EXCLUSIVE: Guess Who? Daughter’s debut movie mess leaves this actor fuming on his ex-wife

Can you guess the actor we are talking about?
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Issues between this ex-couple have always made headlines for years. The duo, who has always raised questions about their compatibility with each other ever since they got hitched years back, again seem to be miffed with each other, this time over their kids. 
Though the kids have been staying with this yesteryear actress and she has been the driving force behind their career, the actor father has been equally involved at every step. Be it their education or their desire to step into Bollywood, the daddy dearest has always been in loop. So when the daughter expressed her desire to work in movies, naturally, both the parents approved of it and decided to help her with the debut movie. The biggest director of Bollywood agreed to launch this young girl and everything was good. However, like they say, old habits die hard.
The way this actress took the calls for her then husband’s career, she did the same with her daughter. Of course, this was out of concern. But it surely backfired. The movie that initially was going to happen for the young girl didn’t work out and the mommy dearest had a slight tiff with the Director-producer and made her daughter walk out of the movie. Within days, the young girl had a new movie in her kitty. While the actress was happy and proud, the father wasn’t delighted, knowing what the young girl lost out on. He didn’t say anything though.
The film was shot, the poster was released. However, it then hit a roadblock. The film’s director and producer got embroiled in a legal tussle, leaving the future of the movie blurry. Now this got the young girl and her parents worried. That is when the actor stepped in and spoke to the director, with whom his ex-wife had fought. Given the actor’s equation with him, there was no way that he would deny casting her. And then the mommy also shed a few tears in front of him and that did the trick. A new film was offered and everything fell in place until a new issue with the previous film’s director cropped up.
A little birdie tells us that the director isn’t happy with the way this issue is shaping up. Despite running behind the schedule, he wants to release his movie first, thus making it the girl’s debut film as opposed to the other movie which is scheduled to hit the screens in the last month of the year. This director wants the credit for launching the girl and not let the other filmmaker walk away with it. Hence he has taken the legal route.
Through this entire mess, it’s this young girl who is suffering. Naturally, the daddy dearest is upset. He apparently had a tiff with his ex-wife and has asked her to not interfere now. It’s because of her that the daughter is in a messy situation and the least she can do is to not create more mess. Needless to say, the lady has agreed to stay mum. Unfortunately, in trying to do good for her baby, she has spoiled things. And her good friend, through whom she got the first film for her daughter, and who is the cousin of the film’s director, has refused to interfere!
Well, that’s Bollywood for you! 


See everyone star kids have problems too

What else can you expect from a Sushant leading film.... Dhoni only worked because Dhoni is larger than the cast and movie. No one is going to bank on him just yet so IDK why they decided it was a good launch movie for her if they had better options for a commercial hit.

i think Sara (or Amrita) made a huge mistake by signing on with Abhishek Kapoor. Plus i think it was very shady of him to take Sara to court over his inability to finish his movie on time. His producer issues are none of her concern. Should she spend the next 1-2-3 years dealing with these issues and squander her time? A heroines shelf life is very limited already. This guy was the absolute wrong choice for her debut. That aside, SSR is not an actor to make a debut with sorry to say.

Saif is in a better position to successfully guide Sara's career. Amrita should not let her pride hurt her daughter.

if she wasn't a star kid, she would not have gotten either of these movies

I think it's hard for Amrita to give control to Saif and Kareena because in the end she raised Sara and made sure that she turned out good. Just giving money to your kids doesn't assure a bright future and Amrita was there for the nitty gritty stuff. I understand why she wouldn't want them to control her career when they were not a part of her life for a very long time. I think there is a lot of negativity associated with Karan's camp(he kind of controls the nepo kids a lot). So, maybe she didn't want Sara to be part of that environment.

Saif has more recent experience in the industry and has a more successful career. Sara had better let her father run her career. Amrita should step back instead of harming her daughter's career.

