Guess Who: This Bollywood diva cannot stand her younger cousin

Can you guess who the cousins are in the blind?
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Family means everything to us and that saying is true for Bollywood stars as well... or not!

We came across an interesting blind in a leading daily that got our tongues wagging. 

A Bollywood actress who is known for her kindness and is always compliments galore for everyone cannot stand her young cousin. 

But what could be the reason? Well, that remains a mystery. Apparently, the diva bitched about her cousin to rank outsider without too much provocation. 

Maybe an argument between the sisters took place on the down low which reignited old wounds. 

Can you guess who the cousins are? Let us know in the comments below.


Y can't sonam stand janhvi, article is about previous wounds, but y would a grown up women can't stand a teenager.

Fewer reasons to believe that its priyanka and parineeti because they arent clashing, or werent offered a movie together and also it were a personal fued, she wouldnt have openly berated her. It could be sonam and her cousins, kareena and her cousins, kajol and rani...

Even sonam and her cousins aren’t clashing or offered movie together, same goes with kareena.

Karan plz clear me ,,whom you are talking about
Jhanvi - sonam or Priyanka- prineeti??

Sonam cried a lot in Mona Kapoor's funeral she was probably close to her. Maybe its sonam and jahnavi..the write up talks about old issues.

hey even sonam cried a lot at srijis funeral, u can see her during state honours, and no media is allowed inside, so u can't say that she was emotional or not. Its a different thing with srijis demise as it took 4 days for funeral and thr will be a limit, even if they want to cry, they can't.

Kapil sharma and Vivek oberoi

Why is Priyanka jealous about Pari? She's not doing that well

Diva knowing for her kindness:Ranbir Kapoor...
Bitching about his cousin :Kareena Kapoor to Kjo...
The reason and the old wounds: bc she keeps on stealing his thongs and push up bras...

It came after PC being finalized for Bharat. No point for guessing it's Kat PR. Publish it pv

Master of all blinds is dp’s pr and not kjo! There have been reports about same

Ok, we believe you kjo.. lol

Young cousin? Jhanavi .. diva sonam

i think Kind actress is Deepika and
younger cousin is Jaya Bachan (thats probably a wrong spelling)

Sonam & Jhanvi or PC about any of the Chopra cousins - Parineeti , Mannara & Meera .

Actress known for kindness - NONE. Fake.

Cant guess! Dont agree with the first line though. Most people have problems with their family members not only in bollywood

This has to be the king of all fake blinds. KJo where are you hiding? What? It was Ranbir's aunties? Oboi, whoever, I can't see Pari and PC at odds

PC and Pari

Sonam Kapoor and Jahnvi

A Bollywood actress who is known for her kindness and is always compliments galore for everyone - Sonam and kind??? looool

PC is not known for kindness!! So its not her...

It's not Kajol and Rani this time. Thank the good Lord

Someone (KJO?) trying to trash Priyanka and Pari.

Kajol vs Rani

PC jealous of Parineeti! This is so typical of a Leo not to let anyone else shine except herself. There was a similar situation with Leo sunshine Kajol who was jealous of Rani Mukherjee and could not stand her..

Do your research before bashing PC and Kajol. PC's sign is Cancer (DOB 18th July). It's Kajol that is Leo (DOB 5th August). PC and Gauri ironically are the same sign

Gauri is a Libran !!

gauri is a libra October 8th

Gauri is Libra. Do your research first before telling others. Gauri was born on October 8.

I don't agree. If Kajol was concerned about Bollywood success over her cousin, she would have taken up more films instead of getting married and starting a family. It's common knowledge that Kajol was rejecting film offers after marriage and some went to Rani.

I think Kajol and Rani just had personal differences. I highly doubt it was related to Bollywood success as Kajol was more focused on her family than films at the time Rani was on top. Rani's competitors were Priety and Aish

Please shut up! When Rani was the reigning queen, Kajol was trying for a baby and didn't care about her career.

Pc and parineeti cos pari is really annoying and dumb

real PC behind the screens

Fake blind

Priyanka and Parineeti

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