Guess Who: Actor asks his actress girlfriend to stay away from his ex who is good friends with her

Can you guess who the celebrities in question are?
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Bollywood affairs come and go and with each movie, romance blooming between co-stars is the new trend in town. We came across an interesting blind in DNA of such a couple that piqued our interest. 

This Bollywood couple has been in the news for the longest time for a brewing romance and simultaneously starring in a big movie. However, insecurities are rife for the actor as his girlfriend happens to be close friends with one of his famous ex's who is also an actress. 

The reason for the actor being miffed with this is because there is bad blood between him and the ex who blames the actor for putting an end to their relationship on a bad note. Recently, rumours were rife of an altercation between both the actresses and the actor took advantage of that by revealing some not so good things about his ex to his current flame. 

The actor is also said to have subtly warned his girlfriend to stay away from his ex so as to avoid any issues in their relationship. As they say, all's fair in love and war.

Can you guess who the celebrities in question are? 


I have a strong feeling that RK’s Sanju is going to flop. Teaser, Trailer, song - all seem dull to me.
Does anyone feel the same ?

These politicians and actors make fool of India’s “Bholi Anjali janta” and encash it through votes and box office respectively.
We have to stop being played guys.
Our actions should never get drived by propaganda.

What I feel is that it’s not just RK, it’s Alia’s cleverness too. The way she is giving hints in Aap ki Adalat. She sure knows what she is doing THIS IS A PREMEDITED PLAN GUYS.
Alia ans RK are to be bashed equally.

Negative publicity is also good publicity. Get people talking about u , dats d MANTRA OF BOLLYWOOD.

But no one is gonna go watch the movie though.

Ranbir why are you doing this? It is clear the type of WOMAN you go for, mature, may be even older than you, successful, beautiful etc. Even before movies you used to date older women. Now all of a sudden... Alia??? Who woulda thunk it ? Oh yes, Karan granny!


The fantastic comments about shitty RK, the games he plays and the various players...make it worth clicking on the link. I read the blinds just for the amazing burns and trolling. :))

This is funny and stupid. According to this blind item (which is clearly made up by Nepopapa ) Ranbir asked his fake girlfriend Alia to stop her fake friendship with Katrina. Too much fakeness in one blind

I read some where there is mom that put spinach in every plate. So the kids have to develop a taste for it ! figure it out!,I think it is about Alia, link up with all co stars!

Ranbir will be served a serious hot bowl of KARMA. He has toyed with and hurt so many people. No chance a person like that will have a sweet smooth sailing life. Karma always gets people, she may take her time in some cases but she will get him

PV why not posting!!! stay out of this Kat, none of these ppl RK, Kjo, DP, Alia are good for you, stay out and be happy

Poor Alia

rk could be a great actor but he is not a great guy.

Pathetic KJO
Shameless RK
Desperate AB
Insecure AM
All this just to create buzz around Bramhastra. Honestly even a 5 year old kid will know alia is not ranbirs types. They think people are fools well box office will show you'll your true awkaat

Soooo manyyy comments , this itself proves dat d purpose of this blind item was served . Rk was almost over after roy ,besharam n bombay velvet . Tamasha was avg n adhm was totally crap movie. So rk needed controversies desperately to stay happening, dats y d crossborder fling with mahira n v all know hu leaked their pics n videos ...poor mahira wa9s backstabbed . Rk n alia both r users n alia is not at all dumb ,she is very cunning n knows very well wat she is getting into .

If the purpose of this blind item was to get people to loathe RK and Alia then the purpose of this blind has been served. Most of the comments are hate comments.

Almost all of the comments on Ranbir-Aria pr relationship are negative and people are bashing them. Some are even hoping the film flop. So none of these commentators will go and watch their film, so how is the purpose of the blind served. It created more hate for Alia and Ranbir nothing else.

