EXCLUSIVE: Guess Who - This actress keeps away from the limelight due to physical abuse by her husband

Can you guess who the actress in question is?
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This actress was known for her oomph factor and was a filmmaker's muse for nearly two decades but today she is a battered wife. Yes, the truth is that this actress who was known for her dancing skills and was the filmmaker's lucky charm broke up with him when she found him cheating on her. She did meet a few guys and one of them was a diamond merchant. Unfortunately, the marriage didn't happen as the man's wife threatened them. 
The actress' popularity had started withering away but she found love in a man who was an outsider, whom she met at a designer's home. It was chat mangni pat bhyah for the couple. 
The actress suddenly disappeared for nearly a year and stopped making public appearances. One kept wondering why and now we know that physical abuse must have kept her away from the public eye.
We recently saw her in an item number and she didn't look like the girl who sizzled on the big screen but instead, the actress looked haggard and tired. 
Here's hoping she moves out of the marriage with a man who certainly does not deserve her!



Mahima Chaudhry??

If this story is true, Urmila must of told Manish and he must of told Kareena/Karan and they leaked it to pinkvilla. I always feel that these leaked blind items always come from both Kareena and Karan. Have you noticed that the blind items never talk about Kareena and Karan. Kareena and Karan are the gossip girls of bollywood.

To some imbecile here, abuse isnt dependent on religion. If someone has ever told you this, please tell him/her that hindu./Christian/Parsi/Jain etc. all men can be abusive... and its sad for us to dismiss it as related to faith.

Urmila was always the kind of woman who never took stand against any men.
She never spoke in public about RG Verma.
I feel she is the kind of person who keeps things inside her or may be she don't have support system to give emotional or social support in time of crisis.
Any other lady would have definitely exposed RGV

Apart from that, I think no women deserves to be in toxic relationship.
But the thing about abusive relationship is that it destroys your self esteem, it makes you doubt yourself. And most importantly it makes you numb.

I wish people support her and pray for her...

Even if she is not urmila...whoever this is....Pray for her

First, she’s on instagram. She looks happy and glowing. Second, Pinkvilla allows for a lot of bigoted comments on religion. This is supposed to be a fun site not something so crude and ugly.

Agree, man. And then they censor us for stupid things. What are the chances this comment will even get posted, 50:50? Shouldn't the moderators keep bigots off the site or something. Christian, Hindu, Muslim are all capable of being effin evil. Thats pretty much all religion was made for, brainwashing and controlling.

Someone’s feeling victimised already...OUCH!

Really? I find that Pinkvilla has a very liberal approach to religion. Your comment says more about how defensive you are. I hadn’t even considered religion as a problem here.

It's definitely ABOUT Urmila. It doesn't feel true though. Even Pinkvilla has posted nothing but lovey-dovey stuff about her and her husband since their wedding, she hasn't "disappeared", look through her tag. He's a nobody, he only has to gain from promoting her anyway. And I didn't like the song itself, but she didn't look any less pretty than Madhuri in Ghagra or anything.

We recently saw her in an item number and she didn't look like the girl who sizzled on the big screen but instead, the actress looked haggard and tired -----> What a stupid thing to say. First of all Urmila looked very beautiful in the song, she looked aged a little bit but not haggard, you can't expect her to look as fresh as she looked 20 years ago, people are aging and that's normal. All 90s actresses look a little bit different ( except Shilpa who looks even better now ) but that doesn't mean they have husbands who bit them up. I hope it's not true and Urmila is very happy in her marriage , her husband seems a nice guy

Fake news *BT*

I am sorry but please do not take Urmila's name here, if at all there is any truth in this story then please some other actress than Urmila, She is not a person who can take such shit. this is FAKE for sure. and Madhuri? I mean how much more hate and jealousy you can throw, she is very much happy with her hubby and kids, please do not ruin anyone's reputation..

