Guess Who: This actress is tolerating physical abuse because she is madly in love

This actress is so in love with this arrogant actor that she has been tolerating his abusive behavior. The actor is also known to have flings with his co-stars, however she has turned a blind eye to this.
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This actress is madly in love with this actor, so much so that she is tolerating his bad behavior. She fell in love with him during the shoot of their film and now this actress is so crazy about him that she does not mind him having a fling here & there and she is happy that he comes back to her. We had heard about the actor's fling with this newcomer. The actress seemed to be disturbed with his affair, but she apparently doesn’t mind it at all.

Now, we hear that the actor has started raising his hands on her and this actress, who has played liberated characters in her films is bearing with this arrogant star.

Can you guess this actor-actress? Let us know in comments.


Hrithik & Yami... Yami is obssessed with Hrithik & tried to defend him in the Kangana episode with her long letter...moreover, she's trying hard for Krish 4.

Don't know who but this guy is so lucky to have such lover...

Shraddha and Farhan

if u have read previous blind items there is preffix like upcoming actress, super star, non mainstream, successful, from film family, all i can say is Deepika/ Ranveer is not just actress or actor, they are definitely Stars and after Padmaavt they are inching close to super stars

Malaika and arjun forsure

No man is worth suffering physical abuse for.

I think its arjun malaika we heard of arjuns linkup wid aathiya...,

Deepika for sure!
The blind suggests actress, who has played liberated characters in her films....DP.
Kriti hardly exists in the industry and has not played any liberated characters.
DP should throw him out of her life.

Does Deepika look like a person who will put up with physical abuse. When Karni goons were threatening her with beheading and nose cutting she stood up against them. I don't think a person like that will put up with physical abuse from a bf. Also the boyfriend in the blind is described as arrogant. Ranveer is never described or known to be arrogant. And he has not worked with a newcomer in recent times. This can't be about them..

but Ranveer is not 'arrogant' as the blind suggests.

Hrithik Yami

Aishwarya Rai

Alia rk ?

Its surely deepika and ranveer

If it is true, it's good to expose....but if it is not, it's a terrible thing to do to man's reputation.

Pulkit + Yami

Ranveer and dp

Deepika for sure dp

Deepika n ranveer singh

Dp n rs for sure

Sid n Alia

Kriti is so insecure... why all these fake blinds girl?!

Rekha and Taimur !!

Lollllll love this comment

You are one crazy person.huh

What is suspicious is that there are way too many blind items about Sushant.

There hasn't been anything positive about SSR from the time he joined the industry. I highly doubt any celebrity felt threatened by his presence from that early on! These stories could be true but yeah, he tends to get a lot of negative feedback, more than any actor which is a little weird considering that Bollywood is full of weirdos.

I do not remember him featuring in the blind section in 2013-15 . What did you read about him from that time?

Deepika and Ranveer Singh!

if its kriti&sushant..did he really have an affair with sara..??

This blind is a bit unclear, so let's not make assumptions. This is a serious thing if true.

Kriti Sanon wants to keep SSR to herself so she is putting out these blinds making him look like the worst boyfriend. She wants the women to stay away from him!


no idea who this could be. sounds like a fake blind.

My God hope this is a fake blind. C'mon girl don't tolerate him!

I am not a fan of SSR and hes actually quite annoying sometimes, but as an actor I think he's really good...but someone is out to get him? I doubt he'd do anything like beating a girl considering he was in the same spot with Ankita....he may be annoying and high-headed and showing up to parties hes not invited to...but this is hitting below the belt! Let these outsiders breathe people....give them a bit of a break and dont believe these rumors blindly, the industry doesn't want them in the first place and its harder for them to make it if their image is tarnished. with all that said...if this is true then honestly whoever this woman is needs to leave the relationship doesn't hurt!

I dont like SSR either, but it does seem like someone indeed is out to get him . My guess is that its Ankita, because he broke her heart and left her when he became famous. And hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Which party did he go to uninvited?

With Ankita, it didn't seem he could have been like that and she was more dominant too. Something might have changed after the stardom. If it's him, the girl should run as far from him.

What's the deal with SSR? He isn't a great looker. Is a decent actor but doesn't have a superstar father or uncle backing him up. He still keeps getting movies despite not having a good box office record. Someone as stunning as Kirti Sanon is willing to put up with his philandering ways and physical abuse if the blind is to be believed. There is another blind about him flirting with a star wife. What's his deal really? He must be really good in bed. That's the only thing i can think of!

Actually his desi boy type lean n thin tall n dark look is being appreciated by many and he only shoots movies none of his film gets a release date

Farhan and Shraddha. He is shooting with Kiara advani for a film and she is the new comer. This is what I think.

Someone is really trying to tarnish Sushant's image.Feel really sorry for him as he is talented and a self made person who made it on his own unlike some nepo kids who dont even know the meaning of struggling.Keep going Sushant

farhan & shraddha

farhan & shraddha

Kriti is another Kat. She started affair with SSR when he was with Ankita. She deserves some of this. But please woman eventhough your career is not going big guns, get away from this toxic relationship.


Dp n rs n alia is young actres


Akshay and Alia.

Dunno who this is ,but lady please stay away from this man & don't make excuses for his behavior .


