Guess who: Economic crunch forces ex-lovers to work together

The ex-flames tried hard to get the other one removed from the movie, however them coming together would mean lots of business at the ticket window and hence the producer didn’t budge from his stand.
Guess Who,guess who
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Money is indeed the biggest and the most important factor in anyone’s life. You have to sacrifice and compromise on your ego and ethics in times when you really need a hefty bank balance. Same has been the case with these two popular actors, who have once been romantically involved with each other.

After working together in a few super-hit films, these former lovers vowed to never work with each other. But destiny had some other plans for them. The actor, who has had a rocky personal and professional life, found it hard to make a place again in Bollywood, after a hiatus of almost 5 years. Loss of stardom and declining box office numbers took a toll on his confidence. His spouse’s interference in choosing scripts added to his woes, making it difficult for the actor to rake in the moolah. Hence when he was offered this movie, he grabbed it with both hands. Little did he know that his leading lady would be the popular diva he once dated. Obviously, now things became slightly shaky for him as he wasn’t sure if the project would be in his kitty. Fortunately, the way he has been desperate to work in a big film, this actress has also been trying her hand to grab every little opportunity coming her way. 

While initially the actress did show rigidity in choosing the films that came her way, as and when the offers declined, she decided to let go off her tantrums. This big budget Movie from a reputed Director-Producer came in just then and she agreed to do it. Needless to say, her husband’s job issues and the need for money made her say yes to the movie. Though the ex-flames tried hard to get the other one removed from the movie, them coming together would mean lots of business at the ticket window and hence the producer didn’t budge from his stand.

Well, we don’t blame him for it! Who doesn’t like seeing ex-lovers romancing again on the big screen?

Have you guessed whom are we talking about?

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All of MD's ventures are failing - dance school / clothes / jewellery / fashion tips etc., she needs money . At 53 she is forced to work hard to maintain their life style . shes seen in every fete/ festival / function / ribbon cuttings. shes the brand ambassador for every other product . Her first commercial in India was as a maid for Vim. no other actress agreed to that . many reads on thsi article..the kalank team is surely getting its publicity..this article seems well planned..

Sadly Its so easy to just malign someone with todays internet access. Madhuri's husband probably worked harder than most people on this forum to get his UCLA degree and to practice. We wouldnt even know if something really went wrong and why it did. She is trying to do good work while raising her kids. Can't we just encourage that bit and move on? We can't crib about movie stars being loaded. We are the ones who pay our hard earned money to go watch them, remember? If you don't want them to get rich, don't go watch their movies. If you want to get rich yourself, go take the effort and become a movie star. Why crib and spread gossip? Lame.

ranveer and deepika

Guys these are now mature poeple with families and kids. Stop posting such articles where it will be so odd to see their kids and spouses read through this item. We should be senseful of such news items.

Madhuri and Sanjay Dutt were never an item, it was just a poublicity stunt by the filmakers that had paired them opposite eachother in their movies. Madhuri ex manager had evan confirmed this last year. Also, on Sanjay and Anils koffee with karan episode, Karan had asked Sanjay if he did ever go out with madhuri and Sanjay had said no. but he wishes that the rumour was true.

Evan on Madhuri and Ranis koffee with karan episode, in the segment when Karan asked Madhuri leading heros to speak about her, Sanjay had also spoken about her and said that it was great to catch up with her and her husband in the US a few months back. If they were really a couple, than why did Madhuri agree for him to meet her and her husband in the US? why was Sanjay included in that segment of the episode if they were really a couple and were not on good terms?

Kalank was orgianlly suppose to be made in 2003, after Kal Ho Naa ho. Karan had signed Srk, Kajol, Aishwarya and Ajay for the movie. Due to Yash sudden death, Karan shelved the movie and made kabhi alvida instead. Karan decided to revive the project back in 2013 and wanted Aamir, Aishwarya and Katrina for the film.

Unfortunately Aamir didnt like the script, so Karan decided to make Ae Dil instead and asked another director from dharma to direct his fathers dream project instead.

ae dil hai mushkil..the worst movie ive seen off lately..the acting sucked&so did the script..&yess..ash cannot matter who says she can..

two pieces of wood with aamir khan

Stop spreading rumors. The lawsuit was from 2003 and is over. Most Indians in America save for their kids college. So, Indian kids born in America do not have college loans like others do. So, like most indian kids born and brought up in America Dr. Nene would not have college loans. Why do people dig up lawsuits from 2003 and post speculation about loans if you don't know the lifestyle of Indians in America? PV, pls post.

