EXCLUSIVE: Guess Who? This superstar makes fun of his alleged actress girlfriend, leaves her embarrassed

Can you guess who the Bollywood stars in question are?
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Known for his wit and sarcasm, this A-list actor often manages to put people in a spot with his comments. Those close to him are used to this behaviour of his and often don't take it to heart. And this popular actress is surely privy to these sort of comments from the actor. He had once managed to embarrass her at a party he had organized by linking her to her boyfriend's surname, making the audience go 'woaaahhh' in harmony!

Now, again the actor has landed this diva in a spot. Recently, when the lady in question had gone to visit the star when he was promoting his movie, she was stunned by the statement that came her way. In a jovial mood, this A-list gentleman told his alleged lady love that the month of June belongs to her. Perplexed by his statement, she gave a very confused look.

Teasing her further, the actor asked whom would she choose this June? Not understanding where the conversation was headed to, the actress lost patience and asked him what was he trying to say! Needless to say, the actor blurted out his emotions jokingly by saying - June has two releases, one movie stars your ex and one movie stars your 'allegedly complicated' friend. So which one will you watch?!

While everyone around the superstar was left in shock as well as splits, the leggy lass was stunned with this and felt absolutely embarrassed. She preferred to walk out of the studio and headed straight to the car. Obviously, the actor then understood the situation and immediately went out and was seen speaking to her. He then hugged her and escorted her to the car, making most of them wonder what's cooking between the two!

With the actress' behaviour, we get no points in guessing which movie will the lady watch! We are sure you guys have already guessed who are we talking about?!

C'mon, this one's evidently simple!


'...known for his wit and sarcasm"..sarcasm maybe but calling Salman witty is a stretch of the writer's imagination. People usually stay away from him more out of fear than respect!

Everyone knows Salman is a blabber. That should not affect Katrina in anyway as she is classy

Kat and class are poles a part. Kat is unaffected coz she knows she needs ex Salman to get fame and movies. Pv post

Kat loves to get linked with ex bf Salman to stay in news.otherwise nobody cares for her. Akshay Hrithik none of them interested in working with her.

How is that even a joke? I'm not even a Katrina fan or Salman hater, but like, it's just not funny? If I were there, I would not at all have been "stunned" or "in splits". Probably would've been like, "uhm... okay then" and continued on with my day.

Our Katrina is our Katrina it’s non of your Katrina

Why does he care? Katrina has two movies to film, plus she probably watches white people movies. Leave her alone and get over her, don't you have a gf? Insecure Sallu.

Why get annoyed and walk away? She could have said something funny as well.

Shes incapable of wit!

No you’re confusing her with boring Deepika

You are so obsessed with deepika. DP is not boring like Kat.

7 Din mohabbat in.

Kat is in a wrong profession..she should be a politician

Salman girlfriend is Ranbir's girlfriend none of your girlfriend

Looks like her days in bollywood are over.. is there anything else thats releasing other than thugs? Never liked her

Zero with SRK

Who is the A list boyfriend though?

Seems neither Sallu nor Rat Kapoor can get over Kat. Sallu is still in love with her rather than being sincere to Lulia and Rat keeps on dishing out blinds about her rather than concentrating on kicking the drug habit, respecting women and finding peace within himself

Now rat kapoor is with a gf that looks like a rat ,too, karma, rat kapoor never deserved the great beauties like deepi,kat or Mahira! I hope they never take him back!

Sallu rocks. You on the other hand needs burnol.

Lol it's Kat who is not over sallu and ranbir. That's why ran back to Salman and keeping an eye on rk. Women should give men something to respect.
Pv kindly post

Katrina. Lol ma Salman Mila na ranbir

Sallubhai jaan ko aur Ranbir Kapoor ko na Katrina mili na Kat mili

Sallu and Rk doesn't need Kat. That's why rk left her and sallu doesn't wants to marry her. Pv post the truth

Ranbir and Katrina- whoever wrote this PR- please enough of taking Salman Khan’s name for everything. Salman did not become popular in a day- whatever fame he has today was earned by him over the last 30 years. Even today he has a huge fan base among the youth and kids.He has worked very very hard to be where he is. If it was that easy to be the topmost star - everyone would have become a Salman Khan. So STOP using his name to gain popularity. There are no short- cuts for success. There must be some reason for crores of people across all socio-economic demographics to be so crazy about him. Public is not foolish - yeh Sab jaanti hai public!!!

