Guess Who: Bollywood heartthrob CAUGHT doing THIS in the washroom!

Can you guess who this Bollywood actor is?
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The actor is much loved and has maintained a friendly rapport with everyone in the industry. However, a huge revelation at a recent event will probably cause him much embarrassment in the days to come. That's right, our star attended an event recently. Amidst the press conference, the actor excused himself for a loo break. However, he took a good 45 minutes to return, leaving the media exasperated. And what was the heartthrob up to in the washroom for so long?

Well, we know it's not polite to ask this, but our actor was apparently NOT answering nature's call. He was instead, SNORTING, is what an inside source revealed to us! Now, what do you think of that? Can you guess who this Bollywood actor is? Maybe it is not who you think it is!

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The blind leading the blind. Will tomorrow feature that transgender-triangle scoop i'm making-up in my head right now? grab your popcorn trolls! it's on! #gossip4dummies

Yawn! SSR throwing shade at RS as usual

guys atleast give more hint about this can we figure out?? what genre the upcoming movie of this actor is??

the only person who needs drugs is Ranbir kapoor to hide the pain of his drowning career and lonely life lol

They all do it. DP and Ranveer are always hyper. Ranbir,Aditya Roy and gang are always stoned.

It’s a very well known fact that almost half the industry snorts. This is not anything shocking or gossip worthy. It will be more shocking to know the names of people who do not snort. What else do you think they do at their parties? Drink juice and eat?

He looks like one, always HIGH...his gf also looks like a junkie... they make a perfect pair...

He will be dead in a few years

Hey u Young Man, Don't play the dangerous games with you life ! It's so wrong . It's so dangerous habit .

This is not for padmavati promotion I guess because Allauddin was not a coke addict.


I hope it's not true Rano:/ ... If true then U need a rehab . U need a help . God bless u


Ranbir himself on live tv admitted his weed habit so no it's not him. They are talking about snorting. So It's 'boyfriend goal' , 'outsider' 'oh so fake' You know who?

Ranveer should go to the Rehab ...f he has addiction problem

You are all talking about cocaine as a habit. It is not a habit. It is a morbid addiction. Ranveer will be useless/dead in a few years if true. Thing is, it is not true. Stop it.

Kjo made this bling as a Bday gift to RK " bring RS down"

You crossed my mind too...KJo is quite capable of this!

I think people are oblivious to the pervasive drug habits amongst artists and bored rich people in ALL countries. A lot more people engage in these extracurricular activities than you realize. I'm more likely to believe an actor is doing drugs than I am to believe an actor is not.

Bravo Pinkvilla, a Blind item of few lines and you successfully managed to malign someone image
dirty politics it is, keep it up; good job.

This blind is about Ranveer singh

Sounds like Ranbir or Ranveer. Stop calling them "heartthrob". They are Not.

I spend a good deal of time in bathroom too, but generally to stare at myself in the bathroom mirror. The lighting is too good and makes me look so beautiful, that I can not stop looking at myself. Yeah, true story.

Ayan snorting ranbir cute it's kind of addection...

Ranveer Singh has coke problem I doubted when he performed at my cousin's wedding. He was hyper all the time. He was definitely high on something.

Ranveer Singh had press conference

PV's really turning obnoxious with lame gossips. If someone spends 45 minutes in a bathroom, your guesses should be, a stomach bug, fixing make up or banging someone. Why would anyone take 45 mins to snort coke? Its not Dum Biryani. Ranveer is too cool to snort anything. The dude's already super high, i don't think he needs drugs for that. Can totally tule out Mr. two goody shoes HR. Its a bit much to call Varun or Ranbir heartthrobs. And I really don't think either of them are into that stuff.

add jerking off to that list. hehe

if ranveer is drinking coke then why is dp with him? its a very dangerous habit. dp please be careful

The blind is pointing to Ranveer Singh.

His rivals working Hard to bring him down . After his movie line up they just lost it )) SLB's magnum opus padmavati, KABIR khan's cricket biopic " '83 World Cup " movie, Rohit Shettys Action movie , Zoya akhtar's melodrama Gully boy, Shimit Amin's romantic drama ,

all this cud for padmavati publicity

Everyone is wrong. He wasn't doing drugs probably having a wank. He is hyper sexual all the time.

Ranveer Singh

RK is a weed guy it's Ranveer. Ranveer is a coke guy.

Watch RK-Anushka interview by Koel during Bombay Velvet....she disclosed openly RK's cocaine habit.

Ranveer ofcourse
That man is always high
Rich spoiled brat

Nothing shocks me anymore.

Ranveer?? Seriously? Why?? He's such a great actor he doesnt have to resort to this!! Hope it's RK, RK's just unhealthy anyway..

