Guess Who: Brands are replacing these two actresses with another heroine because of their team's behaviour

Can you guess who the three actresses in question are? Tell us in comments below...
Brands are replacing these two actresses with another heroine because of their team's behaviour
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Even a few months back, these two A-list actors was at the top of their game with regard to both films and brand endorsements. And the other heroine was just another up and coming face, who had been seen in a few minutes-role in an espionage spy thriller, starring a superstar hero. There was a common factor between the two A-list heroines - they were managed by the same company. 

While one of them is still considered one of the best actresses we have in Bollywood today, her last film was a damp squib and there have been no announcements from her end. Even her marriage to another top celebrity hasn't really affected her positioning in this industry. On the other hand, her contemporary actor who's being managed by the same team, has had a rough patch in her career. She started off and people called her the next big thing but soon, her career and films lost steam. Even in her latest film that starred the same superstar, she barely had a 5-minute appearance. Now, both the actresses are being replaced in the brand circuit too.

One of them was endorsing a beauty brand and the other was the face of a chips brand. Both their contracts have been terminated earlier this year. And guess what? They all went in the other up and coming actor's kitty who's already proved her mettle with some terrific performances and commercial successes in the recent past. While she's climbing up the charts, these two heroines are lagging behind now. And they are not even at fault. Our khabroo informs us that the brands got tired of the ridiculous demands and the high handed attitude that they had to face at the actresses' teams. Apprently, both the ladies treated them really well but the companies couldn't take the regular tantrums they were subjected to by the team that manages them. Woh bolte hai na chai se garam ketli. This is a classic example of that. But shouldn't the actors also keep a check on this before they lose out on everything? 

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how come there was no article on Sonam being dropped by loreal

I am glad Anushka is slowly fading herself away . Her days as a heroine are over and she has lost a lot of money due to producing films . time for her to settle down .

dp is no.2 endorsement queen, no.1 is not dp her fan base is huge

Anushka and Disha

Anu, Kat, Sonam, PC hardly have any brands. Bebo will sign just about anything now. DP is also taking on cheaper brands as well like Bebo so is on the outer. Annanya and Tara seem to have signed some big ones. Janvi and Sara have not done well.

Sonam was dumped by Loreal but Chopard has not signed her as she just walked the carpet for them only like many other starlets for 1 day.

im surprised Parineeti got an endorsement to begin with

Is not Jacqueline because Jacqueline and anushka is not managed by the same company that why

People are not cracking this. First person is definitely Anushka, one of our top actresses with huge flop (Zero) and no current announcements. But the second one CAN'T be Parineeti because it implies that five minutes in that superstar's film is that same superstar she premiered with. She premiered with Ranveer. It's Sonam, she had a tiny role in Sanju, which was with Ranbir, whom she premiered with. I have no idea who the new girl is though, it's not Alia, this implies newer girl, and it's not Sara, this implies several movies, Sara only has a few, Taapsee is the best guess.
This is sad though. Read it, the girls lost the jobs because of bad management, not because they did anything wrong, they were supposed to be nice and sweet. It's true though, at least with Anushka, not sure about Sonam, she's probably very expensive just because of her fame value, brands will be lazy to meet team's demands.

Not Sonam, the whole chips thing is throwing it off. Besides, She signed with Chopard exclusively right after terminating her contract with L'oreal so doesn't sound right.

Anushka is endorsing Nivea with Taapsee. Anushka endorses their body lotion and Taapsee fave washes. Taapsee also replaced Parineeti for Kurkure

Deepika’s brand value is bigger than ever, nice try. It’s anushka and parineeti..yrf is really messing it up for everyone but ranveer

May be Anushka and Jacky losing their brands to Sara Ali Khan. Sara is on an endorsement spree

Anushka and Sonam are too expensive to be hired for endorsements. They don't really have any brand value except being related to famouse and successful people. Sara should be signed on.

Hahaha and what Sara is famous for, Apart from her parents and step mom + PR created affairs now and then

Ha! Suck it, Anu, you gold digging fecker.

You go girrlll, Tapsee!

I can’t believe I cracked this one!

Anushka - we all know who she married, and she’s not doing well film-wise recently.
Parineeti - her last film was with superstar Akshay Kumar, in which she had a ‘five-minute role’.
Both replaced by Tapsee who had a ‘few-minutes role’ in an espionage spy thriller starring the same superstar, ie Baby with Akshay Kumar.

Do I get a prize?

Deepika and Sonam

Anushka and sonakshi.

DP, Sonam, Anushka, Kat replaced by Alia

Anushka and Parineeti.. Replaced by Taapsee in Nivea and Kurkure adds

Anushka and Parineeti.. Replaced by Taapsee in Nivea and Kurkure adds

Katrina never endorsed a chips brand and a beauty brand so its not her its definitely Anushka and Jacqueline being replaced by Taapsee

Alia and sonam

Is it Anushka and Sonam being replaced by Sara?

Anushaka and Parineeti

It cant be deepika for sure....they said brands not movies....she has the highest brands and 4 just endorsed her recently. Its Sarah that has been getting brands...maybe soham and anuksha

Anushka and Parineeti replaced by Taapsee

Thank you for the update Kareena lol

Its always fun reading your blind items pinkvilla. Keep up the good work lol.

Katrina deepika ?

Anushka - marries to top celebrity - virat & no announcement since zero.
Katrina - career losing stream.
Going to alia - terrific performances in the recent past.

I know sonams contract with loreal was terminated but I dont know any actress that was endorsing a chip company. Pinkvilla and their stories....please go easy on these celebrities they are humans like us.

Anushka and Katrina replaced by who? Alia?

Deepika and Sonam?

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