The emotionally TRAUMATISED sister of a top Bollywood STAR threatens to reveal some dark FAMILY SECRETS!

This is a secret that has been kept under wraps for months and now threatens to blow up into one of the biggest scandals ever. Read to know more.
Guess Who,guess whoThe emotionally TRAUMATISED sister of a top Bollywood STAR threatens to reveal some dark FAMILY SECRETS!
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Bollywood is known for its fair share of controversies and drama. Affairs, breakups, linkups and fights are part of it and most of it does not get written about. The skeletons remain in the cupboard and sometimes taken out, shaken up and dusted for display and discussion at some Bollywood party. But this is a secret that has been kept under wraps for months and now threatens to blow up into one of the biggest scandals ever.

This Bollywood family is on one of the oldest and most established families in the industry. Their father is a respected filmmaker and the star son is known for his superb acting skills but in recent times, their family has been torn apart by a huge controversy over an actress, who feels the star let her down. In his professional and personal life, the actor has been undergoing a traumatic time and such has been his state of mind that he has not been much of emotional help to anybody. The father has not been keeping too well and has not made a movie announcement for the last few years. Now another controversy looms large on this family and this time its centered around the father and the star’s sister.

The emotionally troubled sister has been a strong source of support to her family in their times but feels when she needs them, they are not there. While her brother is there for her, she feels the parents, especially her father, are oblivious to her needs and have kept her repressed for years and under his dominating control. The sister has a child from one of her marriages but she feels her parents have turned her daughter against her. The daughter celebrates special occasions with the star’s family but the sister always remains out of them.

The 40-plus sister today has little education and no work and she doesn’t know how to sustain herself or ask help from her star brother, who is embroiled in his own troubles. She has been married a few times and her friends feel that her extremely overbearing and controlling father has somewhere been responsible for the breakup of her marriages. While the actor lives separately, the sister (for lack of financial independence) lives with her parents. The sister feels that her parents have alienated her brother and made him turn against her though he loves her.

While things have been brewing at their house for years now, things took a turn for the worse between the sister and her parents, a couple of months ago, over a domestic issue. Things got really ugly and the emotionally traumatised sister decided to reach out to the arch enemy of her star brother and show her support in public – to show her family that she was no weak-kneed pushover. She has even undergone rehab programmes for alcohol abuse.

The plan was to meet and get the media on board and that would have meant THE most sensational controversy of the year. But plans went awry as the brother got wind of it and persuaded her not to do anything. He has been undergoing his stress and didn’t need this kind of shock. The distraught sister understood. She loves her brother the most in this world as he’s been kind and given her unconditional love and support, so she changed her plans. The sister hadn’t realised how much her one careless move would have shattered her brother’s already fragile and carefully-put together peace of mind.  

Things appeared calm and normal for a few days, till another bitter fight took place between the sister and her father again. The star sister felt she had taken enough emotional abuse from her parents and decided to shift out that very day. Today, she is staying in a rented apartment on her meagre savings, which can run out any minute, and the sister is scared now what to do. Now that she has walked out on her family, her father has threatened to cut off her earnings. With no means of sustenance, she needs a job desperately but doesn’t know whom to approach.


Who wud want to get married to Roshan household? No sensible person I guess. It's the reason why Suzzane refuses to reconcile with Hrithik . Sunaina Roshan's husband & daughter abandoned her. Though it's very unfortunate on her part but it's a reality. Kangana Ranaut is crazy to hv wanted to be a Roshan bahu. True love or psychopath????

Seems Hrithik fans r blind bhakts! Pulling Kangana in something which has NOTHING to do wt her! All know the creepiest person is Papa Roshan! N Hrithik is only some shades less creepy than his father!

People shud really be more kind to film stars. They seem to be handling so many things with a smile on their face. Wish them peace and good health. Stay strong. This too shall pass.

People keep thinking Hrithik depends on his father.When reality is everyone from his father to his ex wife - depend on him. If he was not there, they wud be irrelevant today

If Kangana/Rangoli had to do it...they would hv told them on their face! Someone with a bigger agenda has released this blind. If it’s true...feel sad for the sister.

A journalist was arrested for coming fake stories online regarding minister Yogi adityanath. Soon this'll become law. Stop defaming kangana. I get so angry as a fan. This blind is about hrithik family. Stop draging her name here.