Ranbir stop your blind not everything around you

I hope both films flop

stupid rat leave kat alone

ranbir is trying hard I hate him

Everyday negative blinds against Kat. I think they all including Salman want to finally push her out of bollywood

Ranbir and dharma pr reshma shetty and kjo all the want is to use the name of the biggest superstar salman khan linking him to kat trough the ranbir and to make sure the alia ranbir shitt continues and get alot of attention in the the salman angle there was another blind about salman-kat-ranbir-alia aswell in mirror this
week i was like really wtf using salmans name next those attention seekers

Sorry salman, kat ,and RK , but Alia, does not fit in, she is cute as best, not someone in the league of the BW beauties,kjo needs to stop,promoting her in this way,it only brings negativity toward her!

I Love Deepika. But Ranveer is so annoying! Poor Baby, Has to go through so much! Picture abhi bakhi hai dost!

Picture ab khatam ho rahi hai.. Deep Veer are getting married

Alia just stfu !

Ranveer's got no film releasing in June. This blind is about actress: Katrina, Superstar: Salman, ex-boyfriend:Ranbir and their movies Race 3 and Sanju.

"She preferred to walk out of the studio and headed straight to the car. Obviously, the actor then understood the situation and immediately went out and was seen speaking to her. He then hugged her and escorted her to the car, making most of them wonder what's cooking between the two! "
Why would he hug her ? Saaf saaf juth hai yeh.Katrina showing that she is so close to Salman.Juthi no.1

Rat can only spread negative blinds about salman that just all he can do otherwise he w end up like vikvek oberoi

Had kat acted in Race 3 there would have been umpteen blinds released by her PR by now about her closeness to Salman linking to Salman everything.Thank God she is not in the film.

When did Salman come to drop her near her car? photographers would definitely capture kat if it is so.She walked out of the studio with her sister not Salman. Even if Salman hugged kat it can't be a news.Salman hugs Jacqueline and co stars.It is a way of greeting. This blind is as fake as Kat.

When did Kat become Salman"s GF.She is hardly seen with him these days.When Iulia lives in Galaxy how can Kat's PR release such blinds. Anything for attention.When films start drying up this is what she can do.

dear ranbir nobody talks about you in that group circle i am sure of that, keep your wild imagination to you only

Kat spreading this nonsense. She went to meet Salman with her sister to discuss about her new film which is going to be launched.Sooraj pancholi too was there. When did she become Salman's GF?

Kat and Salman are real couple

Its deepika and ranveer

you are idiot

ranveer his granny passed away and he is not promoting anything and he will never embarrass her
also she will choose him above anyone

Loved this response.

Salman taking a dig at Katty 's priorities - Sanju or Race 3 . She knows which side her bread is buttered ,she will choose Race 3 aka Salman as Ranbir is history . Why does Salman do this to Katty anyway ? Perhaps it's his general sense of humor or he still is a little upset (understandably so ) by the way Katty left him after he went all the way out for her . Or he could maintain a distance from her .

And Katty is a star and you are a faceless troll...don't reply bc I don't care...

But u do care , otherwise why else would u bother with poor me every time at all ?

S for Salman...S for Silly Old Man...

Fawad blackmailing Kjo for years now...Kjo give him money,booze and aloo paratha...and paying for Fawad's mobile and internet services(his sexting addiction is out of control)...in return Fawad won't tell anyone that Kjo is GAY and Dyeing his hair...

Insecure Bollywood actor spotted. Even after three years, Fawad haunts many.

Plastic face Katrina

I think its Katrina, Ranbir and Salman

Sally and Kat, it can be an open article

Poor DEEPIKA. She has much more to go through with that annoying guy

lol its KATRINA TURQUOTTE not Deepika.

Be happy in your head! FACTS ARE FACTS!

LOL Just look at the number of upvotes and downvotes of both ur comments as well as my comment. U will get to know the FACTS!!

Yrs FACTS ARE FACTS. And the fact is it's KATRINA not DEEPIKA

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