Still his movies will flop . Mark my words

Wow ranbir is a piece of ****

Ranbir has mer his match in Alia.. DP and Kat are outsiders who have to stay quiet to survive but Alia is an out an out film child with strong parents and an even stronger mentor KJo so if Ranbir tries anything hewill be kicked out.. and thank god DP and Kat albeit late managed to get out this guy's messy life...As for Alia make hay while the sun shines and give it back good to these casanova guys..

Ranbir Kapoor is a MASTERMIND.
His talent is not limited to acting

Ranbir is a player.

Katrina fans bashing Alia here just because she is dating RK . If Katrina and her fans are over RK KAT so why bashed Alia? They have a face to defend katrina breaking RKDP saying she is not the reason, katrina is innocent its Rk now they are bashing Alia who didn't broke RK KAT at all. So what if Katrina is faking to be her BFF? there is no rule or anything that you cant date your BFF EX.

Dear, Ranbir Kapoor- I know you’re reading this. knowing the kind of person you are(I mean Insecure) you would come to PINKVILLA and read all the comments with popcorns. Thanks to your PR and Kjo, people have started taking about you. Now relax, go home and bang Ayaan Mukharjee. This would end soon just like your career.
PV please post my thoughts. I have a right to express my views.

Best kept secret of Bollywood- RANBIR KAPOOR IS GAY.
Rishi Kapoor confirmed it by mistake when he was drunk !

Rishi Kapoor was crying in a party with his school friends about Ranbir’s affair with men. Neetu supports her son in all this drama and publicity stunts.
Neetu Kapoor is over protective of Ranbir because she wants him to have his name linked with all these successful heroines and meets all these girls personally to make sure -the trap is set right!
She can’t see him being a loser in all of this as she is very ambitious.
Rishi hates Neetu for encouraging Ranbir.

Oh the tea!! Where did u get this info from??

Lol. Okay?

Ranbir is a gay that’s why can’t ever stay loyal. His only love is AYAN. need more discussion. join in.

If he is I think it’s really mean to string Kat along for years, move in with her, give her hopes of marriage. I mean you have to be really really heartless to do that.

Ranbir is using all these girls and he will ultimately marry AYAN. So chilllll!

oh alia will make sure she marries him she has been going gaga on him since soty

How can one have such a selfish way of leading life? Ranbir deserves only and only flops nothing more. And Alia please get rid of him, you’re going great till now but this guy will be your undoing.

Now I understand why Ranbir ain’t on social media. People would tear him down like anything for being who he is. How would he ever be able to justify all of this to his “children” (if in future)

is this a blind? or you just forgot to take their names. aliaa-ranbir-deepika

Katrina and alia mutual admiration society...

Girls, there are other man! Why every girls thinks he will be good to them! Find your own happiness!

Alua is not an underdog. Don't forget she comes from the Bhat family. They are masterminds who know how film industry works. Also she's got a powerful mentor, KJo. I am sure she knows exactly what she's getting into.

Oh god! I generally would not judge actors personal lives when I decide to watch a movie BUT these actors do anything for film publicity! I think we then have a right to judge them

Ranbir is truly a trouble creater. He created a tiff and hatred between Kattu and Deepu (they never friends but nor enemies either. Deepu invited akttu on her birthday 2008 and she attended as well) now creating a tiff between Alia and Kattu.

I feel bad for her, her and Deepika were not friends where as Alia is her friend. Hope that movie sinks badly and hope people stop using relationships for movie publicity

Alia and Ranbir deserve each other. He dates top actresses and she plants link up with every co actor to create buzz. Why can't you two rely on your talent, keep your dad personal life shut and believe in your film's scripts. I really don't know how she can date her "so called" good friend's ex BF esp after they had a bad breakup.

Big way of promoting their next movie which is probably going to be a flop- thus, all this!!! And people are actually thinking ranbir and alia are together! Just a casual fling which the makers are using for their advantage!

Holy moly as a deepika fan I’m humongously relieved they broke up early such bad energy around this guy.

