Guess Who? This actress sides with her marketing managers upsetting the director of her upcoming movie

Can you guess the actress and director in question?
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Those days are not far away when we will see the marketing managers and talent managers teaching the directors how to shoot a film. The recent case in point is that of a marketing manager of a production house who was spotted adjusting lights on a film set of a movie that is being shot abroad. The reason she got away with it was that the manager happens to be very `close' to the head honcho of the company who has given her a free hand.

The entire unit is apparently so upset with her, but to add to the ordeal, the actress who also keeps making changes and fighting with the director has gone ahead and sided with the manager instead of the creative people on the set. One just hopes that the film remains the same as planned given the number of interferences. 


When a woman start interefe too much...Thats a sad truth but a reality..

Katrina running gangs of Hindustan

Like Donald Trump will say.......Fake news

Mental Hai Kya, everything about this movie looks interesting, strong cast, love the behind scenes, Kangan style and fashion is on fire....sorry fake blind

That masti on sets looks so fake. There should be a movie on what goes on making this movie with the stars staging pics for social media. Kangana is opinionated, tell us something we don’t know.

Guess what!!! Kjo strikes again!!

Fake blind!

This is Kangana.. known for her interference in all her movies..

movie is Mental Hai Kya

Abroad Location - London

And the head honcho of the production company :Ekta Kapoor of Balaji Motion Pictures

Kangana strikes again...

HAHA there are many pics & videos, where she is doing masti with film director, producer, writer AND writer kanika (directors wife, who is involve with creative team) shared her personal account, ALL ARE BLIND.

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