Pinkvilla wrote about “job issues” not about college loans. While you are correct that most Indians in the USA have parents who pay their loans we aren’t discussing his college loans which might be close to 30 years old and probably paid off by his parents anyway. We are discussing his legal suit about the CABG he performed in 03. If he has practice restrictions due to the 2003 suit of course it will affect his livelihood/earnings in the USA. You might be a parent saving up for your American kids med school, while I’m already that American kid. Good luck to your kid.

She turned down many offers where she was getting to play the role of Sonam, alia's mother. But economic crunch has forced her to take up the role of a mother.

Dp and RK

Google ‘Madhuri to play Alia’s mother role in Shiddat?’Those links date from 2016. So Why MD said yes now? No clue.

For Madhuri , uptill now it was more graceful & dignified to dance in item number (Ghagra with RK) & she rejected motherly roles. It's just an excuse for her part that she dint get suitable script. Hre's were Sridevi, Kajol, Rani stands apart. They still hv the calibre to carry a film on their shoulders unlike Madhuri Dixit whose come back all movies failed. Moreover the youth doesn't want to watch her in item numbers.

Alia and Sid

Shiddat was first envisioned in 1993 during Gumrah which Yash Johar was producing. Yashji wanted Sridevi and Sanjay in the movie which never happened due to many reasons and then he passed away. Madhuri was never in the picture until Sridevi passed away.

Moreover MD n her hubby are investors in GoQii as well. Earlier it was said MD refused this film Coz she was to play Alia’s mothers role. After that Sri was casted Coz MD said NO.

Aish and Abhi

The rumours of any malpractice or lawsuit are false - he's accredited and still licensed to practice. As mentioned it's public information. I wish if he didn't feel like working or something he would do some volunteer work - I'm sure India could use it. Some people never think to give back to society, it's strange that after all his studies he stopped. That said, a lot of women are also qualified and stop working after marriage or kids - maybe he just prefers to be a house l and look after Madhuri's needs and the kids. She's a lucky lady. Especially because he's ok with her working with Sanjay again! This movie is going to be good!

he shud def practice again..for a cardiac thoracic surgeon to just throw away their career dsnt make sense..its been so many years since they shifted to india..high time..he got hired..even the best of surgeons have made some or the other mistake while performing surgery&lost usa they can sue you even for a needle & its no big deal&if he's still accredited ..he can atleast volunteer ,if not go into full fledged should hire a manager to look after her business.

probably still has a license but he bungled up a CABG procedure (Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting) of david quinones ,who sued to seek damages for a postoperative complications..&he's out of practice..maybe ppl r skeptical of hiring him...

Doctors in USA insure their practices- doctors don’t go out of business unless there is lot of intentionally wrongdoings. Just checked his license- there is no history of anything. It is all public information- find out urself.
Lot of people take sabbatical from their profession.

Yes indeed , the medical fraternity may have avoided him both professionally & socially depending on the seriousness of the case . The Indian diaspora abroad generally interacts a lot . This sort of tale, if true ,will spread across like wild fire with many additions & opinions being aired all over the place . It will definitely affect the Nene's (including the children at school) lives . He may not be struck off the register in which case he is legally allowed to practice .

please refrain talking about medical malpractice if you do not know legal terms and how people sue and what happens there. In US anyone can sue anybody. He dwhat h

Sanju and Madhuri were never an item. Their pairing and rumours of them being together was used to market the films back in old times. Same thing being done now

Madhiruri and Sanjaya was not only an item they were getting ready to marry. They had been having the affair several years , his wife tried to save the marriage . So Sanjaya was divorced his wife at that time. Legally he was single. Morally it was questionable as wife was fighting with leukaemia at that time. ( once she left the country her sister talked about publicly in stardust magazine )Once Sanjaya was convicted Madhuri denied rumours and left him. So you must be new generation kid who deny all this. Every thing you see is not that pure though they pretends.

Not a new generation kid, but a blind madhuri fan that always tries to prove she is a sati savitri.

I read somewhere Sri Ram is working as a consultant for some hospital. So let’s not worry about MD’s financial situation. Also this film was earlier offered to MD. She said no to it. But why she said ‘yes’ now I don’t know.

maduri nene and sanjay dutt. remember maduri married her hubby when had just graduated, i don't even think he might have completed full residency. doctors first few years of earnings are all about paying of tons of student loan debt. they bought a nice house in colorado for 600K. in most big cities in the US, ordinary people pay much more than that for a home. in seattle, bay area, LA, boston, new jersey, austin etc, you will only get a condo for small home for 600K. and he has been 100% out of work for over a decade while she is the primary breadwinner, so she has to make a compromise to live a lifestyle fitting of a celebrity. unfortunately she cannot reach the lifestyle level of the others who married multimillionaires and even C and D listers like asin, lisa haydon, gayatri joshi, shilpa shetty etc managed to snag billionaires. for us middle class people, earning 300K-400K annually is a LOT of money, but remember for someone who was a top heroine in bollywood, that is just chump change level. thats why maduri has to take whatever work she gets because offers obviously have dried up long ago for her

