Guess Who? This handsome star was MIA at the wedding of the year and here’s why

Can you guess who the handsome star was?
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Bollywood was buzzing with the reports of the wedding of this lovely actress to her beau. And one did expect the who’s who of Bollywood at the big fat wedding after-party. That indeed happened. However, there was one handsome star who was missing from the celebration, and that raised quite a few eyebrows given the fact that the actress has worked with him in the past.

What was even more surprising is that the actor was very much in town. And still, he missed on attending the celebrations. Not just him but his entire family was missing in action. Hence we tried to probe some more on this. And we aren’t disappointed a bit. We got the real reason for the actor’s absence from the wedding. 

A source close to the actor revealed that he was ticked off with the actress over the last few months when the latter gave a rather shocking statement in the media about the actor’s legal controversy with another leading lady. Despite being on good terms with the actor, the newly married actress in an interview a few months back had applauded the other popular actress for speaking up against the man and for taking a stand. Naturally, this didn’t go down well with the star, who was expecting support from the lady. That was when he decided to never work with her. Hence attending the wedding was a big no no.

Also, needless to say, the actress with whom the actor was embroiled in a controversy made it to the party, giving the actor one more reason to not make an appearance there! 

Well, we are sure you’ll must have guessed it by now, as to whom are we talking about!


Maybe he thought it was publicity stunt for Veere di Wedding! ROFL

The most positive point for all mature & sensible ladies who had loved to be with Hrithik Roshan is that after ths whole Kangana drama it's crystal clear to all that even if Hrithik gets married the second time his new wife wud hv a family of 5- herself , Hrithik , Suzzane & their two sons. Suzanne will neither reconcile nor ever leave Hrithik. So , Mr. Roshan it's better for everybody that u be happy with flings. Lolzzz

It is other way round actually. She wants to reconcile but he is confused. Both are still unable to move on as they are soulmates. Stalker harassment has actually broken their ice and brought them even closer n stronger. Maybe that is twist of destiny and silver lining!

Good for them. Good for the society . They are even left with no other option rather than being together irrespective of their marital status coz Rampal is gone frm Suzzane's life & Hrithik's true devotion for his true love Suzzane has been proved by himself to the whole world now no sensible serious girl wud want to be with him.

I dont like Suzanne that much bcoz i find her self centred n high maintenance. She is a Scorpio n they are always insecure n manipulative. He definitely has a million options IF he wants to take them. But, i think he believes only in serious relations. And hving a woman in his arm just for the sake of it like other stars is not his cup of tea.

^^Someone is clearly jealous of Hrithik-Suzanne

Why Abhay Deol did not come? Bobby Deol even worked in Race 3 with Anil Kapoor

Suzanne will hang around with HR, go fr holidays , pose selfies with her 'Happy ' family ,eta etc all fr their 'sons ' sake but still says wud never reconcile with her ex-husband. Why? Why so stubborn she is in ths regard? Is it so simple way it luks frm outside? Even HR's sister Sunaina is also divorced & her ex husband has a happy family with wife & children & surprisingly Sunaina's daughter stays with them & not with her own mom...!!! All so simple without any negative vibes?? Before gvn bad names to KR & her family, sensible ppl shud think abt all ths too.

How does commenting on Suzanne make Kangana's case better coz if we start judging Kangana by Rangoli's tweets, what would her reputation be?

It shows that people can share cordial relationship even without legal bond. But Stalkers who trespass into lives of others without consent and who slap own parents will never understand it.

So now u hv started stalking not only Hrithik but also his entire family. Get some medical help and a LIFE!

That Insta wedding was a fashion parade more than a marriage. He didn't miss anything.

Arre yaar such a big party so many love triangles quadrangles ellipticals plus booze flowing all night aur itna boring blind cmon Pinkvilla!!!

Kangana shud date Ranbir. He is Hot n Eligible. They will make a Power couple like Ranveer-Deepika. Nothing bigger than being a Kapoor Bahu.

Now what happened to the problem with Nepokids? You are as fake as your idol

Ranbir is too boring for her she is a firecracker

Ranbir is a firecracker too. Hritik is the most boring guy

Still your idol is stuck on him and can't move on...

Imagine the face of Hritik n Deepika if it happens. It will be a masterstroke. Ek teer se Do nishana lol

More than that imagine the face of Ranbir after Kangana slaps or abuses him everyday after marriage...

Kangana is his only option too. All others hv got married and Alia looks like a kid

She needs to get married too. She is running out of options. How long will she keep attending marriages of others.

I wished Hrithik had come. Wanted to see him n Sonam dance to Dheere Dheere and Mere Rashke Kamar :(

I would have loved to see his smiling pics...

didnt even realize he was missing until this blind emerged. lolz

How many times will u post the same comment?

