Guess Who: Beverage brand upset with a star for flaunting rival brand’s merchandise

A beverage brand a star endorses is rather upset with him for flaunting the merchandise of a rival brand. Can you guess who the actor is?
Guess Who,guess who
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This young star is charming, talented and has delivered his career best performance in a film this year. Companies line up to sign this handsome actor as the face of their brand. However, a beverage brand he endorses is rather upset with this actor for flaunting the merchandise of a rival brand. The actor was caught sporting a rival brand’s clothing. Since he is also a style icon and makes a statement with his fashion choices, the brand is not happy about it.

The brand in question has expressed their displeasure to the actor’s team. They have informed his team that they may re-think their decision before going ahead with renewing the contract with the actor if he is spotted in public again wearing any merchandise of the rival beverage brand.

Can you guess who the actor is?

Let us know your guesses in comments!


Maybe Karthik Aaryan

Not a clue who this is but if this's about any well known actor , he'd definitely have been paid a pretty substantial amount of money to promote the brand. It's unprofessional to show off the competitor's merchandise (even if it was unwittingly done) and offer the rival free publicity.

RK was wearing a rival brand shirt on Brahmastra set

Ranbir is not young .he is almost 40 years old

Ranveer is sporting not adidas

How can it be Ranbir when the blind says "young"? RK is almost 40. He's Kareena's generation, just 2 years apart.

how is he handsome or a fashion icon? okay ranbir

Ranbir Kapoor was seen wearing rival beverage brand logo t-shirt.

true, but ranbir isn't young!! he is 36!

as compared to majority stars i.e Khan, kumar, devgun, roshan etc

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