I can not believe this at all, I know Urmila's family, her sister, and she comes from a very supportive background, its hard to believe that she can take such shit, when she has so much support, I really hope this is not true, if it is then I do not know why a girl like her should take this, she is a wonderful human being, amazing personality really a sweet person in real life. I really hope this is FAKE.. and if it is really true then she really needs to get out of this marriage ASAP.. really breaks my hear to see her name here..

I am sorry this is a lie and baseless article, Urmila is no doormat, I will believe it, if she says so.

She has a lot of support. you think she would have been able to do a useless dance number if her husband was abusive and controlling!

Hope it’s not true. She looks happy on her Instagram posts. Posts pictures with the husband too. So sad if true.

This makes me so angry if true. Why do men seek beautiful and dynamic women and try to destroy them?

Please leave before it's too late.

Big hug to Urmila, hope she is ok and finds the strength to leave.

Urmila :(((((( dump his sorry ass! why are you still with him anyway???

Omg this is making me so sad...was watching Rangeela stills a few days back ...still remember how Urmila was one of the sexiest and talented ladies in BW...So unique in her role choices...I guess shes unlucky in love..first that ugly RGV wasted her prime years and now this...really pray that this isnt true..she is way above that loser guy ..shes a self made success story..one of the very few who made a successful transition in BW from being a child artist to a leading lady..the original sex siren on 90s..her transformation inspired Karishma to hire Manish for Raja Hindustani..come on PV

So thankful for Internet and social media for bringing out the reality of interfaith marriages in the open on a daily basis..unlike BW that finishes with happily ever after..this is the truth when cultural and ethical values mismatch!!! PV plz post

Lets not make a blanket statement here. There are plenty of non-Muslim actors out there who treat their wives like trash. More to do with a generation

What you have seen the Internet and social media bring out are the haters. Reality is far from it.

Urmila or madhuri!!

Ah the religion of peace strikes again...why does this surprised anyone? They are taught that women are inferior to them..it’s in their book that your wife is your field..do what you like..that husband should beat his wife..even the way of beating and rules are specified..watch that self proclaimed scholar Zakir Hussain has posted videos on this online..first he will beat her to submission then will marry another..with her permission...whether you convert or not, you can’t fight age old traditions, ideologies and customs!!! PV plz post

100% agree..first get the girl emotionally dependent enough to get her to convert and then expect the subservience that your religion expects and demands...it’s only a matter of time that we hear such news about Faiza Khan & Co. PV plz post

Couldn't agree with you more

Oh the stupidity strikes again...

Oh please. All religions are misogynistic. And as if Hindu men are peaceloving what about sati and dowry deaths? This has nothing to do with religion. Stop bringing your political agenda into it.

Please tell one Hindu forced conversion marriage...in the name of love or religion..sati etc are outdated concepts..don’t apply to current time and age anymore..at least write facts!!! PV plz post

Theyre not forcing marriaging because they're raping females instead and leaving their organs scattered over the streets and god forbid the females make it alive then theyll be honored killed them .... PV PLZ POST IF YOURE NOT BIASED

Ah the religion of peace strikes again...why does this surprised anyone? They are taught that women are inferior to them..it’s in their book that your wife is your field..do what you like..that husband should beat his wife..even the way of beating and rules are specified..watch that self proclaimed scholar Zakir Hussain has posted videos on this online..first he will beat her to submission then will marry another..with her permission...whether you convert or not, you can’t fight age old traditions, ideologies and customs!!! PV plz post

Wonder what religion likes of Arman Kohli or Aditya pancholi follow? Are they going to some Islamic school to learn these very special values that you seem to be claiming comes from a particular religion?

Women always have this inherent need to marry and if they are not so lucky they fall into the hands of the wrong ones. I have always loved Urmila and still like her, she does not deserve this terrible treatment, she should summon the courage to live this horrible man asap.

PV please post.