Saif has said in an interview years back that sara once had messaged him when she was studying abroad that she wanted to become an actress and he replied to her that once she completed her studies and got a degree then she could do whatever she wanted. First she did her schooling in London then got her degree from columbia university and as a concerned father Saif took the right decision for his daughter (and is doing the same now with his older son Ibrahim) as if she doesn't do well in acting then she has her education as a backup. He doesn't want his kids to make the mistake he made.

Yes sara started her career at 24-25 coz unlike other star kids Saif put his foot down and made sure his daughter completed her education first. Saif could have let her join at the age of 17-18 but he didn't as from his own experience he knew education is important and having a education/degree is good backup if she doesn't do well in her acting career.

GOOD. Sara is a Colombia graduate and the entire Kapoor family sounds like morons. Hope he does the same for Taimur, he is part Kapoor.

Amrita made the wrong decision for Sara. Abhishek Kaapoor is an overrated and overhyped director. Kjo may not not be the best director or producer but he is a good mentor to nepo kids. Look at how he is helping Alia's career to fluorish by finding the best projects for her. Look at how despite all his recent flops he is co-producing Vikram Batra biopic for Sid. He is giving Jhanvi and Ananya dream debuts.
Amrita made the wrong decision for Sara. Abhishek Kaapoor is an overrated and overhyped director. Kjo may not not be the best director or producer but he is a good mentor to nepo kids. Look at how he is helping Alia's career to fluorish by finding the best projects for her. Look at how despite all his recent flops he is co-producing Vikram Batra biopic for Sid. He is giving Jhanvi and Ananya dream debuts.

I must say I strongly disagree with your judgement. It is better that Sara makes her debut in a more content driven film like Kedarnath than Simbha. If she made her debut with Kjo people would call her the next Alia Bhatt or Alia Bhatt clone. Jhanvi will get compared a lot more with Alia than Sara because of her debut. After Kedarnath anyway I am sure she will get offered many films from Dharma so there is no need to shame and slam Abhishek Kapoor for nothing.

It was in the news (TOI) that Saif had taken Sara to meet Abhishek Kapoor after he'd sued her . Kedarnath's dates were handed over to Simba & that is unethical of Amrita if she's responsible for it. It's like Amrita wants her daughter to win the war over Jhanvi & somehow wants her movie out ASAP even if it makes Sara look unprofessional at the end of it.

Amrita made the wrong decision for Sara. Abhishek Kaapoor is an overrated and overhyped director. Kjo may not not be the best director or producer but he is a good mentor to nepo kids. Look at how he is helping Alia's career to fluorish by finding the best projects for her. Look at how despite all his recent flops he is co-producing Vikram Batra biopic for Sid. He is giving Jhanvi and Ananya dream debuts.

This is what happens when you keep your kid waiting all her life instead of jumpstarting her career. Starting out @24 in a field where introduction age is 17-19 ( which is even more easy is you're a nepo kid). Films not working out or issues will crop up but since everything is delayed already, it is extra sensitive at this age. You cant wait for a debut @25/26, make some mistakes but by the time you figure out, you already hit 30 and newer actresses take over.

Sara’s 25yrs old, she’s grown women she could have made her own decisions that best suited her not what others think what she should go for

The saddest part is the girl is being offered films on platter. She hasn't tried or proved anything or achieved anything nor does she need to. Parents doing all the running around and talking to people. How shameful it must be for her. Maybe it doesn't even occur to her or the likes of her. Every star kid in Bollywood most likely thinks they are entiled to movie roles. Now THAT is the real tragedy. I had to laugh out loud when I read about how the poor girl is "suffering". Really? do you even know what the work means.

Am sure Amrita is capacitated to handle her kids..she raised them remember? Not saif who has been a loser running behind Rosas and Kareenas

Amrita wishes well for his daughter. The woman has single handedly brought up both her kids while Saif was wooing other women. Both Kareena and Saif are opportunists. Just because Sara is in legal trouble they will talk against Amrita because they now can. Won’t doubt Amrita’s intentions but would definitely question the step mom and her Dad. Why release a blind if you want to safe guard your own daughter. Shame!!