0_o if it s true then he needs STRONG HELP !!!! He needs PROFESSIONAL HELPSSS ((((

Weed is safer than cocaine...come on RS...get off it buddy.

Could be either RS or RK..however, RK does not seem to act like someone on coke....he is chilled out and more of a weed guy!

Maybe RK....staying in character for the Dutt biopic!

Somebody is trying to sabotage padmavati !

Ranveer... AIB have made loads of jokes about his "habits"

That's real Bollywood for you .. Money fame popularity andddd ....


Either Ranveer or Varun :((

What he needs 45 min for it? Max 7-10 min enough )) lol .

Nooo !!! FAKE

All the clues are pointing at Ranveer but didn't Ranbir confess the used to smoke weeds or something in an interview.

chill people wait for " OSOP-one shot one place " to solve the blind....We'll get our answers...Pls post it pv...

You don't snort coke for 45 mins you moron. You'd overdose. You take a hit, wait a minute or two and take another and get out.

I was about to say the same !

you are saying from experience.

Of course! You don't step into the bathroom of any popular club without seeing some snorting off the bathroom sink. I did too...twice actually. The dealers offers the first hit for free. I got my free one and got the fuck out of there.

I can't believe it . Why should he do this ? He is getting 10 mln dollars every year ( according Forbes2015-2017 ) , he is signed big movies with big directors back to back , his next movie Padma is Hot cook right now , his has warm friendly family and friends away from industry . Nah . That's not him .

Ranveer,Ranbir,Arjun all do coke

Has Arjun Kapoor attended a Press Conf lately? He is friendly with everyone considering that he came on multiple episodes of KWK.

Blind items are never real

Ranveer? Many years ago there was blind about him and Iifa.

Ranveer....who else had a press meet recently and is over friendly with everyone in the industry...but this should not shock people...the way he is hyper active all the is not normal...

He is heart trob only for his paid fan. Nobody like that over energetic clown.

Ranvir and varun has worst character but best pr.

Ranvir singh

I think its Varun Dhwan. Good relations with everyone, heartthrob. He's doing so much press for Judwaa

Varun has not done any press conference in Mumbai.He'a travelling the country promoting J2


Been years since Sanjay Dutt was described as a 'heart throb ' , gotta be Ranveer as only he ticks all the boxes .

Sidharth malhotra

I think its Ranbir...remember the pic of him looking he is doing coke!

Ranbir didn't attend any event. And Ranveer fans claim people love Ranveer more than Ranbir. Ranveer attended two events recently - GQ awards and his movie launch.

Ranbir did attend the Tag Heuer event on the could be either of them. I am not into warring over stars...LOL!

Yeah Ranbir only does women...several several women!

LOL...he might soon be in a situation like Usher!

I never blindly believed in Blind Items. But it's interesting to see the reaction of some people who blindly believe BIs about other celebrities, but have nothing to say or don't believe in this BI.

Hrithik Roshan

Much loved ?

Can't believe it at all

Ranveer - During the press meet for the Kapil Dev Biopic. The last line in this blind "Maybe its not who you think it is" is pointing to Baba. It's not Sanju baba this time but Ranveer.

No, read the last line. It says Maybe it is not who you think it is! Its definitely not ranveer.

IT IS DEFINITELY RANVEER. The last line says he is not the kind of person we thought he is.

Ranveer is hyper. But don't believe he's stupid to do this at a public event where celebs and media are present. If he has to do this why not at his home. No body is saint in bollywood and its full of shady people. Fans should think as long their favorites do good movies who cares what they do privately. At least Ranveer is talented and gets known for his performances or signed projects (for example: kapil dev movie) unlike Ranbir who is always on news for his abcd affairs.

OMG is this really baba??? everyones saying ranveer. i thought he was a genuinely good soul!


Ranveer coke addict the reason of his over excitement

Ohh my freaking God :O poor guy

He is smoking . Even during shooting of DDD and Make my trip ad he snapped with cigarett in his hand .

I can't understand

Omgggg cocain addicteddd

Is he addicted ???


Heartthrob - Ranveer

Event - Launch of Kabir Khan's upcoming World Cup movie

Just like other blinds, this blind will soon become reality.

None other than Ranveer Singh! It's no secret that he loves his coca cola as much as he loves being a clown. Boost is the secret to Sachin's Energy, but coke is the secret to Ranveers energy

Ranveer Singh?

Who? Ranveer? Please no

None other than Ranveer Singh! It's no secret that he loves his coca cola as much as he loves being a clown. Boost is the secret to Sachin's Energy, but coke is the secret to Ranveers energy

Oh I know who!!! Every other Bollywood actor?

Ranveer. He is the one who gave a PC n tries to be friendly with all.

Ranveer. That's why he always like a hyper freak. I guess he's coked up.

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