Guess Who? Actor doesn't invite this actress for his movie premiere, courtesy his girlfriend

Have you guessed the actor in question?
Guess Who,Guess Who? blinds
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This actor's love life has always been a topic of discussion within the industry as well as the audience. His relationship with his long time sweetheart often made his fans and industry insiders go aww about it. However, when the details of his liaison with this beautiful actress from the sets of their movie came out a few years back when they worked together for the first time, it grabbed a lot of eyeballs. Naturally, that impacted the actor's equation with his girlfriend and things didn't look bright for them on the personal front. 

Stories of their break ups started doing the rounds. Simultaneously, the handsome hunk's closeness with this diva was the talk of the town. Their off-screen chemistry was evident in their on-screen romance and the two became the most bankable and loved couple, of course only on the big screen. During their last film together, the actor and the actress were all mushy about each other, leaving the actor's girlfriend insecure and uncomfortable.

While the reports were rife that the actor has moved on and was happy with the new lady love of his life, things appeared different in last one month. The sexy lad was seen walking hand in hand yet again with his girlfriend and murmurs of his tiff with his actress friend made rounds. A little birdie in the know told us that the girlfriend is back with the actor on one condition - he shouldn't speak to the actress or work with her ever. Needless to say the hero has agreed. 

No wonder, this pretty actress wasn't a part of the special screening of the actor's last release despite being in the same city. What's more? Unlike before, this time, when the lovely lady's film trailer released and created quite an impact, the actor kept mum and refused to comment on it. 

Strange, we say! 

Have you guessed who are we talking about? 

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Typical. Everyone point fingers at Alia, last I checked Varun's the one who's meant to be in a committed relationship. And sorry but zero sympathy for Natasha, she's known for years about varun Alia but she'd rather ostracise Alia than leave varun...

This isn't nice. Alias kept a respectable distance...Varun's the one liking posts about them being connected souls...she shouldn't get dragged into cheap stories like this.

I agree with the person who said that this is similar to the Hr-Suzanne-Kareena love triangle. Very eerily similar. Especially when you consider that both triangles allegedly started on the sets of Dharma movies.

Actually, Hrithik and bebo's relationship started on the sets of yaadein and became a full blown affair whilst on its outdoor shoot.

And seeing how that turned out...wise for varun to end things now with Natasha

Alia is so desperate for Varun, it's so sad to see

Varun, no matter how much you try to portray yourself as a loyal boyfriend, we all know it is a lie.

This is why I can never find varun Natasha genuine...look at how everytime they make an appearance, it's to we've some purpose or to make a point. They literally got spotted like that at the screening just to show Alia wasn't there

Oh please she was doing a live streaming during the movie October to find out about how people enjoyed watching the raazi trailer.. people don’t pop up with shit idea because it tickles your fancy

Kjo ordered fawad to stay away from hamza...poor him fawad used and will throw him so soon...but fawad and hamza so hot together...

hahahahahahaha.... Fawad and Hamza. This is probably the best guess.. whoever you are, this is brilliant

Have you lost your mind, troll,fawad and humza are normal man,actors, nothing to do with BW,or this post!

Bahahaha Alia is beautiful and sexy? Varun is handsome? What a joke neither have ever been called those words!

yup kjo wont rest until his fav gets what she wants. Hon natasha get rid of him hes likely to cheat in future anyway

They are not good looking or sexy. And we are not interested in same gossip every year. Give us a break.

The never ending love triangle between Alia,Varun and Natasha..

Shushant and kriti

alia isn't beautiful! sorry but those are the facts

Hello kjo for your fav you won't stop playing with other's lives especially outsiders . Typical

Hahhhaaaaa No one goes aww about varun and
Natasha more like he gets trolled for dating her!

Well looks like alia hasn’t really missed out on anything special since the films not all that..wierd how he likes post related to her anyways it was so obvious they liked each other but varun being varun needs to b the “good guy” ended up putting up with his gf so let him be who cares alia is doing her own thing busy shooting and promoting her films. why write these articles to create more awkwardness from both sides?

Reminds me of Suzy-HR-Kareena! Same story, different era.

If you have to ban your bf from talking to another girl than it's not the girl you have to get rid of it's the bf. This Natasha has no backbone

varun -handsome? alia-diva? lol
maybe it's varun and jacqueline?

the tradition of tailoring blinds based on some event that has happened a day ago continues. They are just made up to align with some controversial issue to keep the rumors going.

ROFL Varun dawan didn't invite Alia bhat(Floped october premiere) courtesy his girlfriend Natasha Dalal

That’s right Natasha... stand your ground and don’t put up with Alia and her lack of clear boundaries.

is it really varun? the post kept saying 'handsome' and 'sexy hunk' its really misleading. varuns team must have put this out themselves at the expense of the women in his life. no respect at all for his girlfriend or his 'friend'.

It’s Aunty Kjo’s blind hence “beautiful” Alia ( when we all know she is not), “handsome,sexy” varun ( when he is neither) . Kjo has the iq of a retarted teenage girl

And nobody goes awww over him and Natashaas stated in this blind item. Definitely released by his own PR team.

Varun's love life is a huge circus.

But both Alia & Natasha were present at the screening of Judwaa2.

They try to make that Alia is in love with him when she flirts with Ranbir, Sidharth, shahid..etc and he cheated on his gf with every co-star

Can't blame Natasha for asking Varun to keep away from Alia . Plenty of legally wedded wives in the same boat have done exactly the same thing - Gauri Khan & Twinkle Khanna over Priyanka . The other lady in the picture should also keep it professional when she knows it's causing trouble at home for the man ,not keep hovering around the fellow. As for Varun , if
he's in a conflict about his emotions for Natasha it's much better to seperate right now & let her get on with her life rather than get married,have kids & then cheat with just about any other woman (not necessarily Alia) .

Agree natsha should focus on work and life and don't settle for confused man . Alia should keep it professional your relationship gets respect when you that respect to others relationship.

But Varun has been cheating on Natasha for a long time with Alia & she knows that.Not inviting her to the screening is not going to change anything.

That's precisely what I said . If he's off Natasha for whatever reason the relationship is doomed anyway . He may be feeding Natasha a pack of lies which the poor girl badly wants to believe . There's no point in prolonging the relationship due to emotional blackmail or concerns that he's going to look like a heartless jilt at the end of it. If the relationship is not working out , he will cheat with anyone at all - a wedding ring never stopped an actor!

This comes up every year. Same story with the same people. Natasha get in your head, no matter how much he promises varun isn't stopping working with Alia. Walk away

They try to make that Alia is in love with him when she flirts with Ranbir, Sidharth, shahid..etc and he cheated on his gf with every co-star

varun and alia

One thing Varun is not handsome and Alia not diva and they are not lovers


Varun and Alia

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