Looks like she is not keeping well and someone cooked up a fake blind for her own agenda

Why is Kangana being blamed for this? We all know Rangoli would have called them all out in public. She’s not shy about speaking her mind and she doesn’t hide behind blind items. Team Spice- you guys are trolling these boards like crazy and people can see through it. Just sayin.

Bcoz she has been doing such fake blinds ever since she laid her evil lusty eyes on Greek God for her publicity

This is a reality i only blame the father. Even Hritik has said his was scared of his father and no imagine a girl child who might be 40ish but still depended. Shitty shitty father. Will NOT blame Ranaut!

story posted by KJo gang. people will think Kangana posted it and bash her while Hrithik's family is shamed. Meanwhile KJo and Ranbir are watching tamasha with popcorn making sure there's bad publicity before super 30.

Looks like a Fake blind by u know who

Looks like publicity stunt by Mental Hai Kya team. This woman is openly threatening, stalking and abusing stars and industry keeps giving her work.

As far as I know Hrithik’s sister is a cancer survivor and now she is suffering from bipolar disease.

Get well soon Sunaina. Love and support to the family. May God destroy all your haters and evil stalkers

Feel so bad fir hrithik... why is kangana after him si much...even if they had affair.. nothing will she get out of it by screaming about it

She should have just said it. Now in order to stop her this Roshan family will medicate her n will never let the truth out. Personally I feel that the stalker person was hrithik dad. N hrithik is quiet Caz of his father.

Sad to say this but Hrithik career is over. If Sunaina also sides with Kangana and Rangoli, he is finished. But I firmly believe, Hrithik definitely lead Kangana on and whether or not there was an engagement is debatable but surely she is not as bad as him and his PR have projected her out to be. No wonder why Kat or Priyanka never got associated with Hrithik romantically, He seems to be battling too many demons in the form of his family.

Yawn nobody cares. How long are u going to drag this lie - it has been 3 years now. No means No.

No guy seems to be interested in the stalker. Even Ranbir rejected her advances and said he is uncomfortable even being even friends with her. Same with Ajay Devgan who she stalked. Same with Sanjay who cannot stand her face. Clearly, she tried to bag some star kid but none of them showed interest. Shud hv thoguht before aiming for someone way beyond her league and getting exposed big time. Shameless woman wud be behind bars if the gender had been reversed

I get that she's intense and volatile, but the men you mentioned are notoriously awful towards women. Ranbir has cheated on his girlfriends multiple times and left them emotionally broken and vulnerable, Ajay has made crass remarks about abusing women before and cheated on his own beautiful wife and family with her and then Sanjay is literally one of the most mysognistic men you can find. Honestly if Kangana was a man, most people would be cheering her on and would blatantly believe her above all else.

Kangana n her sister are worse than all the men put together. These men also know to back off when other person is not interested. I dont remember any of them harassing someone just bcoz they refused their advances.

Nobody is interested in Kangana or her fictional love life.

Nice try Stalker. Is that why u stalked Ranbir at the same time too?

Her tweets are enough to expose her evilness.

Take your medicines. Your hallucinations are back. And u cannot write off talented persons just bcoz they reject professional gold diggers and stalkers

Proof kaun dega, tera baap?

His sister is undergoing treatment for bipolar. And the two abusive sisters r exploiting it. I say both of them shud learn and get admitted to a World class psychatrist themselves instead of shitting on social media all the time like a nuisance.

The only aim of Kangana bots are to prove she had something with a Greek God - who they otherwise abuse as flop, uncle, alien and wat not. That guy never had, nor has and nor will have any interest in thier drama queen. They really need to stop aiming for those beyond their league and learn to take a rejection gracefully and move on before she hits 40.

This Rakesh Roshan is a full on creep - watch Tisca’s interview on YouTube where she called out this silk lungi-master monster

It was not him. It was some other little known director

Stop spreading lies. Tisca is a close friend of Hrithik family and was talking about Baali Umar ko Salaam film where she played the lead. The hero was Kamal Sadanah who was involved with make up artist Beena Banerjee and even married her.

Stop spreading lies. Tisca is a close friend of Hrithik family and was talking about Baali Umar ko Salaam film where she played the lead. The hero was Kamal Sadanah who was involved with make up artist Beena Banerjee and even married her.

