Guess Who: This actor wants his sister to break up with her boyfriend

This actor's sister is dating a producer's son and this seems to be one of the reasons for this actor to say no the sequel of a film. Can you guess who the actor and the producer are? Leave your guesses in comments.
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We came across an interesting blind item in a leading daily. Can you guess who it is about?

This leading actor who was a part of a comedy film has said NO to working in the film’s sequel. The first part of the film was definitely not a blockbuster but had tickled the audience’s funny bones. However, the actor has not said No to the film due to date issues or for that matter, script issues. The reason is sure to surprise you.

The actor is miffed with the producer of the film. He wants the film producer who himself is a big name in the industry to make sure that his son stays away from the actor’s sister.

Well, the young lovebirds have been dating for quite a while now without a care in the world. The actor’s sister and producer’s son are in a steady relationship, much to the dismay of the actor who has now been seeking the producer’s help. He wants them to stop romancing, but are the lovebirds listening?

Let us know your guesses in comments..

Credits :Mumbai Mirror


Malika is not young

Arjun Kapoor, Anshula Kapoor and Mubarakaan producer son

Finally! ding ding ding

This blind is a misdirect on purpose. They have intentionally omitted a very crucial detail from this story as it would then becomes very obvious.
The key detail is the "in-law" part from the actor's "sister" bit.
Actor: Salman
Sister-in-law: Maliaka Arora
Producer: Boney Kapoor
Producer's son: Arjun Kapoor
Comedy Film: No Entry
Sequel: No Entry 2

Why would Salman care about who Malaika dates, she is not his sister, her divorce has been finalized, they are all middle aged grown adults.

Arjun kapoor

Abhishek, sweta. Hritikh

Tiger shroff. but who is the producer son? baaghi 2 in consideration.

Huma and her brother? I can't thin of any other brother-sister duo.


For once, the comments show that everyone is clueless

huma's brother?
who else is brother sister?

Deepika and Ranveer



Abhishek bachchan

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