EXCLUSIVE Guess Who: This superstar and a divorced singer are the hottest couple in B-Town

The fashion circles are abuzz with the grand gestures by this superstar; from getting front row seats at top Fashion Weeks in Europe to limited edition Hermes bags.
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If sources are to be believed, this 50-something Bollywood superstar, known for his infectious charm on his female co-stars and female fans of all age groups across the globe and divorced British-Indian female singer are the cool new couple on the celebrity scene. 

They first met at a sports event, a couple of years ago, but have been in touch since. He was so mesmerised by her soulful voice that he went on to give her popular playback tracks in his films. She, in turn, fell for his romantic flair and spontaneity and this continued to strengthen their bond. 

But things started hotting up only last year after the superstar took a break from his previous actor girlfriend. The fashion circles are abuzz with the grand gestures he has been making; from getting front row seats at top Fashion Weeks in Europe to limited edition Hermes bags.

Can you guess who the superstar and singer in question are? Let us know in the comments below


Not divorced though but doesn’t it seem like Shibani And Farhan?


srk get ur act together & stick to one woman..if you are no longer intersted in your wife&gauri its hightime..pls leave your cheating husband..im sure yur divorce laywers can get u a pretty good deal !!..suhana&aryan pls dnt support your dad in his philandering .

Kanika is very beautiful.

He calls his wife the mother always. He moved on since forever now and seeing other women. Gauri is okay as long as she has his money and BW parties

Kanika looks just like Gauri

In Gauri’s dreams.

Haha true

lata mangeshkar AND nana patekar


His films are already flopping.. Karma is hitting him hard because of his stupid ways in his personal life, he'd better start getting his act together.. Gauri married him when he was nothing and had nothing and he has three beautiful children. Either get divorced and go about your way or stick to the marriage properly.

Who was Gauri before marrying him!!! SRK was already master student with two hit tv shows. Unless people in their 20’s who are not famous but still educated is nothing then all of us are!

Are you serious? Forget about what she does professionally...she is his wife. If you get married to someone tomorrow would you not ask for the most basic thing in your marriage called fidelity? Jeez some of you are so insensitive!

So true as if Gauri was some big deal earlier or now

It's Farhan akhtar and shibani dandekar

This is no surprise to me. Many in the fashion industry had been gossiping about their affair since before Happy New Year came out. It is only now that pv people are waking up to it. Srk was the one who helped her get to croon songs like lovely, baby doll using his connections

SRK is a scoprio..they love taking revenge. My guess is he is doing this to avenge Priyanka.

Soulful voice? Really? Wow.

Obviously! Only when he stops calling Gauri, Gaurima will he look at her as his wife.

His life so his choice, who are we to judge?

I wonder what his kids will think after reading this.

ATtif and lata

Rishi kapoor and asha bhosle

SRK is Bi. Earlier, he was with Kjo and Arjun. Now, with PC and Kanika

Srk is the worst..going downhill by the day!

Kanika is gorgeous!

SRK and kaneeka Kapoor. It was kaneeka Kapoor who was trying her luck with everybody in the showbiz industry after her divorce,

And she caught the biggest fish in the sea

Obv hints at SRK. But if they've been having an affair for a couple of years, then what about PC? She said she's only been single for a year. So which one is it?

They were together since Happy New Year - and then they did the Happy new year world tour with Kanika Deepika SRK and the entire team, SRK only spent time with Kanika, we were waiting by the hotel and SRK and Kanika would arrive together in the same car and seemed super close and lovey dovey. SRK was flirting and it was obvious something was happening there so yeah no surprise he is a serial cheater yet the women always get the blame!

I feel PC dumped him as soon as she found out that she is not the only 'other woman' in his life. Hey, if they cheat with you, they will cheat on you. This must have made her re evaluate her choices and go for a single guy.

SRK dumped her since she want marriage. Lol at twisting the plot now!

SRK is the true Casanova.

You all people coming from difference social status. Rules are different infact when you have money no social rules apply. Falling in love or having multiple partners when you are a full grown adult. Not exactly a sin. So What is the complain. Look at life from distance things will look less complicated.

What an easy blind.
Singer is Kamaal Khan.
Superstar is Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

I thought Katrina was trying for SRK. What happened? Didn't work out?

