EXCLUSIVE: Guess Who? Actress is miffed with her actor-boyfriend for casting another A-lister in his next

Can you guess who the blind item is about?
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Though A-list actors often say that they aren’t responsible for the casting of the other stars in their movie, the truth remains different. In Bollywood, casting for big movies is done with a mutual discussion between the lead actor, the producer and the director. In most cases, the lead actress is of the actor’s choice or suggestion!

Same is the case with this A-list actor, who is gearing up for the shoot of his next movie. The film is a two-heroine project. While one is an A-list actress, the other character is played by this relatively new lady in B-town! Interestingly, the second lead was initially offered to another A-list actress, who is this actor’s alleged girlfriend. It was a dream cast and had that happened, it would have indeed been an amazing casting coup! However, that hasn’t happened.

The leggy lass didn’t appreciate that she was offered the second lead’s role in the movie which is being helmed by her friend and stars her actor boyfriend. Naturally, she expected to bag the female lead’s role in her kitty. But that didn’t happen. And obviously, she was miffed about it. She was keen on playing the main role, which is now being done by another Bollywood diva.

The actress in question expressed her resentment to the actor, who tried to convince his ladylove to not be upset. He explained to her as to why it’s not a good reason to work again, because they recently did a film together. Working again in such a short time will kill the excitement that their pairing and onscreen chemistry manages to create. Though the actress wasn’t convinced, she had to give in! 

Well, have you guessed the actress we are talking about?!


Oh my God..dis is abt tiger and disha..unneccsry Kat salman controversy

I guess it's tiger shroff and Disha patni as tiger is doing student of the year 2 it has one new actoress and recently tiger and Disha worked in baaghi 2 and they both are in relationship so this make sense right..

Kat and Iulia be grabbing each other by the hair...

If rumors abt Aish's divorce is true, they are both screwed.

When PC got Bharat, kat PR and fans bashed her to the max. Now kat PR and fans bashing Disha. They always bashed other actresses and acotres and then lie that we never bash any one.

I wish it was katrina and priyanka not disha and Priyanka

ok kat but u lost to young talented disha.

pv post plz

I m nt a Katrina fan, neithrr is disha a sridevi, but would love to see katrina and priyanka in a movie that is it..

Kat will NEVER share screen with PC coz she knows she pc Will over shadow her. She refused to work with PC in barfi.

Kat is always after other girls BF. she started an affair with DP the BF RK and broke them . Now she is dating her EX salman again despite knowing he is with Lulia. Says a lot about her as a person and her character. Where are her fans now?
dare not to ignore it please pv. post this one. paid?

She is not dating.Its her PR spreading false news.Have you not seen Iulia in Galaxy with Salman?

Someone is out to make kat look bad with these endless blinds. I don’t like her but even to me she seems too mature to throw a fit over not being cast in friends’ movies.

Now I get it was Kat PR who spread lies about sallu Lulia breakup

Dp Rk


Is Disha really cast opposite Salman in Bharat? He's old enough to play her father!

Timelines a big feature of this movie. You will see a Salman in young, older phases of a lifetime. Disha comes into his life when he is young I am guessing

It is SOOOO obvious that it is BHARAT with Salman, PC, Disha and Ali Abbas, but what is even more interesting is how is casually and in a confirming manner says that Katrina and Salman are dating. And, who knows, they might be. I feel they are made for each other and should just get married!!!

First madam Kat fought with friend ayan when her EX to refused to work with her. Now fighting with her EX bf and calling him her bf just coz he refused to work with her. Lol.


Kat for sure. But when sallu becomes her boyfriend? He is with Lulia. This proves Kat PR spread lies about sallu Lulia breakup.

Lol Katrina is also a part of the movie and the announcement will happen anytime now. Salmans character spans from 18-70 - disha is his love interest during the teenage years and then Katrina and Priyanka is the wife and Tabu plays his sister. PV post pls

Why would Katrina want the role of a Disha Patani ? Surely it makes more sense career wise to be gunning for Priyanka's role ? That too after TOH & Zero which again have other female leads with her. If it's a very rustic India based movie,it may not suit her anyway which could also be why Salman didn't take her .

i agree but kat is mad because kat doesnt like losing

But what is the point of taking on a movie when the other female costar has a better role ? Just bcos the male actor is a superstar ?

question putting logic aside which part out of the two do you think kat wanted the major one or minor role? my guess major role because its kat and male superstars is how she has made it so far no

isnt acting opposite superstar how kat has survived so long. need i remind you of dhoom3 just saying.

isnt kat is known to take movies co of male superstars n not roles? she needs male to give a hit

isnt kat is known to take movies co of male superstars n not roles? she needs male to give a hit

Yes , Kat needs her superstars ,but it's very unlikely that they need her . They already gravitating towards younger actresses . She is also limited by her NRI type roles which honestly does not look authentic for an India based son of the soil movie. Never saw Dhoom 3 .

Its pc , disha , salman and movie is bharat.
but from when salman becomes her current BF? he is her ex. Kat is spreading lies that he is her BF so she can get benefits. she knows sallu s dating lulia. she wants to break them



Katrina and Salman are not together, as much as this “blind” wants to blurr certain lines. This is probably SOTY related.

It's SRK & PC

Director Friend: Ali Abbas
BF: Sallu
GF: Kat
Heroine: PC

Disha patani and Tiger shroff

DP and RS

RS is not doing any two-heroine movies.

Tiger Shroff and Disha?

Who is the a list star in soty2? Both the gals are brand new there

Bharat, Katrina and Priyanka. So apparently her and Salman are dating now?

I think the blind is trying to suggest Katrina - Salman - Bharat. I would have believed this but Katrina and Salman aren’t dating?? He’s still with Iulia madam and she even sang his recent song from Race

Kat and Salman are not dating.True. But Kats PR will spread such news. Iulia lives practically in Galaxy.So Kat has no chance.

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