EXCLUSIVE: Guess Who? Actor enters ladies washroom, requests a girl to help him snort

This much-in-demand actor visited a plush night club in the burbs of Mumbai and what he did there has left us shocked a bit. Who do you think the actor is?
Guess Who,Guess Who Actor,Bollywood Guess WhoThis actor has barely stayed away from addiction.
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That Bollywood stars often indulge in intoxication is something that is known to all. And this popular actor is famous for his intoxicating stints in the industry and has managed to grab eyeballs every now and then. Whether it is his hyperactive energy or his long loo breaks during promotions and media appearances, he has barely stayed away from addiction.

This recent update about the star has shocked us a bit. An onlooker revealed to us that the much-in-demand actor made a visit to this plush night club in the burbs of Mumbai a few days back. Despite being ‘high’, the actor was in his element and brought the house down while his ladylove was away. 

While he was at the club, the actor wanted to snort more, and thus rushed to the girls’ washroom, not realizing where he was entering. Obviously, he bumped into two girls, who were thrilled to find this handsome hunk. However, their thrill changed into shock when the lad requested one of the girls to go topless so that he could snort on their bare back. While one of the girls refused, the other one agreed. “After snorting the actor smelled the top and gave it back to the girl and rammed out of the washroom, and was then dancing atop the bar counter,” reveals the source.

Well, we are still coming to terms with the fact that the star has indulged into this. In the meantime, have you guessed whom are we talking about?!


Vicky Kausahal

Vicky Kausahal

Lol, it took 1 day for this page to fill up with Ranveer fans crying with dislikes and sad comments. It's very obviously about Ranveer, no one else has a hyperactive reputation. As for feeling bad for Deepika, I'm sure she does it too, most models snort, it helps them stay thin. I bet, except for the rogues like Sanjay Dutt types, the cleanest people in Bollywood are probably star kids, obviously not ALL, but are mostly star kids, raised a privileged life.

It cannot be ranveer Singh! He’s not even in Mumbai, he’s in Dubai LOL

It would have mentioned wife if it was RV not lady love !!

It’s 100% Ranbir Kapoor,as he’s ladylove is away in Delhi & he’s having good time.it definitley isn’t Ranveer Singh as just got married & wouldn’t do something like this

This sounds more like the kind of thing RK would do.

Hope this isn't true. I think RS used some to enhance his performance as Khilji. There was a similar blind back then when he was shooting Padmavat. I hope he hasn't gotten into a habit. Lot of people use for fun and before you know it becomes addiction.

Its Varun Dhawan

So since Simmba did really well and now Gully Boy is close to reaching 100cr, fake blinds are out to make him look bad? Why so jealous?

It could be Kushal, Aryan, Rajkumar Rao or Ayushman.

Haha wow. With Great Success comes jealousy. Ranveer Singh is King and he is here to stay.
Please give up on these so called 'blinds' cos no one is convinced.

Since gully boy is doing extremely well some one has planted a fake blind on Ranveer!!

Please give up on your smear campaign against Ranveer. We are not buying this! RanveerSingh is KING. Deal with it.
He is clearly a force to be reckoned with.

Ranveer please do not give these people ANY reason to bring you down! Because they are obviously trying

This had better not be a smear campaign against Ranveer.

People trying to sabotage Ranveer's image. This is not him.

Only because they said hyperactive ... there’s not only RAnveer .

Varun Dhawan

KJo wants his daughter Alia and soon to be SIL Ranbir the next superstars. He knows it is not going to happen. Even on his lengthy insta post , KJo gave the biggest shout out to Alia only. Atbthis point Ranveer is the superstar and more bankable than the Khan, Akshay and Devgn. The nepo gang is ndoubtedly behind this negative media releases on Ranveer.


Main enemies of DeepVeer are the Kjo nepo gang, PC, Kangana, Anushka, sonam. Their PRs are trying to malign the couple to hurt their image.Ranveers's next 83 is a sure shot winner at box office and Deepika's Chapaak also. Haters cry their hearts out, meanwhile the superstars are enjoying best phase of their lives.

Except for minor hiccups like Befikre, Ranveer is the only hero in current generation that gave maximum 200 crore films. Ram leela, baaji rao, padmavat, simba and now Gully boy. All the film industry is jealous of him. Ranveer and Deepika are the undisputed power couple of bollywood. This blind is created by powerful enemies trying to drag him down. Try as much as the haters want DeepVeer will still shine, lucky stars are on their side.

Fake blind by rival PR after ranveer has 2 back to back super hits.

Hi Prithwish :)

Shocking ranveer...Kya Kya Namoone milte hain Bollywood mein. DP ki tho waat lag gayi

kjo and gang trying hard to degrade Ranveer as he is becoming more and more successful so they are jealous and spewing hate towards ranveer.Shame on u kjo and gang

Yikes. Talk about settling. DP couldn't wait to find a nice guy like Sonam or Anushka and so on, settled on the first rebound after Ranbir because she knows he will be the next big thing. This will end right after PC and Nick at this rate.

I dont think even Ranveer knew in 2012 that he will be the next big thing , let alone Deepika predicting. Ranveer was not Deepika's rebound, it was Sid Mallya. Please dont compare DeepVeer to the fake Prick.

Just because sonam and Anushka husbands dark side Is hidden and no fake blinds about them doesn't means they are nice .its a fake blind by Rs PR after 2 back to back super hits.

Ranveer. It is a known fact that he does hard drugs. Gross man

Yeah.. husband of millennium.. kissing his wife’s ass in press and this is what he does behind her back.

RK's PR on the loose.

Kjo and his stunts to degrade upcoming heroes to promote his new love bramhastra hero..sorry kjo but ayan don't let this happen..kjo wants attention from that hero badly that's why degrading heroes giving blinds like rajkumar rao,Karthik Aryan and now his target is upcoming superstar...but kjo it don't happen...god knows why he doing takt with him..

Now dp will again get into depression! This is terrible! Shameful on his part! Why did she even marry him? So much for being the husband of the millennium

Hyper-energetic, into coke, much in demand... Who? Ranveer Singh? I mean I know (many of us do) he snorts and all but would he really go to this extent? Well, Bollywood- anything can happen. Wouldn't be surprised.

Can't think of anyother name.

Ranveer Singh

Husband of the millennium

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