Guess Who? This 90s director would make his female lead pose naked in the name of evoking creativity

This popular 90's director would gaze every part of the body of his female lead to evoke the creative side for filmmaking. Can you guess who this director in question is?
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With India's biggest movement Me Too comes horrific tales of sexual harassment at the hands of powerful men. Women are NOW not hesitating in sharing their stories and naming their sexual offenders in front of the whole world. Be it an actor or a journalist or a politician - everyone has come in the wave of one of India's biggest movements, Me Too. All thanks to Tanushree Dutta who initiated it as she was the torchbearer of the whole #MeToo movement in India. She opened up on her ordeal and she alleged that Nana Patekar harassed her on the sets of Horn Ok Pleasss.
According to a blind item in Arre, another story is that of a popular 90's veteran director who used his power to harass young actress. Going by the report in the website, it had been an open secret within the industry. He had been awarded with many rewards for his passion for the art and his 'creative vision'. Talking of his 'creative process', he would sit naked in his bathtub with his hands folded and the female lead of the film was required to strip her clothes completely. He would gaze every part of her body to evoke the creative side for filmmaking. 
Can you guess who this director in question is?
Many more stories are yet to come out in open. These are big names that are being NOW revealed. Post the BIG revelation by Tanushree Dutta, there were cascade of allegations that followed. Many prominent film personalities have been outed as alleged predators in India's #MeToo movement. Names like Alok Nath, Rajat Kapoor or Sajid Khan have been highlighted. 
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It is cinema or tv shows cinema people or tv anchors all rubbishy people no character

salman khan beat up subhas ghai after he came to know what he did with ash (whether willing or forcefully). and ya'll still blame salman and say he abused ash. ash is an opportunist just ask vivek oberoi.

Didnt Hema Malini and Sridevi work with Subhash Ghai to?

People should understand that madhuri,aish and mahima will never come out and slam ghai because there was mutual consent..others who come out , they did not agree for this.

TBH the reason madhuri meenakshi mahima manisha, aish are quite coz they got fame and rest didn't. period!!!!

Subhash Ghai, RGV, Mahesh Bhatt

Mahesh bhatt

In 2002, subhash ghai pulled salman a side at a party after overhearing him bad mouthing aishwarya to people. Salman got angry that subhash ghai was taking aishwarya side and he attacked him. Salim went to subhash house the next day and apologised before it became a police matter.

Don't make up lies just to cover up for ur star (or should I say client)...Salman slapped subash in 98 FOR aishwarya and his father made him apologize the next day and everyone knows this...

This blind is refering to Subhash Ghai and all the new girs that he had casted in trimurti. I had read a similar article back in the mid 90s in cineblitz.

this was the blind about the bhatts i guess, no wonder alia is mum
This director-producer who has been active since the 80’s is known for his ear for music. He used to make meaningful films, but is now known for his sleaze filled movies. Most of his recent hit productions star a kissing sensation, who is is distantly related to him. It is rumored that this director does everything that moves. Our source once informed us that he saw a celebrated actress, now married to one of the most powerful men in Bollywood in a compromising position with the director in her vanity van!
He was even rumored to be having an affair with one of his finds, whom the media thought was his daughter’s friend! The director’s second daughter(from another marriage) is now an established actor in Bollywood at a very young age.

Mahesh Bhatt and Anu Agarwal (Pooja Bhatt’s friend)!

Mahesh Bhatt and Tina Munim (caught in van).

read this somewhere
This director is known for his K obsession. All his movies start with K. His son is a superstar. He has been a successful director since the 80’s. There is a video online where an actor who stars in indie films & does character roles in big budget films has spoken about the advances made by this director. She mentions that she was asked to pay him a visit at his hotel room. But she was shrewd enough to escape from his clutches. In spite of his being the AD & being present on the outdoor shoot, the director didn’t shy away from making these lewd advances towards the actor.
The director now probably in his late 60’s has been having an affair with a bombshell, who did an item number in his last home production which starred his son. She told reporters that she did it because the director’s superstar son asked her to do it. While the truth is that she did it only because her sugar daddy asked her to! She has since starred in several films