SRK and her sister

His sister is hospitalized. Pinkvilla shud stop posting such Paid blinds.

No matter what my opinion about HR is, he is a good brother. Hope his sister finds the strength to move on.

Why everyone in Bollywood having a sibling who has some mental issues. SRK, Hrithik, Aamir, Rangoli.

I don't think Rangoli has clinical issues. The others do so srk Aamir Hrithik etc. Aamirs brother has some issues too

I think she is talking about Rangoli's sister having clinical issues

Sunaina has been troubled by so many health issues from depression to bipolar. To cancer to 3 troubled marraiges. She is a survivor. Wish her a speedy recovery.

Shame on Kangoli for planting another Fake blind. U know it is by her seeing she says "actress who was let down" - that is like every sexual offender and stalker is let down by their victim for not succumbing to their advances. I hope somebody sends these two bitches to Jail.

I think it's obvious Hrithik and Kangana did have an affair. No one has this kind of bad blood over nothing rumors, there is nothing like this for example between SRK and PC. I know Hrithik fans call Kangana just a "crazy stalker" and nothing happened, but there is a big difference between crazy and psycho, trust me.

Am not a Hritik fan but everyone knows there was nothing between them and she just cooked up the whole thing for publicity before getting exposed. She still uses names of Big stars each time she wants media attention. She is a bully and criminal

SRK and PC did have an affair. While HR has fought a legal complaint with proof of stalking and harassment. Unlike SRK, He is a Greek God so it is normal for him to hv stalkers.

Those like Aishwarya and Hrithik are Hot enough for people to go crazy over nothing.

She is behaving exactly like SRK of Darr. Her twitter rants show that she has some kind of manic problem. Unfortunately, even her family is bullied by her

Alia, Kjo and so many did nothing to Kangana. Yet, she has been abusing her nonstop. That woman is a Psychopath and has a history of harassing everyone who does not fall into her trap. Google Ajay + Kangana + Stardust

Itna fake news koi Kaise de sakta hai bae!

His sister has been suffering from depression, weight issues, bipolar issues is something everyone knows. She has also had 3 failed marriages. Poor Hrithik has been handling his old parents and sister for years now. Wish them all good health and speedy recovery.

Pinkvilla is working for the stalker. I hope Bollywood stops feeding this site

Vivid imagination overdose.

Another low by psycho stalker. They cant attack Hrithik directly now. Shameless woman involving his family and another woman then claim to be a feminist

SRK- his troubled sister - PC


Shweta Bachchan - sister
Abhishek Bachchan - troubled actor

Publicity stunt. Each time, a star has a film up for release, they start putting up blinds just to generate more interest. Ok, next.

Ekta shud take care of her own family shit first instead of doing such dirty tricks.

Fake blind planted by Professional stalker

As soon as his trailer became a blockbuster, i expected this. When will the two sisters learn that the more they try to hurt others, the more they are ending up getting exposed.

Htirhik PR is on fire by stating that this blind is planted by kangana.Grow up .jo sach hai vohi bahar ara hai .Kangana have no time for buddha and his family

Kangana PR is here again blaming Hrithik PR. His pr is not a fool . It's by her PR. Get lost. People knows the truth it's by stalker kangana. Hrithik has no time for old and psycho stalker and her family

Everyone keeps taking advantage of niceness of Hrithik. From her Parents to his Sister to his Ex wife and her family to his so-called friends. I really hope he starts living for himself now and let everyone deal with their own mess.

Stalker still obsessed with Greek God. And now even poking nose into his family. Wht a waste of oxygen. Abe aukaat bhi hai kya tera HR k against lead actress play karne ki jo line marne chal padi. Flop supporting actress back to old tricks

You love stalking Kangana don’t your, every time you keep taking her name just like your so called Greek god with fake Bihari accent. I know I know Kangana has it in her keep showering love on Kangana

Kangoli sisters will not stop provoking n harassing others until people are forced to sue for good and send them to prison

Kangana and Rangoli both sisters are very Toxic and Negative
all the time.

Kangana is a very good actress but her attitude and disposition are not going to help her career.

Yawn. Nobody cares. There is no "secrets" in Bollywood. Everyone knows it is a murky place.

No wonder Hrithik moved out. His family is a headache.

