Guess Who: Actress gives 6 reasons to her superstar-friend to cast her in his next

This leading lady messaged a superstar 6 reasons why he should consider her for his next film. One reason out of the six is peculiar. Can you guess who this actress is?
Guess Who,guess who
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Bollywood is truly a world that surprises us with each passing day. We hear stories about celebrities that sometimes make us wonder - ‘really? she/he said that?’ Similar is the case about this beautiful actress and her conversation with her superstar friend.

While she does have films with other filmmakers and stars in her kitty, a big ticket movie with this superstar is an opportunity that no one wants to miss. And when you have the direct access of messaging the star and requesting him to cast you, it definitely is a cake walk! What’s better? The star was on a look out for a leading lady, after the sudden exit of the film’s heroine.

Before all of you jump to the conclusion about who the actress is, let us tell you, the actress we are talking about isn’t the name that you are assuming!

The actress in question did put in a word but couldn’t bag the project. While we don’t know the real reason for her not being able to do the movie, what we found surprising yet interesting is the way she approached the superstar for it. Sources in the same circle revealed to us that the pretty lady dropped a text to the superstar friend listing six reasons that makes her perfect to be cast as the leading lady of his movie.

The first five reasons didn’t catch our attention. But the sixth reason has our eyes rolling, with the actress taking a pot shot at a certain someone (read manager) who would be jealous with their collaboration!

Clearly, the superstar wasn’t interested in playing these mind games and decided to go with the second universal choice for his much awaited film. 

As for this actress, we are hoping she has a better way to demand work, the next time! Meanwhile, have you guessed whom are we talking about?!


Dp devi

Shabana Azmi

Alia.... Reshma Shetty is manager to Siddharth Malhotra. I guess she wanted to make Sid jealous.

Priyanka Chopra replaced by Katrina Kaif shows that the role is pretty lame

How do you people know so much? like who manages who?

Clearly we don't know enough to guess the main point of the blind, which is the actress. But Salman and his manager was like a public falling out. But I don't know who else she manages; Deepika, Alia, Sonakshi, Jacky, etc.

I'm sure it's Kareena. I'm sure Priyanka dropped out because the role was insignificant. It's like when Aishwarya dropped out of Heroine due to her pregnancy. When people saw the film, they realized that story was no Fashion, Chandni Bar or even Corporate and she lucked out.
Unfortunately Kareena prefers insignificant roles in big films which makes sense.

Sonakshi or Jacqueline


Kareena Kapoor Khan or Karisma Kapoor


it is Deepika lol

This sounds like an actress who knows Salman reasonably well enough to send him feelers directly (& there is nothing wrong in going for it ). Did Reshma ever manage Kareena at any point of time? DP appears to be cooling things for the shaadi . It's an actress who is not that very successful or busy & who also has an axe to grind with the Shetty lady .

Well said. I really enjoying reading your comments :)

Thank you . I really haven't a clue about who this lady is though .

aishwarya, thats why she is sendinf feelers in interview about how he did not accept slb villain role and she lost movies

Nah, this is salman's movie so I don't think she wants to be a part of this.

Probably not Kareena cuz she already had Takht and Good news and wouldn't wanna take up more work cuz of taimur.... Sounded like Katrina but Kat bagged the role.... Jacky?

It's Sonakshi Sinha. And just look AT Instagram she's unfollowed Katrina on Instagram when Kat was annouced as the lead actress for Bharat. And we all know that Sona is that kind of girl to do a list like that. Kareena is stratégique but not like that and Jacqueline has other project. Obviously this is Sonakshi.

Definitely Sonakshi. The Instagram un-follow is very telling especially because she was following her during the Dabangg Tour just a few weeks ago!!

Its a known fact that Fawad MASSAGING dirocters and producers to get roles...he even promise to do some erotic dance for them...

Salman is a grown man now in his 50's who by the sounds of it just wants to focus on his work. After the flak he received for casting actors who were more his friends the last thing he is going to do is cast a heroine just to wind up a manager, how immature is this lady.

Jacky? Kareena loves such flower pot roles so won't be surprising if it's her.

DP’s superstar friend is SRK not Salman and she hasn’t announced any films nor does she have ‘direct access’ to Salman. Kangana and most others have no dates, it was mentioned here on PV that this would’ve been a great opportunity for Kareena. This sounds like Kareena because she has announced a couple of other projects and does have the dates for this movie too (since the others don’t start yet).

No way is it bebo,it's either sonakshi or Jacqueline

Jacqueline? Lazy kareena would message 6 reasons? Hard to believe. Lol

Bharat (film)
Salman(super star who don't like dirty mind game)
Reshma Shetty( ex manager of Salman)
KatrinA( universal 2nd choice)
Kareena Or jacky( tried to call and get the role)

Bebo or DP

Preity Zinta

Personally I don't care who the actress is since the film is being made with someone else..what I do care about is that finally they admit that Salman is NOT interested in playing mind games and honestly I don't think he ever was and that is what makes him an easy target because he doesn't play those dirty games like others...I know he's not perfect but I've always sensed that he's different (in a good way) than others but now I know he is...

"The actress has films with other filmakers"---- Deepika dosent have any film with any other filmakers announced. It has to be Kareena. She fits the blind.

Looks to me like its Kareena..I don't think Deepika has direct access to Salman Khan and is close enough...Seems like its Kareena....Pinkvilla, any clue ??


Jaqueline has not got any films other than yet to finalise some films. She has got Kick2 already released in next year.

Bharat. Text to Salman. Manager Salman hates is Reshma Shetty. Reshma manages Athiya and Kiara Advani. She used to manage Alia in 2017. Not sure if she still is?

Wait, so Alia messaged Salman?

Jacqueline ??


Salman and Bharat. He choose Katrina, so she is the "second universal choice". The reason to make them jealous would be pissing off Reshma Shetty and Priyanka. I can't help feeling DEEPIKA? She would want to upset PC, they've always been bigger rivals than Katrina and Priyanka. Deepika or Kareena, they were the only two available for this role, it's not like Anushka or Kangana or anyone had dates.

Deepika is not managed by Reshma.

But I doubt deepika considers Salman her “superstar friend”? Would have made sense if it was srk but deepika has never been in Salman’s inner circle. Who does reshma have a problem with?

I am going to go with Kareena.. But honestly, just because I feel like she is ready to now flaunt her confidence with her new body .

Wow so this whole shit says something about 6 reasons and DOESNT mention ANY of them. The film is Bharat and who the ef knows who the actress is.

Aish ??

She haven't talked to him for 20 years... Pretty sure they are not even acquaintances at this point.

Deepika devi

Nooooo.. who is it ????


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