Right??? Pheeew even her must be so relieved to be out of this mess. No wonder why she went through that depression phase . Look how he treat these women. He'll make anyone think they are not worthy. Like another commenter said Mahira also because she is too sweet .

kat should also be thanking her lucky stars now and instead of fighting with alia send her some flowers. not only this man but even his family seems to be a hot mess. all these women deserve better

So, agree with you, for deepika and Mahira ,too, ladies some time the universe create break up for better! You all will see it,we already see how on top of the world you all ex's are looking!

Ranbir and alia deserve each other. Both use link-ups to promote themselves both don’t seem to care who they hurt in the process (deepika katrina natasha varun sid). The tragedy is both are good actors ok they are not as huge successes as some others but they could try to retain some self respect?

ranbir kapoor is a douche and though i am not a fan of katrina, I really think its good riddance for her. She already is signing good films now and ranbir alia are going to get a lot of backlash after brahmastra. I can see it coming from miles.

Great that I am not an RK fan. He is an embarrassment. Always chasing successful women to stay relevant. I used to respect his art as an actor, thats why i watched Bombay Velvet but this time. No. I will not watch any of his movies in the cinema to give him any more relevance. He has not changed. I thought failure will humble him but he has become and even bigger schemer. Sorry Rajkumar Hirani but i hope Sanju remains an averge flick just so RK can repent of his maltreatment of women. I have a bigger respect for Deepika and Katrina now...for bearing with this loser.

I want to like this comment 100 times

The only reason to watch a movie should be if the movie is good. People focus too much on personal life of actors. it is just entertainment nothing else. Too many people work on a movie and one person's personal choices should not affect us.

And the Ranbir Alia Katrina saga continues to plod on in it's boring manner (sometimes with a guest appearance from a probably unwilling Deepika) ........

none of his exes are willing for guest appearances in his blinds

....Or any appearance at all in his real life !

that too but unfortunately being in the same profession one has to tolerate annoying coworkers

A lesson Ms Padukone has learnt .

Kat too should show him his place

Alia and ranbir ?

honestly ranbir grow the EFF up you are 36 there is a limit to using ur exes for PR.

Katrina fans are abusing alia .Where were you when kat broke RKDP relationship ? Ab bade usool yaad are hai .Karma served katrina very right

Deepika and Katrina were not friends

Suddenly there are so many news about ranbir .He told deepika and she was happy ,he told alia not to share anything with kat and what not nonsense.Kjo please stop this and ranbir we know that you have got a release soon but stop doing these cheap antics to be in news.Sad

I think...the movie Brahmastra has a weak story line...and the entire crew are feeling a little unsure about its success - and hence all the drama about Rabir-Alia and all this buzz. This is called acting in real life. I hope these guys can differentiate between their real life and real work and not get into a mixed confused zone!

WOW could this get more disgusting. Alia on behalf of your fans we're begging you it's still early please end this and save whatever little dignity you have left

Lol its obvious it is randbir, alia and katrina. One thing i dont understand if this so called sweet innocent alia is dating randbir now wasnt she best friends with katrina? How can she hock up with her ex knowing that he cheataed on her lol

This blind suggest Casanova Ranbir warned Mindless Alia to stay away from Emotionless Kat..cmmn who from this three told you ?

alia is cunning enough to go along with this she is no different thn her bf ranbir here

Now waiting for Katrina to say she is dating Sidharth Malhotra would be a fantastic foursome

I think he is no better than Ranbir. Kat needs to date a man like Ranveer; decent, loving commitment, romantic and fun.

Kat PR already said it many times

Alia dating her bff EX an opportunist and traitor for real. Shame on u Alia

please God make Kat and Sid date, need to happen right now

Im happy im not Ranbir fan he is embarrassing with his pr and treatment he gives to women .. he cares about his image he doesnt care about Kat or Deepika or Mahira

Now it is clear he is the one leaked katrinas pictures in bikin for his besharam movie . He is the one who did all the pr damages in that relationship . And blamed katrina .

