EXCLUSIVE: Guess who? This actor keeps Director on hold, demands a meatier role

Can you guess the director and actor in question?
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This actor’s professional life has been a topic of concern for many in the industry. It’s been a while that the actor has given a good film that would get both the audience and the B-town people talking. Guess, it was because of these expectations from people that this star seems to have experienced a cold feet when it comes to movies. 
After giving not so great movies in the past few years, the actor gathered some courage and stepped into the Movie business with an unconventional movie with a director, known for giving us hatke films. With the help of his new manager, this star has been trying hard to make the right choices and get his life back on track. 
We hear, that after completing the shooting of his film, which is a comeback of sorts, the actor is being flooded with more offers from the tinsel town. Clearly, the new manager is doing a fab job. Despite this, there is no new project announcement from the actor’s side. Well, this is because, just after doing this one Movie, the handsome lad is back to his old self of being choosy! 
The latest we got to know is that this gentleman has been approached for a Movie opposite an A-list actress by a critically acclaimed director. While the media reports are flooded with the news of the actor being signed by the Director for the Movie, sources in the know have rubbished this update. Instead, a little birdie told us that ‘negotiations’ between the actor and the director are still on and the dotted line is yet to be signed. Apparently, the actor is unhappy with the role that this film has for him. It’s a small part and he isn’t interested. He has demanded a slightly meatier role from the captain of the ship, who has agreed to do so. The meeting with the revised scripts is scheduled for sometime next week and only if the young star is satisfied with  it, he shall give the nod.
And if there is anyone who is sulking over this entire issue then it isn’t the Director, but the actor’s manager, who is finding it tough to deal with him and his tantrums. Guess, some habits die hard!
Have you guessed the actor we are talking about?!


Siddarth Malhotra?

Imran Khan?

'The handsome lad' - cannot be Abhishek

Hope they replace Abhishek then

Being a loser and can afford to make demands. Abishek has clearly taken nepotism to a different level.

If its Abhishek and he is being whiny, than I think Priyanka should back off from the project because clearly she is the star in the movie. Also they can easily sign Randeep Hooda, Rahul Khanna, jim Sarbh... or Nawazudin or Irrfan or Rajkumar Rao... Better actors and less bill and lesser ego

i thought it was ranbir

How dare they call him a star, At what point was he a Star? Nothing is going to stop him from taking on Ritish Deshmukh roles

Abhishek is not a young star. You'd never call a woman in her 40s young, in the same way a 42 yr old man is not a young actor.

It's John Abraham. He thinks too high of himself.

It's not John Abraham, his movies are really good. I know Rocky Handsome was a remake, but I thought it was a great movie. So was Madras Cafe and Vicky Donor, all have critical acclaim. He only does other people's bad masala movies for money.

I was gonna say it's abhishek, but then read "handsome lad" and now im confused.

Even Ranbir was described as handsome actor in a previous blind (the blind about Salman and his exes at Sonam's wedding reception). Pinkvilla really like to hype star kids in the blinds they release.
No other actor has got a new manager apart from Abhishek. So it is Abhi and Reshma Shetty.

Abhishek your last two solo releases were three (All is well) and seven (Game) years ago...for someone who's last good movie was almost a decade ago thats quite a bit of an ego....maybe its time to become a producer or director or something?

AB Sid Or HR

Thats y i was wondering y PC has agreed to work with a flop actor. Now i got the answer he is a sidekick. Film will revolve around PC & Saira wasim.

Junior bachchan

Abhishek Bachchan. He deserves more films than that wooden outsider Sidharth

If it's Abhishek, can you blame him? He is obviously tired of being a sidekick. He should choose films that would help him in his career.

Its father made actor Hrithik OR Abishek

Atleast Hrithik got screen presence.

John Abraham

Abhishek and Reshma Shetty.

Siddharth Malhotra

Abhishek Bacchan - Reshma Shetty
The movie with Magaraita with a straw director alongside Priyanka.

Abhishek's movie with Shonali Bose and Priyanka

Shahid Kapoor or Abishek Bachchan


Useless bachchan who just wants awards and frint row seats ..... always with demands and ego.


Shahid Kapoor




Loser Abhishek bachchan

He's not a loser, he's Aishwarya the Queen's husband

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