EXCLUSIVE: Guess Who? This producer actress needs her spiritual guru 24X7

Turns out, this producer actress, who is busy jet-setting to new places every other week, cannot do without the presence of this religious head.
Guess Who,guess who,Guess Who ActressGuess Who? This producer actress needs her spiritual guru 24X7
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We are living in the 21st century but it is a known fact that Bollywood biggies even today turn to numerology and astrology to determine success in Bollywood. So it came as no surprise when a moderately religious actress turned to the family's priest for some advice. But a little birdie now tells us that she has gone a step further. Turns out, this producer actress, who is busy jet-setting to new places every other week for her films or other sporty ventures, cannot do without the presence of this religious head. 

While, her good looking husband and she are ardent followers, she has now sought the baba's help 24*7. Recently, the actress was in the City of Joy for the shooting of a small screen film and had the baba by her side. A source tells us that the multi-faceted actress had the spiritual guru's chants ringing in her ears all the time. Talk about positive aura, eh? 

With everything going right for this happily married couple, we wonder what's the need for these spiritual chants on a regular basis? Any guesses who the actress is? Shoot your answers in the comments below.



If a Muslim offers Prayers or a Christian reads bible no one judges them but if a Hindu listens to chants , offers prayers as per the guidance from her Guru then you judge her for belief and spirituality? Suddenly she becomes backward? If someone sued you Pinkvilla for this bigoted piece of writing then I would say you deserved it. So offensive that it should immediately be brought to the notice of Hindu activists

Jlo n rodriguez

Anushka sharma

when you have everything what comes next is the fear of losing it. They need the peace of mind hence turns to gurus, babas, astrologers and what not.

Wow, this is spiteful. I'm an atheist, but look at how this is written. What's wrong with practicing their religion, whether it's Anushka, Deepika, or Priyanka (so many new brides). They're super busy and successful, it's not like they have the time or the ability to just stroll into a temple every day. Shame on you Pinkvilla, or whoever, KJO, etc. who gave this blind!

maybe the theme is spiritual?


Obviously it's Deepika Padukone, cause she's recently married n also a producer actress and Ranveer is a spiritual person as Deepika had said us about his spirituality in padmavat promotions, aslo Ranveer Singh is aslo known as 'baba'.
So it's non other that Deepika Padukone

Nope...it's Anushka. She's a producer too. And recently been jet setting for sporty ventures (IPL)

Madhuri dixit and Shriram NEne===

Anushka sharma

Tom Brady and gisele

deepika and Ranverr

Anuska is free to follow whatever she wants. None of anybody's business.

But why should that be even discussed. It’s her mental peace and happiness and her beliefs. No points in that being ridiculed. May be that’s what keeps her happy. So be it’s

Anushka Sharma (producer actress). She has a cricketer husband hence the sporty ventures and she was recently in Kolkata (City of Joy) for her Netflix production, Bulbul.

Dia Mirza

For shame! Now someone’s religion beliefs is blind item?

sara ali khan and Kartik aryan

Anushka Sharma


Lol. Anushka sharma who else? Educated people from good family backgrounds are resorting to things like these is downright disappointing..

Really ? So education should take someone away from spirituality? Educated Christians do go to churches and attend prayers, they do have spiritual gurus , educated Muslims practice their religion too. But an educated Hindu should quickly forget their religion? Your poor education has made you a bigot and you don’t realise that you have no right to shame someone for undertaking their spiritual journey with or without a guru. It is against human rights. Go get some real education.

Anushka?? But why??

It's Priyanka Chopra!

It's Priyanka Chopra!


Why is someone's religious belief or practice a blind item for you? You guys are such bigots! This is a new low.

Anushka jet setting frequently for sporty ventures.

Married couple/actress- Virushka/Anushka


anushka sharma

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