Wedding of the year and all you get is this fake blind by that overimaginative stalker? We want to know what happened between Ranbir-Kat, Alia-Sid-Varun-Ranbir, Shweta-Ash, Kareena-Shahid-Saif. Disappointed by Gossipmonger Kjo lol

Question, who is Hrithik?

Sonam Kapoor never praised Kangana at all on this issue. Looks like someone has started hallucinating again

Shabana Azmi,Zoya,Farhar were also missing from the celebrations...

Silly ex lol

Psycho obsessed stalker lol
PV post

Aditya Pancholi Ex hahahaha

Aditya is a predator who groomed a young 17year old Kangana .

She was 22 yrs as per her passport record.Another lie. And wat was her age when she stalked married man Ajay?

A relationship which started when young Kangana called Aditya and showed interest in him.

A relationship which started when young Kangana called Aditya and showed interest in him.

If people had even a little sense of common sense, they wud stay miles away from that crazy stalker. Now, god knows which poor star is going to wake up to the news after 5 yrs that he was dating her for 10 years and she will crop this marriage group pic as "proof". How can anybody even support such a lowlife. Looks like some people will support women even if they do daylight murder

After the whole HR-KR incident, it's HR who's boycotting all social gathering & events out of a suppressed guilt it seems ,whereas KR has been quite boldly facing the music with open arms. It's a proof on his part that at least 20% (if not entirely)of what Kangana has claimed is true & he can't face that even. KR might hv made a mountain out of a molehill but where thr is smoke thr's obviously fire. Two ppl wen in love don't like to keep proves. That's it. Otherwise a lady (KR)wud never go to such an extent with her claims.Everybody is aware of Suzzane's drug addiction, her affair with Arjun Rampal & her disapproval of living with her inlaws was causing rift between her & HR then.

these days women can file a case against men anytime and man will be arrested without any proof. I suspect Hrithik got legal advice to stay away from KR. If they are seen at a wedding together and next day she files a case he threatened her or molested her , what can he do. Better be safe than sorry

If she is Bold, ask to face the Real adalat. Ask her to submit her passport, laptop, mobiles for investigation like Hrithik has done. Not strut around in media cooking up new bizarre stories like a headless chicken. PV, pls post

Stop the victim shaming and ask her to PROVE her claims. Hrithik will avoid social events bcoz he has got his priorities straight. He has been traumatized by a deranged stalker n harassment. That is how victims behave. There is a difference between a normal lady and a Psychopath. She has no class, no shame, no dignity. She has nothing to lose as she has no family, kids or any reputation. She has used same stalk n slander tactics against Ajay and Ranbir too. If she is bold, she wud make her laptop/phone up for scrutiny. And not hide it. Even her lawyer was arrested by spying! PV, pls post

I want to know what happened when Ranbir and Kangana. Didn't she claim to have a Liason with him too and he accused her of sending him flirty messages even when he was with Kat?

Hrithik not attending has nothing to do with the stalker n more to do with his night shoots. Sonam has always been supportive of Hrithik so stop spreading lies.

well HR was not missed it was the event of the year which would have been embroiled in controversy if he came afterall kis kis se chupe ga ye kangna se ya kareena se ya sonam se it looks like hitithik has the priblems and vendettas with everyone and everyone else has moved on

Speak for urself. I definitely missed him. I wanted to see him dance with Sonam. So many more faulty n controversial persons, Hrithik is least controversial of all. But, yes, he is not safe when so many stalkers are around. #HotGuyProblems

Why is it a big thing to hv skipped her wedding party? It is not as if she is some big president or something. He will attend the next wedding lol

Fake blind.

The wedding is over. The bride has gone back to work. Why is there a blind about Hrithik here? No one missed him, no one cares. He should go do some work instead of planting such blinds to be in news

Why would he plan a negative blind about him? It's not his work. One person miss and care about him enough to publish this blind showing he skip coz of her. Hrithik doesn't need such thing to be in news. He loves to keep a low profile.

Someone clearly cared enough to cook up this fake blind against Hrithik. And u clearly cared enough to post ur comment. Irony

If he wanted publicity, he wud hv attended the wedding. Ranbir, come out of the closet wid Ayan.

Hahahaha Ranbir - Ayan couple is more believable than Ranbir - Alia one! It was funny to see those two walk with their poses lol

If you think Hrithik cares, he would have attended the wedding. Leave him alone...

It was a surprise to see Kangana at Sonam's reception. Maybe it's superstition, people do not want ill will when they are starting a new chapter in their lives.

People r scared of black magic

This made me laugh so hard!!

Feeling so sad for kangana who went in the hope to meet her PHANTASY but he is so rude not to attend. How can he do this lol

hahaha you nail it. naughty hrithik :P

Kangana attended the event hoping to see her PHANTASY but he didn't show up.if he attended the wedding, media and KR PR would have made 100 articles about them which didn't happen. So stalker PR publish this to create a controversy.

