EXCLUSIVE Guess Who: This female producer is in jail because of her recent partner?

Can you guess who the female producer and her partner in question are?
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This female producer, who has gotten into trouble with the law, has gotten a lot of friends turned enemies around her. There have been several cases filed against her by various production houses with almost all the government agencies. But, the producer, who is now behind bars, took the help of her partner who promised to shield her from all the legal troubles. Alas, the two recently had a fallout and the next thing we see, she is now in trouble with the law. 

Apparently, when the female producer earned profits, she did not share it with her partners. Instead, when quizzed about the accounts in the case of a partnership, she would file cases against them.

However, this came to bite the producer back and the final result is that she is now in jail!

Can you guess who the female producer and her partner in question are?


Prerna had n issue with all the directors/producers. There must be some truth to it.

Dammit, I wish it were Anu.


Prerna Arora it’s very sad and I hope she is ok. Don’t forget it’s a male dominated industry we don’t know what’s happened till the facts have been verified. Very sad

What guess? It's already out there in the news that Prerna Arora has been arrested. Come on PV.

Prerna arora who else.

Poor prerna, it was her birthday yesterday. Akki could have helped but he won't
Pv please post

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