Guess Who: Crew members yet to receive their full dues from this producer

Can you guess who the producer is?
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While all the focus in Bollywood is almost always on the stars and their lives, Bollywood producers tend to stay on the low but that is not the case anymore when it comes to this producer in particular.

We came across a blind about said producer in a leading daily which got us talking and wondering who it was. 

The producer recently gave a hit which was based on social issues and acquired a profit of Rs 16 crore. However, the producer has not paid the dues of the crew members including the cinematographer who is yet to receive their full dues. 

The easy to talk to producer has been assuring her creditors and saying, "Your money will come." This, however, had not amused those who are yet to receive their payments. 

It's gotten so bad that a senior technician has headed to the association to file a complaint. 

Can you guess who the blind is talking about?


how did they mismanage it so badly?

What is blind about this? You could write names because it's not a secret. KriArj- Prerna Arora.This woman should go slow and not try to do 10 movies at once.

I knew it was kriaj just reading the title. this prod house is a mess. hope people stop signing films with these frauds.

Fanney khan - kriarj

This studio will be gone.

Kri Arj has cooked up its numbers since day 1. Someone shud raid n audit their accounts

Kri Arj

KriArj's Prerna Arora and her last hit film 'Padman'.....

Twinkle Khanna?

Prerna Arora..KriArj

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