EXCLUSIVE Guess Who: This unmarried filmmaker's sexual harassment incidents to come out in the OPEN soon

The unmarried filmmaker has been asking for sexual favours from those who go to him asking for work. Can you guess who the filmmaker is?
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Silent awareness is dangerous and disastrous; this head honcho of the company, who has kept silent, is soon to get exposed. This man runs a talent company which has notorious elements in it. One exposé is waiting to happen and is just around the corner. 

Also, we hear that this actor-filmmaker, who is the brother of a very popular filmmaker, and was presently shooting with another actor who has also been dragged into the #MeToo controversy is going to fall into trouble.

The unmarried filmmaker has been asking for sexual favours from those who go to him asking for work. He is already on the #MeToo list - a little hint here, the actress who had worked with him on a franchise had threatened to go to the cops but was persuaded by the producer and friends not to. This may just open.

Can you guess who the filmmaker is? 


Farah and Sajid are trash

this actor-filmmaker,--- Could be Akshay or Anil kapoor
who is the brother of a very popular filmmaker -- Definitely Anil Kapoor

But Anil is not working in Housefull i guess

Apurva Asrani yesterday wteeted that Sonam left wtitter bcoz the fire of me too will reach to hr home

And Sajid Nadiawala in not unmarried.....

This is Sajid Khan (Farah 's brother) not Sajid Nadiadwala who is married . Sajid Khan made a pass at Bipasha Basu who taped it & threatened to tell the police . She was bought off .

Sajid is apparently Bi....he was rumored to have an affair with Riteish Deshmukh, whose marriage apparently is a cover up. I'm not surprised about Sajid at all, the way he generally behaves.

Keeping that way, what surprises me is how die-hard fans become oblivious to sarcasm and wit when it comes to their idols. That Fawad towel inter pole thing really cracked me up and I'm someone who adores Fawad! Have a sense of humor folks

Pinkvilla, why don't you publish my comment in other article, calling out KJo and his Koffee with Karan questions and discussion, Anurag Kashyap and others, along with comedians like AIB who fester this environment of 'forced open sexuality' and talking crudely even when inappropriate and uncomfortable for guests.

Why not publish my comment about Anurag Kashyap who sexually harassed Rajat Barmecha during Udaan promotions in 2010 by 1) asking him when he lost his virginity, and when Rajat said he hadn't, made fun of him for being a virgin even though he was probably around 19 at that time. Rajat handled it well, but it was a position that he should not have been put in, and it tells the mindset of the comedians like AIB and so-called new-age directors and all and their attitude that everyone should be on the same page as they regarding sex.

But all the Angrezi entertainment shows in India use this kind of language...they are so immature and acting like a horny teenagers...simply bc Bollywood copying every western concept with take in consideration the Indian values...add to that someone as kjo who apparently satisfying his dirty desires by hearing this sexual details and everyone obeys to please him...and at the end all of them think they are so Modern and Sophisticated...

sajid directing nana patekar now..i wont be surprised if they travel with their own harem for entertainment purposes..dont think anyone would want to watch housefull anymore..&i hope they dont try to buy out the actress in order to shut her up..since she dsnt have many film offers now so might be tempted to give in.

Which actress? Are you talking about Bips? I don't think she minds of what they ask her to do since she needs some work now.

Ciao Sajid !!!!!! Unfortunately this will not make one bit of a difference. Farah has still not said anything about Nana Patekar & her husband is a serial cheater. The family will continue merrily on their primrose path .

true...people like Farah protect them...if it was an actress she would have been removed...I heard Nana getting vidharbha women support...or is it a red support from people who took out rally against the government.....

Shame on Akshay Kumar for keeping on working with Sajid Khan when his history of bad behaviour to women is known to all...

oh come on, both Akshay n Sajid are same,,

I have never heard anything about akshay kunar harassing women. Yes there have been rumours of him having affairs but that involves consent. Harassing women like saiid khan has done does not involve consent - thats the difference between the two. People commenting should realize that Bollywood actors having affairs is not a crime as long as the women are consenting to it. Harassing women or pressuring them to do things they don’t want to do is the crime because it does not involve consent.

Bipasha for sure

Sajid even if Bipasha doesn'come out...we know it is you...I hope she still has the video where you were captured asking favours. Heard he was nude.

saajid khan and bipasha but bipasha already got 1 crore to keep quiet so I dont think she would say anything

Someone needs to speak up against subhash ghai too! Been reading about his antics for years!!

No wonder why farah sided up with nana..whole family is like that.

Imagine we get so caught up but Jacqueline was consenting to this and she gave in to go up in the world- sad morals

This incident happens during Hamshakles, Jaqueline and Sajid relationship was over during Himatwala. Rather she gained any, I think she lost many because of his controlling possessive behaviour. Krish3 which Kangana played was given to Jaqueline but he was controlling. I think she has the guts to go out from that relationship. She never talked or appear in any of the shows with him either at any cost. She even refused Housefull 4 as well. At least she has guts say no as a foreigner.

many have made similar concessions, but some now hope to cleanse their choices with media confessions. at the moment, jacqueline does not appear to need career salvation, so i suspect she will remain silent. (which is her right)

Sajid khan

Sajid khan

yaasss. time's up sajid khan

Sajid Khan

Sajid Khan

Jackie gave herself to him she has no qualms - it’s her way of climbing

Kjo and Fawad...
Fawad wanted to go with kjo to Italy but he couldn't bc there's a ban on him in the EU...bc he used to steal twoels from the hotels and thongs from big malls...
The Interpol has sent him a reminder...

Fawad is trash who supported ali zafar against misha...

He did go to Ali's music launch of his latest movie "teefa in trouble"...and tried his best to promote him...but Ali and Fawad classless teenagers fans won't understand...

Interpol, because someone stole towels? Fawad has enough money to buy towels for your entire family. Just Stop embarrassing yourself

Fawad is in London right now. U keep burning.


So your father has a new alias. "Interpol" ...How interesting.

Karan j

So not shocking. Sajid Khan needs to be banned, permanently!!


Is this really happening,are bipasha and sayali Bhagat really coming out with it again.

She stood naked opposite sayali Bhagat as well.
Timesup sajid

He is farhan akters cousin brother & Hrithiks friend Shajid Khan.

Sajid Khan used Jacqueline too

Or maybe she used him. In any case, both backs were rubbed.

Praying to God...this happens.

sajid khan?

director sajid khan

Sajid Khan, brother of Farah Khan. Actress who accused him of indecent behaviour is Bipasha Basu during the shoot of humshakals. They paid her a lot for her silence back then. There was much hullabaloo about this incident back then too.

It is good during Hamshkals Sajid and Jaqueline relationship was on rock. She decided to end the relationship as well before it hit the theatre.

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