Guess Who: This actor wants his actress-girlfriend to quit acting and get married

Can you guess who the Bollywood couple in question is?
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Marriage is on Bollywood's mind these days as Sonam Kapoor joins the brigade of newlyweds. It looks like the wedding bug has stung an actor who wants to settle down but does his better half feel the same way?

We came across a blind on DNA that intrigued us and will leave you curious as well.

This actor in question just had a recent super hit movie with his ladylove. Given the reaction to the pair, many flocked to pair them together in future films but it does not look like it is happening soon. 

The reason is that the actor doesn't want his girlfriend to continue acting as he plans to marry. He would much rather she quit now instead of quitting after marriages.

However, the actress is in no rush to get hitched. A major part of her decision could lie in the fact that she has bagged a big-budget film in the South which is heavily focused on her character.

Can you guess who the Bollywood couple in question is?


Work. If he is the right person, he'll be around.


Fawad and Kjo...
Fawad is so jealous of Kjo talent and act powers...he asked him to quit acting to marry him...though he won't...that's why Kjo said lately I am a flop actor to keep the offers away especially from Hollywood...

Wrong Guess troller

For your information troll, Fawad is married ,has kids and you obviously trying to spread hate n lies about him all the time,your efforts are not appreciated

If he wanted a homely girl, why did he even date Disha in the first place? That woman is as much attention seeker as Malaika with her revealing clothes lol

No women should quit her job... she needs to be financially secured first and more than anything her in laws will drive her mad if she stays at home... talking from experience

Mrs Shahid Kapoor take note:p

I totally second tht . Not just the inlaws ur husband nd children will also do tht... seasoned! !!

Why do people say it is woman's decision to work or not to work? Who will pay the bills if she decides not to work? Woman should always work. That is should be the only option. Please do not give examples of loving couples where the wife chose to stay home. In overwhelming majority of cases, stay-at-home spouse is depressed, has self esteem issues, and is prone to volatile emotions.The default option is for both partners to work outside of the home.

Spot on

Tiger did say he wanted a village wife to give him a massage after he returns home . This statement could also be inter related to the chaos at home with the father's affairs & the mother's affair with that fellow (don't remember his name) . Maybe he just wants a simple girl far away from the showy socialite crowd though he needs to rephrase his words better ! Disha can always go away if she doesn't agree ( as nobody likes someone dictating to them).

Husband is slb n that gf is ranveer

Ranbir deepika

Run Disha Run. Not worth it !!

Jeez, Disha is barely 25? Why is Tiger in such a hurry? Looks like baaghi 2 has gone to his head. I sure hope disha dumps his sorry ass and finds someone better. Girl, don't put your life on hold just because your bf wants it.

What is wrong if a man wants a housewife .... My mother was a housewife, and She and Dad have a terrific relationship, even after 45 years. ..... There are many women who give up work after marriage.... not because they are forced, but because they want to.... Nothing wrong in that.

There is nothing sexist/feminist in Men desiring a house-wife or a career oriented wife.

These things should be cleared out before marriage.

But men forcing a women to stay at home and give up job.... or men forcing women to work.... is where the problem is. The forcing is the issue.

I agree that nobody should be forced into a career by a husband (though necessity may dictate here) or be demeaned for being a home maker . But the previous generation of women may not be the right parallel here as they were brought up to be home makers & mothers . Check out our grandmothers ;they excel in cooking , sewing, crocheting,knitting & all other feminine accomplishments which today's generation doesn't have to that level . Education & a job was never a priority for them. This generation of girls are highly qualified & super ambitious ,they feel stagnated when they don't use the brain God gave them & to be independent . The mindset varies according to the generation !

Absolutely sensible comment. It has to do with how the woman’s personality is developed and how society has set up the gender role at that point in time. My mother was a working woman but didn’t exercise any freedom anytime. She is very regressive in thought whereas my father was very progressive. He sent her to college after marriage and motivated her to work and he used to say he still failed to change her mind. My mil is not even a graduate, never worked but ran everything in life including investments. My FIL would give her entire salary and Take pocket money along with his kids. My parents had a disfunctional marriage and my in laws had a peaceful and loving one. Marriage works based on the chemistry between husband and wife. A career woman is just as successful in it as a non career woman based on her own personality. But the changing times makes it desirable that a woman is independent financially, intellectually and emotionally

Rakhi sawant and salman

Nay, wrong guess!


Tiger and Disha. I don't think Ranveer will stop Deepika from working. He is too cool to do that.

This can't be about RS and DP. DP is not doing any South movies. Also they both signed Maneesh Sharma's next. It will be announced in a couple of weeks.

Tiger n disha

Tiger n disha

Tiger n disha

Tiger Shorff and Disha Patani. Disha signed a big budget Tamil period film. Not a surprise after his sexist interview. He wanted a housewife who would cook for him and clean after him.

Tiger and Disha...disha has got recently a big film in south

Ranbir Alia

Tiger shroff- disha pathani

Disha and tiger

its not DP coz she has not bagged the film in South

Tiger and Disha. Beware Tiger Disha is one very opportunist lady.

Tiger disha

Tiger disha

Tiger and disha

Tiger and Disha

Tiger and Disha...Pisces guys usually go for homely in point Shahid

omg is katrina salman!

Shraddha -Farhan. Shraddha is doing Saaho with Prabhas..

Dp is not doing any south movies.

Shraddha Kapoor and Farhan Akhtar. The south movie is Saaho.

Tiger Disha. The movie is sangamitra

Shraddha -Farhan. Shraddha is doing Saaho with Prabhas..

Dp is not doing any south movies.

Shraddha -Farhan. Shraddha is doing Saaho with Prabhas..

Dp is not doing any south movies.

Tiger and Disha
Hit movie - Baaghi 2
Tiger had once mentioned that he wants a housewife who takes care of him once he comes home from work...PV plz post

Deepika wasn't offered a movie in the south. So not her. Shraddha with saho?

Tiger Disha??

Ranveer- Deepi


Shraddha Kapoor

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