Looks like Rangoli approached Hrithik

Ekta and Psycho sisters

This blind is surely planted by the evil stalker.. Even if Sunaina has issues with her family, she is not stupid to join hands with kangu.. Cunning Kangu should stop playing her dirty tricks..

Hi Hrithik & Team Spice!

So Hrithik did actually have an affair with the devil Kangana?

No, he didnot and her own mails prove the same. Infact, she was publicly dating 3 guys so where is space for another. It is a open and shut case of a Crazy woman stalking a Greek God and abusing later when she cud not get his yes

Oh yeah Hrithik is a Bhola bhala bacha

More like Kangana is too ugly for any man


He has better taste in women

Like who? Suzzie??ROTFL

I think that got disproved years back. This blind is by the Evil stalker to fish in troubled waters

High time, people start exposing Kangana's stalking of Ajay and Ranbir too. She needs to be kicked out of the industry for constantly harassing everyone

Keep dreaming she will never get kicked out or bow down to bullies like you .. Ranbir has already been exposed so many times by his own girlfriends hahahhaa

U know who planted this blind when they said "actress who feels the star let her down". Didnot know not responding your stalking mails is wrong

Hi Hrithik and team spice! You guys really need to stop defecting.

Runout sisters and PV back to their dirty games. I hope Hrithik sues these media persons along with her that criminal

Fake blind by Psycho sisters.

There has always been something creepy about the roshans. And now I come to know they didn't even give that fat bimbet basic education is so sad. Good on kangana for ripping this hypocrite family apart.

Nothing more creepy than Kangana n her sister. She has been ripping herself apart all the time and has become a laughing stock now

Why was I reading this, thinking it was The Kapoor’s?

I think it's Rangoli. As the woman and her kids are eternal slaves to Kangana. They don't have any means of surviving otherwise. I feel the genders are changed to hide easy recognition in this article.

Kangana even hired hritik’s PR manager or company after they left him. She will go to any lengths to destroy him. Sunaina roshan is no victim, her daughter lives with her father.

Imagine being so delusional that she wants to date one of the Most handsome guys in the country. But then, she also thinks she got Padmavat, Sanju and compares her film to Mother India lol

Obviously pr from ranaut sisters.. You expect sunaina to reach out to kangana when she loves her brother so much?.. Nobody is that stupid

No wonder his wife left him because of this. Affair with kangana on top of dependent sister. Too much trouble staying married to hrithik!

No wonder his wife exposed Kangana lies and her stalking. He never had an affair with the stalker.

Then why his wife still wooing him back on public

Nice try stalker

This is planted by Hrithik's rival.

Kangana stop spreading lies.

Fake blind by kangana PR

Both Sunaina & Rakesh have been down with cancer ; chemo and drugs totally mess up the mind emotionally and physically . The Sr Roshans may well be bossy and domineering ,but as parents they could be concerned she married fortune hunters ready to sponge off the wife's famous family not knowing she has nothing herself.At 40 plus years ,it's high time she moves out, takes responsibility for herself and her gal, & stop being so dependent on her parents .Everybody has their own problems and you can't babysit a middle aged daughter for ever ! There is no Bollywood family without skeletons ! Will Kangana support her financially forever ?!!!

If this really happens then it would definitely be one of the biggest scandals the Roshans have had

Is this Rakesh Roshan, Hritik Roshan and family? Karma my dear...

Where is the karma in this psycho? There is no family that doesn't have family issue. Karma is when u slap your own father and run from home and ended up sleeping with a man old enough to be your father. At least, Sunaina rented her own apartment. Karma is when people perceive u as Stalker. So calm down kangana, who knows whether this blind is from u cause u did same thing earlier

It is still Karma lol

It still not psycho. No amount of your negativity can bring Hrithik down loser stalker

HR! Hope things settle down soon.

Father: Rakesh Roshan, Brother : Hrithik Roshan, star sister: Sunaina Roshan

Why does this seems like Sunaina Roshan, Hrithik Roshan's sister?

Rakesh Roshan, Hrithik Roshan and his sister. The actress is Kangana Ranaut

The Roshan family

Sunaina Roshan

Hrithik’s sister

Easy peasy...The Roshan’s...Hrithik and his sister...she’s always been dependent one

Poor Hrithik. The sisters are really out to ruin him

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