Guess Who? Bollywood's infamous Casanova actor THREATENS to breakup with his actor girlfriend

This Bollywood actor has reportedly threatened to breakup with his actress girlfriend. Can you guess the actor and actress in question?
Guess Who? Bollywood's infamous Casanova actor THREATENS to breakup with his actor girlfriend Guess Who? Bollywood's infamous Casanova actor THREATENS to breakup with his actor girlfriend
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Relationships in B-Town are known to be fragile and while this newbie couple has been going all out and about with their PDA recently, it looks like all is not well between them. This Bollywood couple, who started dating while working on their first film together, is going through some turbulent times. According to a tail piece in Mumbai Mirror, the actor known to be a Casanova is at it again and has been acting aloof, not answering the actress girlfriend's call and in fact, threatening to breakup. Yes, you read it right!

Though this doesn't come as a shock to those who have known the actor closely, his girlfriend is left heartbroken. All the while, she is promoting her movie and making appearances with a smile on her face but is unable to hold the pain, the report claims. Well, does this finally mean an end to their "love story"? Only time will tell but let's hope the girl smells the coffee soon. The actor has had a history of bad breakups in the past as well. 

Given that the two are also a part of an upcoming movie, it will be interesting to see if any of the schedules get hampered because of the new development. Can you guess who the actor and actress in question are? 


Alia & uncle ranbir

I am happy for AB . She is more hard working and deserves better . RK is a mama's boy without much past or future .

Good for Ranbir - he looked like a drugged, drunk zombie in those pics with the mousey, faux-cute girlie girl. Finally, end of this manufactured nonsense. Try harder next time, kjo. Or maybe don't 'cos it's pathetic each time.

Is alia trying to get attention since ranveer is getting all the hype for gully boy? looks like it

If true, good for RK.

Hope Varun will grow a pair and go after the lady he truly loves!

headline says - Bollywood's infamous Casanova actor THREATENS to breakup with his actor girlfriend - is RK famous or infamous Casanova???

There’s nothing wrong with not settling down, ranbir is in his prime and career focused. It’s his choice not to be tied down. Alia is too young and immature for him. The novelty has finally worn off, everyone can move on thank goodness

I feel like Karan wantedly got Alia in this spot to experience heartbreak in order for her to get longevity in the industry as a great actress. He knows deep down RK is not the type to commit and Alia is completely smitten.. He might have done this only to enhance Alia's image from a bubbly young girl to a serious woman rockstar with high EQ ala DP. Look at how DP's career took off post breakup.

KJo is quite frivolous. Don’t think he has it in him to strategize things to this level.

They’ll both bounce back and be fine if not better without the showmance. The only man alia needs is kjo anyway


alia destroyed her career right as she was getting to the top.

The only reason it lasted this long might have been his dad's health and his mom's fondness of Alia. He doesn't act like a bf at all around weird. I feel unlike his other exes, Alia will bounce back faster.

This will they won't they will happen before any release

Alia was always too good and talented for him. She’s going to surpass him fame wise

Yes please!!! No more Alia-Ranbir bs

Ranbir is the only one with an actress girlfriend.

wasn't Brahmastra suppose to be a franchise?? isn't too early for a breakup

Person who wrote this article knows what is going on in their minds?Isnt this too personal

More thah 10 years age gap, it was bound to happen......

Ranbir is 36 nearing 40 and still acting like an immature teenager boy with commitment issues

on 150 crore budget Brahmastra is going to be a major disaster...Karan I feel your pain but seriously no one cares

Brahmastra seems like a major flop movie that kjo Ayaan RK and Alia are sending out these fake blinds
Fake relationship and fake everything

Ranbir please go back to Katrina you both are truly meant for each other

yes please go back; you are meant for each other

Last me varun alia hi hoge sath mark my words

Casanova ranibur who used alia when he needed to promote Sanju and now for next film brameshtra but any sane person knows they are fake and playing around and marriage plans set to make him looks good.

no one cares kjo

May be he wants Katrina back in his life....maybe he came in terms with the fact that there's no one better than Katrina.

Ranbir living his best life Sonam ,Deepika , Katrina , Nargis , Mahira and Alia .who is next Sara ?

Next will be Aishwarya Rai.

Only in the news for his relationships not work loser Ranbir kapoor

Why people think it’s ranbir and Alia maybe it’s not

Promotion of Kalank started . Alia and Varun will be all lovey-dovey during the promotions And when its over Alia and RK will be together again to promote their movie.

Varun is committed to his girlfriend and even said it on kwk probably getting married in few months he won’t succumb to Karan ‘s pressure as his gf doesn’t like it

Run away from her asap RK.

Alia, get out of this mess and mend your heart.

Ranbir krapoor

RanBORE kapoor...

I hope this news is true and not some publicity stunt. I always knew RK is too good for cunning Alia

Ranbir only loves ayan okey.Alia should have known this that noone can break the realtionshio of Ranbir and ayan.They are made for each other

So glad RK woke up

He’s gay... wake up people

Ranbir is just trash plain and simple

What is up with Ranbir Kapoor? This lad is seriously in mess. Well look at his ex girlfriends - Deepika, Katrina ,he left them heartbroken and it is taking forever for them to get over the hurt as one can see. I think Ranbir's turmoil childhood and his parent's marriage and relationship deeply affected him otherwise I fail to understand why this guy is hurting all his girlfriends and not been able to establish true realationship with any of them. Clearly issue lies in him, now I am starting to feel sorry for him after cursing him for a while.

Best news of 2019 so far.


The guy is gay ... accept it n move on

Haha...a case of sour grapes?

Ranbir kapoor

Happiest day of this year. My Ranboo deserves the best not clingy alia

Ranbir alia

Thank god RK got some sense.


Common alia. Breakup with this douche n go be friends with Katrina

Ranbir Kapoor & Alia Bhatt

Alia and ranbir

RK Alia

Poor Aliya

Ranbir Kapoor?

Bye Alia!

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