EXCLUSIVE: Guess Who? A-list actor has a fall out with his director friend, opts out of his film

Can you guess the actor, director and the film?
Guess Who? A-list actor has a fall out with his director friend, opts out of his filmGuess Who? A-list actor has a fall out with his director friend, opts out of his film
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Bollywood is a very unpredictable place. Friends turn foes within minutes and vice versa. We have known many actors and actresses fall out with each other over issues best known to them and we also know of those who have buried the hatchet and are back at being besties. 
Unfortunately, the case in concern has gone from good to bad. This A-list actor has been friends with a talented director for years now. They have worked together on many films, that have done exceptionally well at the box office. And the audiences have been eagerly waiting for them to collaborate again. While there were rumours of them coming up with a new project, probably a film that’s part of their franchise, nothing officially was revealed by the actor or the director. Slowly, the reports died down, until recently, the speculations of the same movie hit headlines, however with a new hero. A relatively young face has replaced the superstar. Naturally, the tongues started wagging.
When we tried to dig in deep, we got to know from someone in the know that the talented actor and his director friend had issues with the script of the film. While the actor was suggesting certain changes, the film-maker refused to budge, leading to a fall out between the two. The issue wasn’t big enough that it couldn’t be sorted. But one thing led to another and the trouble brewed bigger. Hence, the actor preferred to walk out of the project. 
We are sure you guys have figured it by now as to whom are we talking about! Let us know your guesses in the comments section below. 


has to be ajay and rohit for golmaal 5

Oh please Don can never be imagined without SRK! And to be more clear since SRK had done DON it is impossible to imagine anyone else even Amitabh is some what forgotten because the way SRK had presented DON!
People DON is SRK’s franchise and no other actor can replace him! No one can replace his charm

When SRK starts interfering with the script the movie tends to flop. He thinks he knows it all. Wants to be the actor, director, script-writer, editor in all his movies. But whenever his movies flop, he shifts blame onto others. I'm glad Farhan stuck to his guns.

Get rid of the boys and make a Don where PC's character takes over for Don and becomes the new don. Badass women is what we want to see!

King of Flop should now retire gracefully

Sorry RS doesn’t have Don’s charm, Don is not mad like Khilji. Shraddha is good at action (Baaghi) and pretty decent looking so she can be the Jumglee Billi..

Good for Farhan. SRK should gracefully switch to playing daddy roles now.

SRK is refusing to accept that he is ageing . Look at his botoxed face , he looks like a Male Barbie.

Guys...its not SRK AND FARHAN...its mentioned there that its a new young face which is being approached now...And Ranveer Singh is not young guys...Also Farhan has cleared the air by saying Don can't be made without SRK...SRK is the brand ambassador of the franchisee...

If it is shahrukh and farhan, then i hope the news is false because Don 3 will be a disaster with ranveer’s hyperactive behaviour. Plus, Ranveer lacks the class that shahrukh has. This must be Ranveer & Deepika’s PR team posting this to boost themselves up and being other people down. Disgusting. :(

arey deewano! issey pehchaano! issey pehchaano, yeh hai kaun?

Hilarious that SRK would have objections to the script since he is now known as King Flop. Like he has the any room to talk.

Like SRK has any room to negotiate, that old man has been bombing at the box office for over a decade.

Please have some respect for his achievements. We all will get old some day and if we can be like him at his age then it’s a blessing. I m not s srk fan but I found this comment derogatory

Now that Srk is out ,Farhan should cast Priyanka.

DON 3 - Shahrukh n Farhan Akhtar- young actor- Ranveer

SRK and Don. And i don't think Don will be THAT popular with RS. He's a good actor, but he doesn't have that 'oomph' factor and that sex-appal that SRK had in his 40s. RS can't make people fall in love with anti-hero, just remember his cartoonish act in Padmavaat. And for God's sake, RS in movies almost 10 years! Stop call him 'young face'!

Either Rohit Shetty and Ajay or Ranbir and Ayan?!

SRK and Farhan but I think its fake and comes from RS DP PR gang to support their PR driven rumour that Ranveer was cast as Don. RS PR needs to dial it down. Do not copy DP please.

SRK, Farhan & Don

SRK and Farhan Akhtar....new actor replacing maybe Ranveer Singh

Main hoon kaun? Main hoon kaun?

Don 3 SRK-Farhan-Ranveer

Don 3 SRK-Farhan-Ranveer

Srk and farhan akhtar

Flop SRK and Farhan Akhtar for the movie Don 3 with reports claiming Ranveer Singh has replaced him (though Zoya Akhtar denied the same)


Farhan didn’t even work on the script yet and he’s being consistent on saying that for years. SRK in the other hand said the same regarding this one. Why this BS even published! We just have the spoke person sayinf nothing wrong. So silly really!

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