Guess Who: Director replaces his actor-friend with an A-lister in his next movie, leaves the former bummed

Can you guess who the celebrities in question are?
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For a director, when a movie does better than expected, their worth immediately increases. With that success, the director is bound to be approached by many other actors who flock to such filmmakers hoping to work with them. How does it matter if you initially did not give them the time of the day?

Such is the case with this filmmaker who recently gave a hit which surprised the industry too. The movie in question featured his favourite actor and close friend who has worked with him before. 

The director's next is a two-hero film and this recently emerged star was sure that he would be one of the leads. And rightly so, because the filmmaker had him believed as well. However, when an A-List actor, who is desperate for a hit himself given his recent string of flops came knocking, it was an offer that the director could not refuse. 

Hence, in a betrayal of sorts, the A-List actor has officially been confirmed for the movie and will be starring alongside another A-Lister who has never worked with the director either.

Can you guess who the director in question is? Let us know in the comments below.


I come here to enjoy and laugh at the comments :D

hi ranbir having fun at others expense

Shahrukh replaaced Ranbir and other hero is Amitabh

Hoow come it became Karthik Aryan,
Its Shahrukh who Replaced nepo kid Ranbir, in Barfi& Jagga Jasoos Director Anurag Basu next Biopic on Kishore Kumar with Katrina as Madhubala becoz She refused to work with Ranbir and Suggested Shahrukh's name and Amitabh Bachchan ,the Other A liist star to play Hemant Kumar the fading Best Male Singer before Kishore took his place ,
Really Happy that Shahrukh wil play Kishore not same ho hum dull acting Ranbir wont be there

Wowww Shahrukh as Kishore Kumarji and Amitabh ji as Hemonto kumar
Its the Best thing possibly, But I want Madhuri ss Roma Guha thakurota
And Aishwatya as Madhubala,
I think Katrina will suit Kishores last wife Leena Chandravarkar, who was a half British too,
She took care of Kishore after Madhubalas death,
Shahrukh is a God send for Kishore Biopic Ranbir who have killed it with his crying n all, Hes gotta be atleast BI, ;))

Katrina as Madhubala hahahahaha I hope this is a joke! Shah rukh is poor choice too he will ham and overact and ruin it.

True ..... now that one thinks about it he spots only L'oreal girls ......
First crush : Aishwarya Rai
Then dated : Sonam during the whole Sawariya shoot
Dumped her , took : Deepika cause she got all the attention this year and Filmfare the same year as him
Cheated on her , took : Katrina then enjoyed her and used her many many many years
Dumped her , tried : Mahira Khan on the other side of the country, hid her , played then dump .
He is not worth any of your precious time girls .... glad that Sonam , Deepika , Katrina and Mahira moved on
His parents didn't instill any values in him , cheap , disrespectful , SUPERFICIAL , no substance
Even before he marries anyone one could say his wife will be a DOORMAT following the Bollywood club wife who stays and put on with the cheating part
Now he starts to steal others work , he has the whole industry at his feet already but has to snatch Karthik work
Let's see how he will fare

Don’t forget he hit on kangana after queen while he was with Katrina

oh apparently he had already hit alia in 2014 while he was with Katrina go figure

Well Karthik should have known better than to trust kjo oh wait kjo promised him three prjs after dumping Sid how nice

Director - Luv Ranjan, A list actors Ranbir Kapoor and Ajay Devgn, replaced actor Karthik Aryan

How is Ranbir an A-lister considering the openings of his movies? Even Tiger Shroff has a much bigger box office draw.

Kjo replaced Fawad with Ranbir...Fawad became so desperate after the ban...he sneaked into Sonam wedding to get some free drinks and later hide in the toilet when Thackeray arrived and forced Kjo to check on him...Kjo was so embarrassed by Fawad's behavior...

I feel so sorry for fawad...he can't even enjoy his friend wedding without worrying about this goons and thier reactions...

How brain Dead are you

matlab kuch bhi likhte ho!?!

It's amazing how you still cares about this fawad !...though they used to make fun of you for your obsession with him...
"A crush only lasts for 4 months if it exceeds, you are already in LOVE."...;)
Pls post PV...thanks...

thanks for stalking and remembering all my posts. posts which i can't recall. idk about my obsession with fawad, but you clearly have some kinda obsession with my pv activity.

I hope kjo will get ride of one wants to watch him or cares about him anymore...he lost his charm...

Honey it's you who needs to get over your bias for fawad also stop trying to divert people from the actual person involved in the Blind

You are full of crap

There will never be another SAlman Shahruk and Amir. END OF BOLLLYWOOD WITH ALL These funny nepo kids.

