I'll tell you why:-

1) Every time a star's movie is going to come out, Masand has a damaging article for that star. This has happened wayy too many times now. I started getting suspicious when the article about Mehak and Salman khan came out just days before Bigg finale. Either rivals tip him off or their PR companies.
2) Then I started noticing this trend where Masand's article matched the star's films release. Salman - Sonakshi affair just before release of ETT, Ranbir - coke story just before release of Rockstar and then he linked Ranbir with Deepika and then Amisha with Ranbir lol at the same party.. katrina being beaten up by a stick / Katrina getting sindoor(although that was not masand , it was just before release of ETT)

And lastly anyone who says SRK duped the advertisers for 8000 bucks should not be believed at all .. it was the joke of the century!

Mon, 2012-08-27 00:21 — Anonymous

Realistic director - Madhur Bhandarkar
A prominent actress who’s currently straddling masala films with meaty projects - Masala films - Ra.One, Bodyguard, Agent Vinod. Meaty Project - Heroine.

Kareena Kapoor it is.

Guess who is the other one.


1001% correct!

You all are good! If this article wasn't close to the movie's release, would you still think it's a publicity stunt or would you think there might be some truth in it?

She must have learned this form Saif ali khan.

Deepika Padukone!

Masand used to have suck juicy gossip, but nowadays its just lame...I guess he isnt invited to any more bollyparties :D

hahaha....new ways of promoting films----
---creating issues with the lead actors to remain in news...

Oh snap....Kareena wants to get back to size zero.

lol. very nice attempt at a publicity stunt. it's widely known that kareena abstains from alcohol so going as far as drugs doesn't make sense. plus half the reason why she looks good without makeup is because unlike her contemporaries she stays away from drugs and alcohol (cough *PC* cough)

we all know who it is so no need to guess.

I highly doubt that Kareena is a coke-head! If she was, she did quite a good job at covering it up. Agree with Bipasha-fan, highly feel that it's a publicity stunt!

Kareena may be alot of things but DUMB enough to take drugs, that she is not. False!

what is whte powder? sorry im from illinois not familiar wif the lingo

why kareena kapoor , it can be vidya balan too!!

cheap publicity stunt.....typical kareena style

It cant be Kareena Kapoor because she doesn't even drink! She doesnt look like a snotter...

kareena kapoor or deepika padukone
my guess - deepika padukone. "who’s currently straddling masala films with meaty projects"
she looks like someone who no morals.

Hmmm - somehow I don't think its Kareena. I think it could be Deepika??

Kareena Kapoor

This is nothing but a publicity stunt for Heroine!

Realistic director - Madhur and Reema
Masala film - KJo's next
Prominent actress - Kareena
Studiohead - Amrohi lady

Realistic director - Madhur Bhandarkar
A prominent actress who’s currently straddling masala films with meaty projects - Masala films - Ra.One, Bodyguard, Agent Vinod. Meaty Project - Heroine.

Kareena Kapoor it is.

Guess who is the other one.

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