This is such a lie.

This uncleji just can’t keep calm!!!

This is SrK and Kanika.

Pinkvilla why no mention of a wife in your blind? Is she that pathetic she doesn’t even exist anymore even in a blind item? No wonder she was on drugs once. She should leave him. He’s not fooling anyone with his image anymore it’s not KKHH days anymore. Two people can Co parent and have dignity for the wife and be happy.

If this was a married female superstar having fling pinkvilla would mention the husband.

As most girls have probably found out, Raj is a big sham. He doesn't exist. Stop expecting SRK to be him, he's allowed to have his ups and downs too.

Raj or Rahul, nobody should be a cheater. Simple as that.

That would be great. Except thats not how the world works. Ideally he should just get a divorce and do what he wants... but doing that means he breaks the perfect "Raj" image.

srks employees have been instructed to thumbs down all negative comments

pc must be having a field day

i can imagine..bebo whatssaping her kjo&arora group from maldives&gossiping abt this right now..

umm maybe they already knew and they posted this blind to pv

SRK knows the women will be blamed, he has nothing to worry about so he keeps cheating.

gauri should get miss kapoor banned from blwyyd social circles&gatherings&her so called friends should support her&give kanika the cold shoulder.

Why is it so hard to be loyal? Poor Gauri. SRK seems really manipulative.

they are clearly in an open marriage

He'll do this until he dies. Once a cheater always a cheater and he's been cheating since the 90s.

I guess the Juhi rumours are true. Although that's a weird case because Gauri and Juhi don't talk but Juhi and SRK are still business partners. I guess it's because Juhi's husband is understanding and modern. He knows everyone has a past, they got married in a difficult situation too.

I was a big fan of Shahrukh Khan but since the story with priyanka and now this one, i just cant stand him anymore

there's way more women and men he's cheated with too. SRK is famous in Delhi for questionable behaviour.

need to read the abt miss kapoor on fashion scandal..she's quite notorious.

so now kanika kapoor will be getting the cold shoulder too from kjo..

gauri shud divorce him&take most of his $$$$& demand child support forever..how can she keep pretending to be a perfect family with this cheater husband..&i pity suhana&aryan as well..all bwood families are so dysfunctional..seriously..

I saw SRK and Kanika at Moonshine Restaurant in Delhi last year. SRK seemed despo.

kanika was dating aditya shobha de's son..i guess it was a just a passing fling..or he came to know of her manipulating ways..

Some people should never get married!

kanika kapoor is the ultimate manipulator.she even used the meet brothers&discarded them once she got famous.even duped an event manager for 25 lacs, Mohammad Morani (courtesy SRK) signed her on for Cineyug and got her shows .

I feel bad for Kanika. Go back to Gauri and spare her!

Lol, shock only for the people who thought he was "dating PC"? Come on! You could probably list a bunch in between her and Kanika now. But only Priyanka gets all the downvotes and hates like she ruined his home and he's a victim.

SRK is a big time loser

This blind came out on fashion scandal in 2014 itself. He got her ipl gig and mentioned her name during film promo.

They rekindled now because he's "single"

Now SRK is flop both personally and professionally

Atleast Kanika is a huge upgrade from Priyanka .

Why? I saw her pic, uh no thanx

SRK and Kanika for sure. I knew about it since slam tour. At least he chose a real beauty this time!

Kanika and her 3 kids. They probably think SRK is their grandpa.

SRK has always cheated and will always cheat. His fans should just wake up and smell the koffee.

At least Kanika is divorced. SRK doesn’t even have that decency

His mid-life crisis is never ending. We're tired SRK.

SRK & Kanika . Why have another kid if he's not happy within his marriage?!! What's Gauri doing about it ? So he got with Kanika when he was on a break with PC (who really shouldn't be surprised )?

abhram is not his kid. its actually aryans kid


such stories coming out also prove he is losing his influence on press

In this age of camera phones , Whatsapp & social sites ; it's useless to try to gag the press !

so who got this leaked srk or kanika??

Farhan and shibani!!

Not surprised

50 something superstar with female fans of all ages can be only one person SRK.

Good choice Mr SRK, Kanika is gorgeous.

All these affairs but never any pictures. I don’t believe it. It’s SRK! There would be pix everywhere.