I am beginning to believe it now, someone is out to get Sushant, so many different attacks on him; that Amrita and fam don't like him, that he's a druggie, that he's become a diva, and now he's cheating AND beating his GF?!?! No way. All fun and games until he was nominated next to everyone, Aamir, Amitabh, Salman, SRK, for best actor. Now, they will try to bring him down. Too bad, now I will support. These PR tactics always do the opposite of what you want.

Oh well then do watch all his interviews to see how ARROGANT Sushant is....I used to like him earlier for he was so humble but stardom has seriously taken a toll on him.....Such ARROGANCE?As for his flirty nature, have seen his party videos too.....From being his Fan i now have started to HATE this guy........btw, the blinds are all true....i know inside scoops ;)

yes but i believe it all started from the day he opened his mouth to speak against the owner of the most accomplished film production house of bw.

I don't think he is like that.

Deelika and ranveer... Lol. Young actress Alia

Dp n rs

All the actresses who have debuted in the last 10 years are independent and intelligent. Even Sonam.. she may not be the brightest but she will take a stand for herself. So who’s this actress going the Aishwariya way?

We have not heard anything about Sara flirting with her co-star. In fact, it has been the other way, around, Karan has trying to spread rumors for Janhvi. So, no, this shouldn't be about her. Sara seems very professional.

Agree I saw Sara more interesting with Sid in Virushka wedding than in all entire shoot with Ssr

Kriti giving out blinds to gain sympathy

Yup has to be Sushant...his insta bio is 'neurotic imposter'...and look at Kriti's story on insta..u can tell how sad her eyes looks..... DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!! Ek lappar lagao kaan k neeche saley ko! Dimagh theek hojaye Ga!! :@:@:@

The blind say an arrogant actor- most blinds about SSR describe him as arrogant.

So just because his Insta bio is a bit different from most other superficial celebs that's your proof that he is violent? Lol. He called himself an imposter because it's an actor's job to pretend to be other people. To live and breathe those characters' lives. Simple it is not rocket science lol. And all of us are a bit neurotic. We all have a bit of madness in us. So what? You seriously couldn't understand that?

Rekha and Amitabh. Newcomer is Rakhi Sawant.

You are no longer a victim, you are now an enabler.

You are no longer a victim, you are now an enabler.

Who ever she is, get out of this relationship, it will only get worse!

Fawad is so hot tempered...and so violent...but kjo is madly in love with him...I hope he realise that fawad is using him...

What rubbish to bring fawad name here

Actor and actress: Sushant and Kriti
The clue being actor with a newcomer: no other actor is working with a newcomer except for Sushant and Varun. But Varun's gf is not an actress so that leaves only Sushant who is working with Sara Ali Khan in Kedarnaath..

which of kriti's character is liberated?

Bareilly Ki Barfi. Can't say about her other roles coz I haven't seen them

Kriti's role in bareilly ki barfi can be considered liberated..

Kriti's role in bareilly ki barfi can be considered liberated..

Sushant and Kriti haven't met each other in 3 weeks and he is shooting away in Chambal. How the hell is he allegedly "hitting" her from miles away? With his superpowers? And Kriti has never ever shown any signs of discomfort. There were never any rumors of him hitting Ankita either but rumors of Ankita slapping him. Should I believe that? Also there were zero rumors of him having a fling or anything with Sara because they never ever hung out outside of the sets. Honestly these cheap below the belt attacks on him are really getting disgusting. If you hate him for whatever reason because of your own prejudice and biases fine but why stoop low? I can't imagine any educated person with even half a brain writing such trash. How is this sick news entertaining? Pinkvilla please post this unless you only care for one sided opinions.

Could it be Rajkumar Rao and Patralekha?

Actor and actress: Sushant and Kriti
The clue being actor with a newcomer: no other actor is working with a newcomer except for Sushant and Varun. But Varun's gf is not an actress so that leaves only Sushant who is working with Sara Ali Khan in Kedarnaath.

sushant and kriti. but did he have a fling with sara?

Oh please Sushant is like Sara's driver.

I am sure Sushant is better looking than you both inside and out. And it's not like Sara is a stunner or beauty queen so God knows what you are trying to say...but thanks for exposing how poor your upbringing was

Ranveer and deepika....omg
Pls deepu come out of this hell safely ; you'll find someone you loads

Actor and actress: Sushant and Kriti
The clue being actor working with a newcomer: no other actor is working with a newcomer except for Sushant and Varun. But Varun's gf is not an actress so that leaves only Sushant who is working with Sara Ali Khan in Kedarnaath.

Actor bf:Sushant
Newcomer he is working with: Sara Ali Khan

My thought is Kriti.

Sushant + kriti

Yes Kriti and Sushant I think.

Sushant never had any affair with any co-star of his as the title suggests.

Why don’t u tell us !!!

Cant be Ranbir, Ranveer, Varun since they are not working/have recently worked with newcomers. Arjun, Aditya, Sid worked with rumored gfs, but those relationships are done. Is it Sushant and Kriti? They worked together and now he's working with Sara?

I would've thought so too except that Kriti hardly plays liberated characters.

She did in Bareilly ki barfi (woman running away from social stereotypes of marriage). In Raabta she played a chef. Dilwale also was a "modern" liberated character.

Yea but Kriti seems least interested in SSR atleast during Raabta..

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