Nene graduated in 1993 , married Madhuri in 1999. In between he did post graduation and had some work experience . Doctors with that skills earn a minimum of $ 250 k , which is around Rs 1.6 crore annually. While back in the 90s, Madhuri’s fees was 25 lakh- 35 lake per movie , and she did 1/2 movies per year . Also , her career was in declining phase post 1997 so possibly she wasn’t getting that many offers . Other actress like Karishma / Ravenna / Aishwarya has taken over . Nene was financially sound then and earned 3/4 times more than Madhuri. Yes , in today’s housing market $600 k is not so much as Bay Area has many startups and soaring house prices. However , Denver is a much smaller / cheaper city than New York / San Francisco . A 600 k house taken in early 2000s in Denver would be huge , minimum 6 bedrooms with garden/ backyard/ ample play space . However, while 250 K is the starting salary, the upper most it can get for an experienced doctor is $500 k . Hence , Nene would have earned at least $350-400k per year till the year 2011 when he left back for India . That time , Madhuri was invented by Jhalak and was earning 50-75 lakes per episode . In 3-4 months , 10-12 episodes she earned around 6-7 crore . That’s , which was 3 times Nenes annual salary in 1/4 th time of the year. That’s when the couple realized India has much more economic opportunities, packed their bags and cane back home . Madhuri has done lots of adds , been at events , has dance school and her husband is CEO of some medical company. So I don’t think they have economic crunch . However, yes Madhuri didn’t want to play Aalia’s mother role . Maybe in this movie she has to do something like that

oh wow thats not cool... and i dont get it all these women marry like this... i guess that is because nobody else wants to marry a successful woman. I think madhuri was almost on par with sridevi right.

Sridevi didnt even get a legal marriage.

Ohh common!! Sridevi was far more successful then Madhuri...She shouldered entire 'English Vinglis' on her shoulder and gave a 'HIT'....As for their acting there is no comparison, Sridevi is on par....Sorry Madhuri fans but Madhuri is not even respected as she used to by her own Bollywood folks like how Sridevi was always Welcomed...

Can't understand how an ordinary superstar like Madhuri Dixit can ever to compared to the legendary Sridevi. MD has only 30-35 movies to her credit untill now among which only 12-15 can be boasted off. U can't count the number of movies Sridevi acted in & wre authentic hits. Moreover she has won accolades for regional movies too. Fans of Madhuri Dixit must be sensible enough to compare her with Srideviji. Madhuri Dixit dint hv a single regional movie even in her kitty untill she signed Bucketlist.

googled sriram nene usa lawsuit malpractice&read somethings..

Sanjay Dutt is definitely loaded, both his parents were stars

Is Madhuri really struggling with money? She was a super star back in the days, may be she (probably) invested some of her money in business, land and property!

back then even the STARS did not earn anywhere close to what is considerd big money now. the earnings have outpaced inflation and beyond. i remember seeing some star in early 90s saying they would be paid like a few hundred thousand rupees, and heroines were paid even less. maduri must have been taking home not more more than a few thousand dollars for a movie. a critical mistake she made that made the male stars of her era superrich and not her, is that she only acted in but did not PRODUCE the movies. if you are producer, you get royalties as passive income from the movie forever. SRK juhi launched a prod company before SRK got his own, sallu and aamir produced their own, so too devgan, akshay kumar etc. nowadays even women like anushka sharma produce. if maduri produced instead of only acted she would be much richer

Fawad and KJO...Fawad is bankrupt with no offers...and KJO knowing for his kind heart and charity will take him for some item songs...

Your hate for Fawad and kJo is transparent.God give you peace.move on

Dhadak with Sridevi & Sanjay Dutt ; now rechristened as Kalank ; Madhuri has stepped in to do Sri's role . Madhuri always said her husband had hardly any connection with India & never knew of her fame & career . A surgeon born & brought up in the USA is more American than Indian , they will rarely quit their very lucrative career to return to India. It's entirely different from an Indian who ventures abroad for better career prospects & dreams of returning home due to sentimental ties with India. Isn't Dr Nene practicing in Mumbai ? The way it works in Bollywood - only successful stars get a say in the hiring & firing . Neither of these 2 are in a position to give orders like an Aamir Khan .

read this on some forum long back
Sriram has a malpractice suit going on in the US, dont know how he can go back. Madhuri never wanted to come back to films and stuff but rumor was she had to because of money problems. From what I heard he was busy managing her money. He had received an offer from the Ambani hospital but refused just to manage her money. Methinks he is just having fun at the expense of his wife. Not surprised to hear they have problems.