Good soul Hrithik busy to do party with KRK, He has no time to attend Sonam OR Anushka's OR other's wedd.

Aww u missed him Ms.Phantasy. Even those younger than u are getting married. Go get married instead of eyeing men beyond ur league.

No on is gonna fight your battles for you, HR. Find a thicker skink or get out of show business.

He is not asking anyone to fight his battles nor asking any one support. He made it very clear. Either prove your allegations or get out of show business kangana. You have no respect for your work place in your own words. Oh kindly post it.

He doesn't own the show business. He would like her to leave it, but she is talented and can't digest that.

Whistleblowers don't always have proofs. I haven't been following the Weinstein case, but surely all the women claiming "metoo" in Hollywood don't have any evidence; Jimmy Savile's victims didn't have any evidence. Whilst these were different circumstances, expecting Kangana to have evidences is plain silly!

Since no evidence is require, tomorrow she shud claim that she had 12 years affair with Modi, 10 yrs affair with SRK, 5 yrs affair with Tom Cruise, 2 yrs affair with Obama. And all of them were dying to marry a "Beauty Queen" like her too :/ PV, pls post


When Deepika was getting Death threats by goons during Padmavati, none of these women stood by her. Be it Sonam, Anushka, Swara, Kareena or Kangana. Fake feminists were adding to the fuel by writing blogs against Padmavati and Kangana indirectly justifying actions by goons.

I agree. Had deepika supported them in their hard times I'm sure they would have done the same.

They r all jealous of DP

Padmavat isn't a feminist movie, it's pretty much anti-feminist from start to finish based on plot; most beautiful woman is prize, then women must go down with husband. Why would anyone support that? Deepika had to because she wanted to make money only.

Every film need NOT be a feminist movie. It was a Historical event that had to be shown. U applying 21st century standards to 1300s incident is stupidity.

Swara did stand by her but was disappointed by the film later on..

Why Anupam Kher who is best friend n neighbor of Anil Kapoor did not attend?

Anupam kher was there on the first function after which he went out of country for work. His wife and son were there though.

Sonam applauding Kangana? When did that happen? Someone has started hallucinating again. And didn't Hrithik say he wants to work with Sonam in his reply to her Birthday tweet few months back?

Why Farhan, Javed, Shabana and Deols did not attend?

I dont think this Blind is true as Sonam has been always nice to Hrithik. So has Anil Kapoor, Harsh n Arjun. Maybe some genuine work/health issue cropped up for them not attending.

Where has Hrithik been lately? He just works or goes on vacation with his kids/suzanne. He is never spotted at any Party or Award shows too. Didnot even attend Sridevi Funeral

Why call this a blind? Why not just say the actual names when its so obvious?

Sonam retweeted Farhan blog. She never supported Kangana. This blind clearly seems to be cooked up by Ms.Phantasy who was probably dying to meet her Shiva at the party. PV, pls post

Hrithik n Harsh exchanged cordial tweets on the day of wedding. Infact, Harsh replied from the wedding venue itself immediately. It shows that Hrithik must hv communicated his reason for not able to attend that day. It has nothing to do with the reasons cooked up. Bcoz Sonam wished Hrithik on his birthday with a very warm tweet. And even Hrithik has praised Padman n VDW of Sonam.

"Dear @karanjohar and @sonamakapoor nice to see how much a gaon wali non English speaking mountain girl has ruffled so many feathers.....Haha even if entire industry stands against her she will still survive because she is the chosen one." This is Rangoli's tweet on the HR Kangana saga . Sonam has spoken for Hrithik which is why she drew Rangoli's wrath upon her. Hrithik may not have gone to avoid Kangana , Ranbir over the infamous emails. Jeetendra, Shatrughan Sinha , Akshay Kumar were all missing .

What is the ranbir angle here?

Fyi. Shatrughan Sinha and Akshay Kumar were present at the wedding reception.

Ranbir, Shatrughan Sinha and Akshay Kumar were there.

"Dear @karanjohar and @sonamakapoor nice to see how much a gaon wali non English speaking mountain girl has ruffled so many feathers.....Haha even if entire industry stands against her she will still survive because she is the chosen one." This is Rangoli's tweet on the HR Kangana saga . Sonam has spoken for Hrithik which is why she drew Rangoli's wrath upon her. Hrithik may not have gone to avoid Kangana , Ranbir over the infamous emails. Jeetendra, Shatrughan Sinha , Akshay Kumar were all missing .

Hrithik has not been attending a single social event. Didnt attend Award shows, Sridevi Funeral, Parties, even for his Birthday, he celebrated only with his childhood friends n Suzanne. So, why is it a surprise if he skipped one more party. He was always a introvert.