There will never be another madhuri, deepika, sridevi, juhi. END OF BOLLLYWOOD WITH ALL These funny nepo kids.

why bring silly deepika into this list of best actresses

hi alia dont worry papa kjo pr will write you as the best of all time tomorrow

Wow, never thought ranbir is this desperate. Karma of the 3 L Oreal girls!. First, Jerri, and now this!

can you please stop dragging 3 L Oreal girls! into every rk post they are doing very well now they dont need this negativity

This is the problem when dads, sons, grandsons, uncles, aunties are all in Bollywood. Team Nepo goes "Our business is our business, none of your business". Lol

Karthik welcome to the world that is star kid heaven called Bollywood btw thanks says your current bff ranbir

karthik say helo to your best friend ranbir and welcome to reality of star kids of bw

too many -ve blinds about RK, not sure if its good or bad for his career, but there is a lot of talk abt him, may be thats what sanju and bramhastra team want

Nepotism strikes again!
This time poor Karthik Aryan got the burn!
Welcome to the hall of fame after PC, Kangz and Ranveer!

But Ranveer is an industry kid - he just downplayed his family. He's just as much in the industry because of nepotism as Parineeti is.

Still Ranveer is not as much of an industry kid as Ranbir is, or Parineeti is not Alia, ykwim?

Ranbir should have learned from the Bombay Velvet debacle that stealing movies from other actors is not good karma. Hope this movie turn out to be another Bombay Velvet for Ranbir. Kartik Aryan don't worry, just like Ranveer's career (after Ranbir stole Bombay Velvet from him) your career will also soar. Mark my words..

Alia and Ranbir just have to put their finger on a director and they will get the easy

Atleast they are fine actors amongst the current lot

So embarassing that Ranbir has to run to them for roles.. Karthik Aryan will do well, he should go ahead with his acting..

Before the movie released and became a smash hit there some articles about Ajay doing Luv's next film and that Luv wanted Nusrat as the leading lady as apparently she is also dating him?! Ranbir's role is probably the one that Kartik was supposed to do. Lets see who the heroines are now.

How is Ranbeer an A Lister. I mean even Abhishekh has lesser number of flops than RK

Abhishek is a good human and all but a bad actor. Ranbir is exact opposite

lol no he does not


Whom did he replace in Bombay velvet?

Anurag Kashyap offered the role to Ranveer and Ranveer had even given his dates for the film when Ranbir called up Anurag and told him that he could get a bigger budget for the film (as he was a bigger star than Ranveer back then). Anurag dropped Ranveer and casted Ranbir instead as he was getting a bigger budget with Ranbir. Bombay Velvet turned out to be one of the biggest box office disasters of all time. It made 25 crores and was made on a budget of 122 crores. Seem like Ranbir still hasn't learned anything from BV disater. Still snatching films from newcomer actors.

Ranbir is struggling and Aryan

ranbir's old habit of hijacking other people's movies. he did it with bombay velvet and now this.

like the way ranveer stole befikre from sushant?

if you are such a chamchi if sushant, you'd know that he has categorically denied being offered the movie and even gone on to say that if he'd been offered befikre he wouldn't do it cuz he didn't like the subject.

Fyi Ranveer never stole Befikre from SSR. After SSR left YRF angering Aditya Chopra, Adi offered Ranveer Befikre. Why would Adi cast an actor who rejected YRF in his movie. YRF is known to cast their own talents in most of their movies. Kuch bhi..

Salty SSR fans. Ranveer never stole Befikre from SSR. After SSR left YRF angering Aditya Chopra, Adi offered Ranveer Befikre. Why would Adi cast an actor who rejected YRF in his movie. Kuch bhi..

Lol why would we be salty about Bef**kre??? Sushant has 5 films lined up. Give it a rest man rofl

Luv Ranjan

It's Luv Ranjan of Sonu ki sweety fame.. The A lister is Ranbir who has replaced Karthik Aryan in his upcoming film..

Ranbir being an A-lister is a joke

Ranbir has written this blind or Kjo! Who else would call Ranbir and A-lister?

Director: Luv Ranjan
Friend actor who has worked with the director previously: Karthik Aryan
Two new hero: Ranbir Kapoor and Ajay Devgn

Its not true, there were rumours of RK doing this movie since last year before sktks released, RK even confirmed this when he came on twitterchat in December. This blind is from someone's PR..

Just stop. All people are trying to do is bring down Ranbir since he gave PC their own taste of medicine about the lies they write about

PC? What did he tell Priyanka?

Lolol How is Ranbir an A-lister as he has given a string of flops as confirmed in the blind itself??? Ranbir should stop downplaying Kartik.

Selfish Ranbir kapoor

Ranbir ajay Karthik luv rajan

Luv Ranjan - director.
Recently emerged star - Karthik Aryan
A lister actor - Ranbir Kapoor

Ranbir. Kartik.

Kartik Aryan . Luv ranjan

Kartik should not be disappointed, he will get much better offers with his talent and looks. The industry desperately needs a replacement for the once-young-and-promising Ranbir.

There is no compariosn , Kartik should count his blessings he is in Bollywood.. Ranbir is a superstar and a fantastic top actor in Bollywood

Whoa! Ranbir approached Luv Ranjan?! I thought it was the other way round!

Luv Ranjan

Luv Ranjan ...can we stop calling ranbir A-list?

Director Luv ranjan
Actor friend Kaartik aaryan
Replaced by Ranbir kapoor


Luv Ranjan

Ranbir desperate for a hit begged the director to take him over his close friend actor

Director : luv Ranjan

Other HERO: Ajay Devjan

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