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This film has been in the making for some time now and was expected to bring back the director to his former glory. In recent times, certain scandals have been associated with his name and he was finding it tough to get stars, particularly actresses, for his films. The film first went to a good-looking superstar who took his own time to say yes and finally said no because the script didn’t work out. The makers approached another superstar, known for his social dramas and while in talks with him, one of the people in the group sneakily approached the first star again. This time things worked out and the star was on board. But one person, who is extremely unhappy with the entire affair, is the star’s father, a powerful filmmaker in his own right.

The filmmaker is known to advise his son on his career and this time is upset that his son is not listening to him and instead got involved in such a controversial film. The script also hasn’t been changed and the father is known to be very particular about the creative bits. The star has been saying no to his own home productions and gone ahead and given the nod to the director of scandalous repute – something which has upset the father more. But the star’s father cannot do anything but wait and watch and see if this project happens or not. If it does he will have to just smile gracefully and accept the situation.

This has also upset the second star and changed the equations between the two stars who were friendly earlier as he had no clue the second star had been approached again. Again he has no choice but to maintain a friendly façade and pretend that all is well between him and the second star who finally got the film.

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Rakesh roshan furious bcoz his mature sense says super30 flopd before release. Indeed he is good director only for his son.

Hrithik already 47year old bhuddha and his father always furious with his career. TOO FUNNY.

He is not 47 but 43 years old. Father's are protective. Even my father cares and guides me. What's wrong in it. Your idol is 37 years old buddhi.

Hello Hrithik Sir.

No comment

No comment no fashion

The Roshans . There's nothing controversial about the movie subject , it's only Vikas Bahl who has problems . Maybe Rakesh wants Hrithik to do a more commercial role .

Hi Rakesh Roshan.

Harshvardhan, Anil .kapoor

Am extremely excited to watch this film. I support films which do biopics on positive persons and not gangsters or terrorists

Anything to create buzz for a movie it seems

Even Hrithik blinds are as boring as him :/

Kuch bhi likhte ho yaar

Another boring blind

People like PC, Kangana,Kareena hv worked with Madhur Bhandarkar despite rape charges. So compared to that, nothing serious about this. As there is not even a case filed n the person was someone he was actually seeing.

Agree with you, nothing serious about this bcoz hrithik himself a stalker n women abuser!!!

Nobody shud work with Kangna who is a serial stalker n male abuser.

at the moment we are watching stalkers Hrithik who is pursuing Kanganа in any topic. Please focus on the career of your idol

Kangna fans are stalking this article of Hrithik n hv cheek to comment. Irony just killed itself LOL

Hrithik fans are pursuing Kanganа in every topic. While the fans of Kanganа do not care about Hrithik. so stalkers Hrithik will suffice to be possessed by Kanganа!

Really? thats why on every kangana topic , her fans drag Hrithik and if its against her then say he is paying media. lol Kangana fans are liars like her.

Why are you here then? LOL

If his dad was upset , there would have been a personal talk between him and Hrithik. They are not going to make it public especially with all the things Hrithik is going through. Some one (raising eyebrows)is desperate to defame him and his career at any cost .

Someone tell me why Super 30 is controversial?

Aamir Fatima blinds hv dried out

Akshay was never contacted for this film. It has been clarified by everybody involved. So, that last part makes no sense.

Section of media seems to be more interested in Parent son relation than anything. Dominating father. Angry father. Interfering father. Looks like paid from someone who is pissed of bcoz they did not shift their film for their "King". So, still getting nightmares

Wat a ridiculous blind

Oh ho Papa Roshan upset...Ab kaisay chale ghi Jadoo ka calculator

Beta Roshan planting fake blinds to prove that he is not Papa made product, when this will flop like Shaandar Papa will have to launch you again.

Karan Johar and Yash Johar Jr

Aamir physically resembles that person more, so he would be the better choice.

At least do a blind which is believable :/

Kangana PR calms down. Why stalking hrithik again?

PR Hrithik calm down! enough stalking Kanganа in every topic?

Fake blind by jealous People. Akshay and Hrithik both are cordial and good human beings.


Especially when you consider that this was Anand's interview one year ago. he is the only one who spoke about the sequel to Tanu and Manu.3

Looks like you just want to fill up the page :/

Even blinds of Hritik are as boring as him LOL

Someone again trying to malign Roshans name. Both Hrithik and Akshay are friends and no film can break it. Even clash didn't harm their bond. Take a chill pill stakler PR.

Hrithik and Super 30. But Hrithik haters and stalkers can chill as there is no bad blood between akshay or Hrithik ever. it's all rumours.

Kangana PR spreading lies again

Rakesh knows very well Mathematician anand kumar character very ODD for hrithik, thats why he is FURIOUS as like as always.

Hrithik is a 48year old. Rakesh shouldn't be furious always. Movie hit or flop doesn't big matter for him. At least hrithik good actor unlike other nepo-product Varun,tiger,abishek... etc

Hrithik is 43 yrs. Not 48 yrs. Agree with the rest of the comment

Easy. You might as well have mentioned their names. So many media channels have mentioned Akshay was offered Super30. First star is Hrithik

HR and Roshans - karma Lol

Hrithik and his sick daddy and Akshay who is doing social movies or Aamir.

Fim maker : Rakesh Roshan
Son: Hrithik Roshan
2nd superstar : Akshay Kumar


Wat controversial? Nothing can be more controversial than PC, Kangana, Kareena working with Madhur Bhandarkar despite charges against him. This is nothing.

My first thought is Hrithik.

Second superstar- akshay
First superstar- hritik
Controversial dir- vikas bahl
Upset filmaker dad- hritik roshan
he was suspect in molestation case and also director of queen and shaandaar

Am dying to see Hrithik as a Mathematician genius. He will rock it!

Basically, u hv a problem if he listens to his father n if he doesnot listen to his father. Get a Life!

Forget this lame news. Tell us what happened to Ranbir and Mahira? Why no reaction from her till now???

Hrithik Roshan.... yawn

Fake blind

Its Rakesh roshan, who always furious his son career. Recently, Hrithik signed Yash raj film with mediocre jumper Tiger shroff, media rumours::: its Sanjay dutt first offerd that character, Duo to unknown reason, Mr.Dutt rejected. Then makers cast Hrithik. I must say Rakesh roshan very mature director.

Sometimes I feel fake blinds are planted just to create a buzz. Like Ranveer blinds started coming closer to his film announcement. So did Kat Ranbir blinds. This seems to be a new marketing tactic

Why do people waste time in such blinds? They just attended a Bhagat Singh event together.

Slow news day. Anand Kumar is an inspiring story. Nor was Akshay even approached.

Varun n David Dhawan

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