Sonam actually supported Hrithik and was on his side publicly as far as I recall. I clearly remember that. But he knew Kangana would be invited as Anil never took any sides and he knows both really well and what either of the two are actually capable of and has no time for their bullshit so invited both. So, the Roshan's didn't attend. Abhay Deol has awful relationship with Anil and Sonam and gave them hell during Aisha so Deol's gave it a miss as well. Anushka, Anand L. Rai were busy with their schedules. What a meaningless blind this one is. PV post this.

Glad Hrithik avoided this Anti Hindu placard party

Awww looks like Stalker was waiting for Hrithik. But since he didnot turn up, she planted this Fake blind. Sonam has never supported u ever in the fight. Wake up and smell the coffee. Hrithik life revolves around his work, his kids, his family. His actions are not related to ur existence.

Hrithik is working at night shifts for suoer 30

Even the entire Deol clan gave it a miss

Mutual jealousy of Deepika makes people like Sonam, Swara n Anushka invite Kangana.

That shows Sonam's honesty. While her contemporaries are busy sleeping around with these men to get films. Kudos to sonam !

she is Anil Kapoor u really think she need to sleep with anyone to get movies?

Why Anand L Rai, Sooraj Bhartajiya , Remo etc did not attend?

silly ex

Aditya Pancholi Ex spotted

There were many who didnot attend. Farhan, Parineeti, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Raj kumar Rao, Abhay Deol, Dhanush,Zoya Akhtar, Javed, Shabhana. So why point only Hrithik? Am glad he didnot attend. Else, media wud hv cooked up rubbish blinds irritating the hell of him.

This blind was probably planted by hrithik. He didn't come, no one cared. But he had to come into the news

This blind is by planted by kangana 100%. he didnt came and she got upset . She cared a lot. He is in the news for many good reasons so he doesn't need to be in the news for bad reasons at all.

People use his name to come in news. Not other way round.

Hrithik Anil are really good friends. They met and did an interview after that sonam this is lame reason and made up by someone. Also, all celebs attended wedding coz of Anil not sonam. Post plz

I don’t remember Sonam commenting on the controversy.

Never seen Sonam support Kangana over the issue. Infact, she retweeted Farhan blog, wished Hrithik on his Birthday and he wished her for VDW. Even on the day of wedding, Hrithik n Harsh were very cordial on twitter with him praising Bhavesh Joshi trailer.

Am sure, they didnot attend due to some genuine health reasons. His sister is not keeping well for a long time in any case. Plus, Hrithik seems to be avoiding social events/awards/parties for years now.

As far as Kangana being there, well that woman must hv tagged along with Swara. Shame is one thing that she does not hv. She can go anywhere for 2 mins of fame. It is not like they can drive her out if she turned up uninvited like she did during Kareena parties before.

Kudos to Sonam for speaking up

i was also surprised to see Roshans not turning up but i cant remember Sonam giving statement in favour of Kangaroo

Kangana PR At work

Kangana a popular acteess?lol. No one knew her till she start bashing and abusing superstars. This proves its her PR article

Never seen Sonam praising Kangana on the issue at all. Although she is dumbhead who will parrot watever Swara orders her to do blindly. Her placard thing shows how immature she is.

Som stalker are on a mission to defame superstar Hrithik just coz she was invited lol.

Why is it a big thing? He has mostly kept to himself for so many years now. Hrithik never attended Sridevi Funeral, Award shows n so many Parties. He is keeping it strictly professional with Fake bollywood where everyone is friend on the face but stabs on the back from behind

Hrithik is A nice and decent person who supports everyone no matter what. Sonam didn't back kangana but hrithik saying I know him well and he is a gentleman. Infact her statement was confused . Kangana PR needs to rest.

Oh come on! Hrithik n Sonam met even at Filmfare Fashion awards and were talking to each other jovially. She even wished him heartily on his Birthday and he even praised Veere Di Wedding trailer. Even her brother was praising Hrithik to the skies after he supported Bhavesh Joshi trailer. Am sure, they didnot attend due to some genuine health reasons in the family.

A negative blind on hrithik. Hmm someone over active PR is at work.

Fake Blind. I dont think Hrithik has been attending any award shows/parties/events for a long time now. He was just caught up with back-to-back shooting.

Was kangana at the after party?

Sonar hritik kangna

Hrithik roshan

Hrithik sonam

Sonam Kapoor, Hrithik and Kangana


Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan

But he posted about the vdw trailer so I don't think it's because of that, maybe because kangana was present so he gave it a miss

Abhay Deol

Hrithik roshan

Hrithik , Sonam and Kangana

Sonam wedding, Hrithik n Kangna are actor n actress discussed

Hrithik in Sonam’s wedding? But they haven’t worked together other than that Dheere dheere music video

Not just the Roshan’s, even Sonakshi Sinha and fam were missing. I thought Sonam and Sona sorted out their differences?

Sonam and Hrithik! Lol, why even call this a blind?

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