The same thing happened when Kareena was getting introduced in kaho na pyar hain... her mom interfered and she had to leave and do refugee which was a flop while knph won all awards but Kareena is still around n Amisha is no where. So though Sara might have a bad start if she has the talent still excel.. if not ... bad luck

Sahi hai bina struggle kre el movie mil gayi aur vo band hone k baad bhi ek aur movie mil gayi .What else you want ? Just think about the struggle the strugglers must he going through.I ll never ever watch any nepo kids movies as they dont know what struggle means to them .

Nepotism zindabad

Wow, what a mess!!! Poor Sara!

TBH, Abhishek Kapoor is not all that. Sara should work with some of the new guys Karan and Aditya have introduced. I feel like all her choices so far have been bad.

Amrita though a good mom, she has always interfered in many things. She always had anger management issues just like Kajol, cussing and calling names to Saif and his family. Saif has always maintained dignified silence over things even when his career went down the hill during late 90s. He literally bounced back in 2000s with RHTDM and worked hard to achieving success with Dil Chahta Hai, KHNH, Omkara, Hum Tum, Salaam Namaste, Love Aaj Kal. In this case, Karan was more apt in handling Sara's career because this guy knows the inside out of the industry and what's working. Amrita should've better let Saif deal with this.

When have you seen Kajol cuss and call names on anyone? Stop dragging Kajol's name in something that does not concern her.

Just a week back a video came out Kajol rudely talking to her mother-in-law. And everyone knows Kajol has anger management issues.

Rich peoples problems. People are dying in darawal in the slums of Mumbai. What are people in Mumbai doing about that?

And you thought this was a good place to talk about slums? ROFL. Now go ask the intellectuals at TMZ why American kids are going to school hungry...

So Papa had gone to Abhishek Kapoor's office for Sara. But but begum pataudi Cameo queen Kareena ne kaha tha ki nepotism doesn't exist. These people deserve all the flops. Hypocrites.

Shut up! Nepotism can get you the first step but ultimately it's your talent that takes you far. Kareena has never said nepotism doesn't exist. She has always maintained your talent takes you far.

Lol... talentless Kareena is the biggest proof that nepotism exists

Amrita has not been active in movies since the 80s so her thought process is still stuck there. Where as Saif has Kareena to tell him who is relevant today. Better Amrita let’s Sara be guided by saif.

Im glad

probably panicking as jhanvi will be debuting before her..

Look if I was Sara and I had Karan Johar wanting to introduce me and give me my first movie, I’d be all over that! Abhishek Kapoor isn’t as experienced and as connected as Karan Johar. Amrita shouldn’t have interfered. I feel like 2-3 is Jahanvi’s movies will be released by the time this mess is sorted out, leaving Sara behind.

Hmm.. they are not at all professional, they signed the agreement and given dates till the year end, they should have also write a agreement if the movie gets late or being stalled, they didn’t thought of that, now deal with it.

Daaayum. What a mess this sounds like. So abhishek kapoor is taking the legal route vs Dharma? This could get hella messy since Ekta is co-producing and is bffs with kjo.

Maybe Sara should request her mom to step down and get a legit, experienced agent/manager.

Saif and Amrita. DUH. My dad would KILL my mom, he's always on her for being incompetent, can totally picture this, and Sara is his first baby and his only girl, and as we all know, especially recently Daddy and daughter is literally the strongest bond a guy has, like more than his sons and wife. Nepotism that Sara had to have Daddy save her now.

you forget that Saif left his family a long time ago.

He didn't LEAVE. Sorry that not all of us come from a perfect family like you. Our dads can still be there for us even if they get divorced. Other guy is right, only the wife will hold a grudge like that.

Shut up Amrita

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