Rakesh Roshan and Urvashi Rautela is the bombshell

That 'bombshell' is Rekha

In spite of his son being the AD & being present on the outdoor shoot, the director didn’t shy away from making these lewd advances towards the actor.

this was a blind posted about subhash ghai
He was known as “The Showman” in the 80’s & 90’s for his lavish productions & extravagant parties. He has an M-fixation. The names of all his heroines start with M. It is an open secret that all his heroines have had to pay him a visit at his Madh island bungalow to land roles in his much coveted movies. Considering that he was a big shot in the 80’s & 90’s actors didn’t think twice before paying him a visit. There are rumors that a superstar sent his wife over to the director’s bungalow for roles in the director’s movies, when he still gaining a foothold in Bollywood. But since we aren’t sure about the veracity of these rumors we won’t be giving any more hints about this superstar & his wife.
The Showman had a huge brawl with the current reigning superstar of Bollywood. The current reigning star was then dating a world renowned beauty. The Showman met the actor in the rest room of of the venue where a party was hosted. The Showman asked the star to send his GF over to his bungalow for the leading roles in his upcoming movie. This infuriated the star no end & he ended up slapping The Showman director. The Showman director then peed on the star. Ewww! But the star was forced to tender an apology to the director the next day by his father. The actor’s GF then went on star in the director’s next film!

So did she go to Madh island bungalow is the question?

i hope not

Salman did the right thing by slapping him

Let's not insult the woman. This is still abuse of power. So sad Bollywood protects people like this.

Seriously....if there is so much filth in Bollywood, why are people so so desperate to get in. Do you really feel happy with the success if you're treated like an animal?! I had no idea things were so bad!

The girl agreed then this is not metoo

subhash ghai

K Raghavendra Rao....look him up.

Yash Chopra

Actually it was kareena posing for ghai

Raj Kumar Santoshi

I guess none of these men realized that a fully clothed woman could be sexy too..

Oh sanskari ash posed nude in front of ghai!So quick to defame salman through pr tactics when she is not a saint herself.

subhash ghai or rgv..i hope umrila didnt strip for rgv

RGV is never known to be underhanded about sex. He is pretty forthright about his sexual relationships and Suchitra K attested to that. So I doubt he would do that.

Is this exploitation? The women agreed to strip rite?

Mahesh bhatt

Mahesh bhatt

Mahesh bhatt

Mahesh bhatt

"Art" , "Creative vision" & awards make it sound like RGV who was the man in the 90s making movies successfully in different genres.
Subhash Ghai was around from the 80s itself and ran out of steam in the 2000s.

Subhash Ghai!!! This is confirmed...An eyewitness has seen Ash naked ducking to hide under a glass table in Ghai's office as she walked in!!! Known this for years and could not believe it myself!

But Subhash Ghai was huge in the 70s & 80s , the 90s movies were not that great with total duds like Trimurthi while Khalnayak & Taal were not the humongous hits he used to deliver in the 80s. Saudagar & Pardes were his only real hit movies of the 90s after which came the declining 2000s and he was wiped out. RGV did commercial cinema & flirted with a different type of movie too including his Telugu movies.

Subahsh Ghai is a big level sex offender.

Subahsh Ghai should be castarated.

Shekhar Kapoor!

What a sad and dirty world Bollywood is full of filth and money

Subhash ghai..that's why salman slapped him over Aish!

Yet she still worked with that pig and people still bash Salman for slapping him.

Salman and Katrina also worked with him in Yuvraaj.

Name please pinkvilla.

Ram Gopal Varma ?

There are 2 or 3 photos of subhash ghai with aishwarya rai during taal that are a bit creepy if you search in the web..

Subhash ghai

Subhash Ghai. This has been a known secret for years. I'm surprised it keeps being brushed under the rug. There are some people that give you perv vibes. He def has always been one of them

Subash ghai I think..!!turkey Buddha!!who else


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