There were lots of pictures of SRK and Kanika turning their SLAM tour in 2014. Maybe they’re smarter this time and will hide it better.

There’s no pictures when you meet in remote places.

So SRK likes woman's who can sing.

SRK and Kanika had an affair a couple years ago too. Now they’re back together again. Gauri is still with him only because of the money, status and kids otherwise I’m sure she’s aware of everything.

i also heard that gauri is the one who insisted on a surrogate baby..&hence abram..to pacify her.maybe she thought srk wud not astray once they have another baby.

Gauri is having her own little affairs in France. Welcome to the new world order.


SRK's taste in women is funny. From Gauri to PC to Kanika (if true). The way he helps his girls, now i'm beginning to suspect Kajol was one of them only she was smarter and got married.

You missed Juhi Chawla..

Some one very close to Juhi has said that SRK fell in love with Juhi from the first film and was even ready to leave Gauri at that time for her. juhi too had feelings for SRK but not to break a family she quickly got married to Jai Meheta out of the blue. But SRK could never live with out her in his life so they started doing business together. Isn't it funny that juhi is SRKs business partner not Gauri? Gauri her self is in to businss. so any fool can understand what is going on here. Acoording to the sources Juhi has moved on but SRK is still desperate.

No wonder Karan was saying actors can’t stay faithful even until recently. I think it was KANK anniversary where he took a sly dig.

SRK and Kanika. It’s so obvious.

so who leaked it? PC or KJO?

I have always believed a person who has cheated you once never go back to that person.he may not cheat u today but again after a while he will cheat again.once a cheater is always a cheater.never trust a cheater he will cheat again and that is proved again n again in almost all the cases!

Lol yeh Kanika & srk... what’s the matter with srk?

See, that’s actually why i respect salman. He didnt get married and cheat on his wife. If theres an actor out there who has been faithful, someone post please?

Hahaaha He is the worst. Salman cud not marry simply bcoz he cheated on Sangeeta for Somi Ali. Then on Ash with Somi Ali. Ash also told that he was infidel. Infact, even now, he is clearly cheating on Lulia with Kat

Salman cud not marry bcoz he cheated on Sangeeta for Somi Ali. Then on Ash with Somi Ali. Ash also told that he was infidel.

Maybe just may be shahid & Abhishek for now I think

I’m happy two of them MIGHT exist!

Maybe just may be shahid & Abhishek for now I think

I must say SRK 's has for once good choice. PC has fake voice fake accent, Kanika is a hearty and soulful singer with a beautiful voice plus so much younger and beautiful

You ship them?

Salman and Iulia

Salman and Iulia

Kanika and Shah Rukh?

SRK and Kanika Kapoor

SRK and Kanika Kapoor.
The ex actress gf is PC.

OMG !!! SRK & Kanika kapoor ???

kanika kapoor's gain is priyanka chopra's loss

wait you call srk a gain? Ohboi

I thought after getting the big kick SRK would get some sense and go back to Gauri but he went back to Kanika. His personal and professional life is such a mess.

I’ve seen SRK and Kanika together many times and always wondered how and why they’re such close friends but this makes sense

Sure SRK and kanika kapoor, this man will never change.

shahrukh kanika

Kanika kapoor and SRK? How is this man have so many affairs without creating any scandals?

Ajay Devgan & Neeti Mohan

Farhan and Shibani Dandekar; although I wouldn't call Farhan a superstar really!

it says superstar in his 50's s cant be farhan hes 44..

Salman iluia?

Superstar- SRK?
Singer- Kanika Kapoor?

kanika kapoor&srk

shahrukh khan kanika kapoor

kanika kapoor &??but wasnt she dating shobha de's son??

man..it seems the woman was cheating on shobas son then..they had pics posted together publically&even went on family holidays with shobha de&family..kanika was just using them to make her bwood connections it seems..she is known to be quite the manipulator.

I was wondering the same!!

SRK and Kanika

SRK and Kanika

Salman and lulia

SRK’s always been a cheater but got away with it but in the age of the internet he’s starting to get exposed. Still he knows no one can do anything about it so will just keep doing it.

Rahul is a cheater... cheater cheater! KKHH dialogue describes him best.

SRK and Kanika Kapoor

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