EXCLUSIVE: Guess Who? Actress backs out of a film owing to age difference with her co-star

This gorgeous actress walked out of the film due to the age difference with the younger co-star. Can you guess who are we talking about?
EXCLUSIVE: Guess Who? Actress backs out of a film owing to age difference with her co-starEXCLUSIVE: Guess Who? Actress backs out of a film owing to age difference with her co-star
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It has been almost over a year since this film was announced with a gorgeous leading lady and a relatively young star in the lead. Though there was no official announcement made by the team, the lead actor had once mentioned about this actress being his co-star. Naturally, the fans of both the stars were excited to see them together, since it was an oven-fresh pair that one would have got to see on the big screen.

However, things never happen as expected. Last month, media was abuzz with the reports of this pretty actress walking out of the project last moment. The rumours got confirmed when the handsome actor of the much awaited film announced his new leading lady.

Interestingly, the reason cited by the actress was date issues. However, a little birdie close to the actress revealed to us the real reason behind her walk out. It seems, the beautiful actress wasn't happy with the way she looked opposite this young lad during their few media appearances together. Despite being skeptical about it, she went ahead for the said film's photoshoot. But she wasn't happy with the final product. 

Not just that, but one of her 'close friend' also felt that she looked 'more matured' as compared to the film's actor, making her look slightly older. The good friend frankly said that he 'didn't like their pair that looks stale'. There was no way that she would have ignored his advice and opinion. She immediately called up the director and told him that she wouldn't be doing the movie.

Naturally, both the director and the movie's actor were surprised.

Have you guessed who are we talking about? Let us know in the comments below!


Kjo lost too much weight and he look old and pale...add to that his bizarre sense of fashion...all this make him so insecure bc he is aware of Fawad manipulative,ungrateful nature and his roving eye...

Fawad looking bad lately...
Fat,haggard,and old...being jobless and waiting for his sugar daddy AKA Kjo to give him"poket money"really took a toll on him...

This is really petty to put out. So what if she walked out Bc she didn’t like their pairing. Many actresses do walk out for one reason or the other. This is a silly blind to highlight the age issue. Of course she is older than him and looks more mature. Varun looks like a kid. She looked better w sid and Aditya who are the same age as varun but look mature. N

Seriously, what did she expect!

Katrina and Varun

Only person I can think of is Katrina and varun

Katrina Kaif..
Actor varun dhawan
Movie.. Street dancer

Katrina & Varun- new actress Shardha


Katrina Kaif in Street Dancer 3?

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