Its sort of similar to Sridevi whose husband totally lives off her and has no money of his own. Got that from an insider who handles his finance.

Even if there is a malpractice suit... All doctors have malpractice insurance and it covers for it. He has not lost his licence and also he would not have to pay from his i dont know about money problems.

This is clearly a rumour created by KJo Gang to create another controversy surrounding Madhuri & Sanjay.
Madhuri has earned enough to last 2 generations. She doesnt seem the overspending type. Plus She has been working nonstop for many years now ( Films, TV & Concerts). And her husband is highly educated & ultra supportive unlike the industry husbands. The only reason she is doing this movie is because DHARMA is a good re-launchpad.

Madhuri was a superstar when her- the top heroine was charging 10 lakhs for a movie. At that time there were no brand ambassadors and products to endorse either. Madhuri took care of her whole family.

don;t think its any rumour..just google it&read about it

Malpractice lawsuits and settlements is public information and can be found on licensing board web sites for some states and any free consumer websites. I don't think her husband has any lawsuit. He seems to be in Mumbai to support his wife's career & to see her happy

Earlier this movie was to be done by our very megastar Super star Sridevi. Its due to her untimely demise the film went to Madhuri. Hope this film favours her. Else she will continue with unsuccessful comeback unlike her past 3 flop films.

Sri's comeback was so successful she had to wait 5 years to act in husband's movie which flopped. Oh, and the disaster in between PULI lol

Why doesnt her husband work in India as a surgeon? And why did he even move to India in the first place? Becoming a cardio vascular surgeon takes years of study..

Madhuri is very insecured of her position in box office now. After her previous movies failed in BO it's obvious tht her stardom alone only can't shoulder an entire film. Dancing numbers alone can't do wonders regularly. Ths movie is perhaps her last opportunity to cm to limelight.

I knew it. Anyone can come up with this blind, not just KJo. It's not a hidden fact that Madhuri despite being the female super star in her peak years has been struggling to make a successful film comeback after childbearing for years now unlike her late contemporary Sridevi and younger colleagues Aish, Kajol and now Rani (I didn't include Kareena because we're yet to see box office results after her giving birth). And i sincerely doubt her husband is practicing as he's now involved in film production.

As for Sanjay, it's a wonder he's getting offers as he hasn't been box-office gold either since. I guess he has really good friends or has done favours for people that they continue giving him films.

KJo is a very smart man.

Could have been SRK and PC save for a few details and were they working in Don 3 Lol

Promotion started

Madhuri Dixits husband has not been working from the time they moved to India.. It is fishy why he would stay without working despite having high qualifications.. Maybe his license got revoked or something.... He is now her manager... Sad

There was a malpractice case against Dr. Sriram Nene in USA. You can google it. Something happened during post surgery recovery of the patient. He got his license to practice in India and Maharashtra in 2012. Why he does not practice in India only he knows the reason. Madhuri has lots of investment in India and abroad. She is loaded that I can confirm.

did read long back that either her husband was sacked or maybe cant practice due to some malpractice or lawsuit or something like that..maybe md thought she could get him a job in india or establish his own practice..if there was no problem..he would have done it by now..def something is not right.

KJO creating a blind to create a controversy around MD and Sanju baba... god he is so dramaqueen!

Dp n rk

Wherever KJO is involved, all the inside gossip comes out in the public thru blind items. I think KJO actually writes all these blinds and also gets paid for it.

John And Bipasha?

Madhuri Sanjay

MD and Sanju. But her husband having "job issues?!!!" He's a cardiovascular surgeon form ucla. he may not have ambani $$$, but i really doubt he's struggling for money.

But he is out of practice almost 11 years. I have heard he can't practice in states anymore because of some court case or something like that. T o maintain such life style you need money even ambani can't survive without work for 11 long years!!!

he is still accredited by the american board of surgery till 2022 (public info). which means he can practice medicine all he pleases. there's anyway a shortage of drs. in india, im pretty sure any halfway decent hospital would happily have him.

I am sure, Madhuri has enough money to survive 2 generations. She has been constantly working for so many years now (Film & TV & Concerts). And to be honest, Madhuri doesn't look like the overspending types. Nor did she lose money in film production business, which was the case with Boney.

As for Ambanis, usually they have succession planning done for next 3-4 generations if not more.
That's the kind of money they have! 11 years is nothing for them.

Why did he leave his practice? Was he relying on MD’s money?

I have read somewhere that he has a hand tremor. Probably the reason why he cannot operate.

Because she uprooted him and brought him to india. Plus his malpractice in the U.S

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