EXCLUSIVE: Guess Who: This actress is TIRED of a producer’s sexual advances; will expose him SOON

Can you guess the actress and the producer in question?
Guess Who,guess who
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Me Too Movement arrived with a cascade of allegations and women have opened up about their ordeals in the public eye. It all started when Tanushree Dutta alleged that Nana Patekar sexually harassed her on the sets of Horn Ok Pleassss. We have got to know about one more such case. We are dropping the hints in this blind piece. 


An actress seems to be in a dilema to expose a producer who is also the manager of a top actor. She was being exploited for more than a year now. The story of horrendous advances on the pretext of work and friendship are going out of control now. The actress is likely to come out in open and will resort to legal route as she is being advised. The manager, who is also a producer, keeps promising her a role and many a times has even asked her to meet him at suburban hotels. This actress is sick and tired of the man's inappropriate behaviour will soon reveal is his name.


Can you guess the actress and the producer in question? 


kumar mangat ... but dont know the actress

Kumar mangat mrunal thakur

atul kasbekar and some newbie from bling i guess

What's with Amitabh and Deepika? What did I miss?



Kumar Mangat Ajay Devgan and Radika Apte

Sajid isnt a manager of an actor and his wife is super cool with Jackie .... U guys fail

This is really a blinder. I don’t think anyone can guess correctly

Aditya Chopra and Vani Kapoor

They already had /have a fling . He got her the awful Befikre , the upcoming HR ,Tiger movie over Disha Patani . She won't bite the hand which feeds her . This is about a woman who hasn't succumbed to the advances made to her .

Kumar Mannat is Ajay devgan’s manager and he is also a producer. Who is the actress?

Actress - Jaya bachan
Director - Ram Gopal verma

I think you are the same person who always takes Jaya Bachchan’s name. What’s your obsession with her? Lol. I bet you are Rekha haha ...

Wowwww talk about throwing a complete no ball intentionally

Kumar Mangat, Radhika Apte?

Sohail khan the producer ?

The manager and producer is Kumar Mangat.. Actress- Swara bhaskar..

Sajid nadiadwala...he is a known predator...also how he got a clean chit in the murder of his wife is appalling...pinkvilla post

Jackie seems to be ok with sexually transactional relationships as long as the other party keeps their side of the bargain. As two consenting adults, I suppose it’s ok? The issue here is that this ‘Sajid’ didn’t stick to his promises. I doubt though that she’s going to do much about it.

Sajid Nadiyawala is a producer not a manager. Jaqueline and his wife are super cool with each other. I think Jaqueline had a relationship with Sajid Khan it is known once Fara openly asked Sajid to do not waste time marry Jaqueline but he was forcing others girls to be with him while he was in a relationship with Jaqueline. Jaqueline lost many offers including Krish3 because of Sajid and he was so possessive. Jaqueline did not have strings of boyfriends as some so called pure actresses. How on earth Jaqueline is responsible for Sajid behaviours. With or without film offers she never went back to Sajid or Fara after that.

Deepika and Amitabh are beyond doubt!

What's with Amitabh and Deepika? What did I miss?

Kangana and Kjo...

well we'll just have to wait and see won't we

No I can not guess the actress and the producer in question. Can you disclose this?

May be we should check on oneshotoneplace.com. They may put it up in their website

Jacqueline Fernandez and Sajid Nadiad

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