I am deepika fan.But i agree this article is from RK's side to shade Kat..On one side he is sharing secrets with Dp and other side he is warning alia to be away from Kat..He really needs his ex gf's to stay in news...Alia's popularity is not helping him..Thank God Dp and Kat are saved

Feel like throwing up with these daily updates. Not going to watch brahmastra.
ONLY person feel bad about is Kat. Can't imagine what she is going thru. She gave 7 years of her life to this relationship, almost gave up on her career & this is what she gets back in return.

Neetu, Ridhima and Rishi all almost accepted Alia ( instagram reply by neetu ,rishi About Bhatt’s in Twitter and ridhima gifting bracelet ).... hate the family yucks.. deepika and Katrina was toooo good for this insensitive people’s... ranbir is nonsense and alia is an cunning girl who acts like an innocent..

Ranbir, Alia and ever scheming Deepika

they're cute together but he will never be faithful to her. i bet alia is just having fun with him tho

I hope that their film flopped for these three players,that like to break other people's heart! RK,Alia and kjo! Flopped human beings!

They releasing this blinds bc Ayan (sniffing) addiction is out of control now...there's no underwear left for Ranbir to wear...yes he roaming around without know guys...;)

KJo and his fake blinds!

They will marry

I am ashamed that I used to be his fan.Thankfully I moved on to Varun after SOTY.

you moved on to Varun after SOTY? Hahaha You crazy fans! XD

Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt. Katrina is his ex.

RK or kjo on a roll, this is what actresses are to them jealous, bringing one down ,to lift another, so already leaked blind,when the leak pics coming! Alia, surely , you can find someone that has not been link up with all the BW!

This is just making Ranbir to look like an insecure person. We don’t need to be friends with Katrina to know what a jerk he is when it comes to relationships. I really hope their relationship is just meant for PR and not a real one or Alia Bhatt is wasting her time and ruining her career with him. Remember how Katrina quit signing movies just to marry him yet got dumped in the end. Even if they end up getting married, the possibility of him cheating on her is extremely high.

It's so obvious...kjo ordered fawad to stay away from hamza...yes yes fawad and hamza used to be an item...

we dont like anti india people like hamza so go find some where else to go gaga over him

What are you smoking dude, fawad is a happily married !

Who’s Hanza?

RK.. Alia.. & Well Deserved Heart broken Kat.

omggg dharma folks, give it a rest. we get it. ranbir and alia are an item. and kat is jealous of the exploding chemistry *rolls eyes* now enough of this daily ranbir-alia drudgery. you're actually turning people OFF bhramastra.

People are already saying that they won't watch the film.

Ranbir is desperate for a hit.He knows that Varun & Ranveer are way ahead of him & doing better than him.He is panicking & thus resorting to these cheap tactics.

Ranbir, Alia, Katrina. Can someone please explain why Ranbir and Kat broke up?

Becasue kat made up rules to not work with exes. she abstained from working with sallu, but ranbir signed films with DP and unlike salman, rk couldn't influence directors to cast his gf in roles. so he did it with jj, where he was producer. kat got insecure whit RK and DP's closeness during the shoot and promotions. besides she was controlling af. he ran away before she could trap him in a marriage

Katrina admitted he cheated on her and he is not straight

Kapoor family treated her like crap. Sad because I think Katrina really loved Ranbir, wasn't just using him like she does with Salman. It was karma, because she used and tossed Salman, and Salman would 100% have stuck with her all the way, maybe have married her.

Karan Johar you are embarrassing.

Ranbir, Alia and his ex is Katrina

Ranbir, Alia and his ex is Katrina

Ranveer singh and deepika.. but very very badly explained article Pinkvilla

Alia and despo for hit film ranbir, remember Alia ,this is how he will be talking about you next,after your break up!

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