Urmila & husband Mohsin . Some men use violence to cover their own lack of confidence & insecurity as they are unable to accept an older ,more successful wife . Plenty of actresses have been in this situation . Abuse by a boyfriend /husband is a heart wrenching ,humiliating experience for the women who had the world at their feet. After the abuse the man may apologize with words of love making the lady forgive him time after time . The woman feels the shame of allowing it to happen ,of having to admit publicly that all her beauty & success has not gifted her a loving husband .And there's the fear of starting life anew at that age ! I seriously hope Urmila takes him to the police & cleans him out financially .

There's rumours about him that he is gay...

Gay ? Who?

Urmila husband...somehow he seems gay...

Her husband could be. I got messages on a dating app from a profile with his pictures couple of years back. It was before they were married. He claimed that he'd be traveling to NYC soon in his messages. I ignored him as the whole thing looked fishy and long distance isn't my thing. There was never a mention of money though. It could be a fake profile but some of the pictures looked personal. Taken with friends and family while some of em are from his portfolio. He also used the same first name. He used khan as last name. He never contacted me after though.

Good grief ! If u two had met up & he married Matondkar later , (who knows,maybe there'd be a blind item about u too as villain of the piece :):) :) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On him being gay ,he does hang around Manish & gang (as well as other designers) who do tend to collect good looking younger men .Not that all these blokes are gay though some of them may well find it convenient to be gay for a while !

Wow.. good you brought this to light, i do hope Urmila finds out the truth if he truly is, or who knows maybe he is not gay but bi and she already is aware

What if she already knew about it...BW is very small world for such secrets...

The blind points out at Urmila, but I doubt that the news is true because just look at her instagram pics. She looks happy and in a cheerful mood in all the pics. Her eyes sparkle with happiness and I don't think anyone can fake it to this extent.

Did you forget how good an actress she is???

Urmila I am 2000s kid and I still love you and watch your movies. You deserve the world. Please get out of that abusive relationship

Rgv destroyed urmila 's life , kept her waiting for so many years only to cheat on her . She should jus kick her loser husband's butt n come out of this shit asap

She married a non-Hindu man.. She has to get out of the marriage if he is abusing her

It's a bad guy and worse husband, irrespective of the religion.

This has nothing to do with the husband's religion . You get dick heads (apologies for the language) everywhere on this planet ,belonging to all the different colors and religions . And yes ,if the man is abusive she needs to get out at once .

Hindu Muslim men from all backgrounds abuse ok

Just come out and say it's beacuse the guy is muslim. Because this is just what india needs, more hatred for muslims

It’s not hatred it’s awareness...conversions are a reality..check daily news!!

Keep your bigoted opinions to yourself. This is not a religious issue, it is an abuse of power which occurs in all religions and societies. Domestic violence isn't an interfaith problem

You are being naive. Since hundreds of years, Mulsim men have married Indian women and converted them. The very marriage is itself based on changing the identity of hte woman and subjugatig her..

She didn't change her faith so shut it!! When Suzzane married Hrithik, it was also "inter-faith", Priety didnt marry a muslim, no one talked about all the nonsense you are spewing,... People like each other and get married. period. You are free to not marry and choose your partner!

Please get out Urmila. We are all there for you...

:(( Urmila.....God give her the strength to leave the man if he is abusive.....

Urmi? Her hubby is a complete unknown without her...please dump him and be free if this is true...

Urmila Mantodkar?

Urmila? OMG i hope not :(

Urmila? Oh, that’s really sad. Why do women always tolerate such behavior? They should come out of such abusive relationships, come what may!


Urmila Matondkar - latest item number in movie "Blackmail".




I feel it’s Urmila Matondkar.


Urmilla matondkar

Urmila ?


Is this Madhuri Dixit?

Urmila Matondkar!!! If it's her, it is really sad and she quickly needs to get out of such marriage.

Who is this? Dia Mirza?

Urmila?? and filmmaker RGV

Oh my urmilla hope this blind isnt true...wonder y actresses married life is usually subject to abuse. This is sad

Urmila.. So sad

Urmila.. So sad


Urmila so sad

Urmila Matondkar

Urmila Matondkar....

Urmila?! Oh no! :(

Urmila Matondkar?

urmila matondkar


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