Guess Who: Lead actor avoids promoting his big ticket ensemble film; worried his fans will hate his character

Can you guess who the lead star and the movie in question are?
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When it comes to ensemble films in Bollywood, there aren't many. One reason could be the ensemble itself having cold wars with each other regarding their characters and role time. And we have proof of this with the cast of a recent ensemble movie. Read on:
This big-ticket film had a major promotional plan in order to promote the ensemble movie. However, the lead star backed out of it and the big promotional plan had to be scrapped. This is because the actor was not happy with his role. This realisation took place midway through the shoot when the star realised that his character turned out to be completely different from what was originally told to him. He requested the makers of the movie to change but it was to no avail. 
The reason why the actor is insisting that his character in the film is someone who is not known to him is of his concern that his fans and followers would hate him after. This is a worrying fact for the actor.
Can you guess who the lead star and the movie in question are? Let us know your guesses in the comments section below.
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I guess this blind is true and thats why the movie is getting torn apart by the media. Its always fun and interesting to read your blinds pinkvilla!!

Anushka Sharma is pregnant

Why would we "hate" Aamir after watching this movie? Is it because we all like Jack Sparrow and are pissed he's ripping off an iconic character? He's been getting lots of questions about POTC and trying to avoid them. OR is it because in the movie the character does something despicable? It has to be Thugs, there's no other ensemble movies left this year, Zero is just those 3.

Looks like the preview was crap

this role could have been executed well by someone like Ranveer Singh who is quirky in his ways and is turning out to be one of the most versatile actors of this generation. Aamir has gone over the top in his acting and it looks bad. So stop blaming the director or production house and promote it like a professional Mr.Khan. you are not 7 years old to throw a tantrum now.

I dont think it is AAmir. because he has been saying that he signed the movie because of the character, this is someone else maybe Akshay?Amitabh?

Aamir is promoting the movie, he even had a live chat with his fans. You can see it on youtube

I was surprised too that yash raj green lot a high budget film with Victor as a director. Both Tashan and Dhooom 3 were absolutely horrible films - they were quite poorly directed...

There is no buzz for this movie. Even Katrina songs have no buzz and flop.

Fawad is so arrogant...he refused to promote his latest movies in Pakistan...he bragging everywhere about being "Kjo's Keep" digger fawad...

Thugs will make decent money (IDK about 400 cr and all that jazz) but everything that's been put out so far looks utterly terrible. Almost can't believe Aamir said yes to this. Probably best he disassociate himself from this cuz Aamir has a brant to protect.

There is no buzz at all for Pirates of Hindostan, except only Katrina songs. This will be a huge loss for YRF.

Pirates of hindostan!!! Lol

Even Katrina songs have no buzz. They are flop this time .
Post it plz

YRF followed a similar promotional model for Dhoom 3 too. There wasnt much. Counting on Aamir’s presence for the audience to show up...

That said, Thugs look like shit. Aamir is annoying ad Firangi and everything about the movie is just ugh!

From day 1, I was flabbergasted to see Aamir working with Victor once more when the director has had a bad record with Tashan & Dhoom 2 (which was awful despite being a hit because of Aamir). Perhaps now Aamir is realising that he did commit a mistake.

Aamir a la Jack Sparrow.. Pirates of Carribean….there he 'thugged' Hindostan

Amitabh totally over shadowed Aamir, hence aamir now does not like his character. Huge egos, small men

Ranveer Singh was Khilji and this is one of the most evil character so far. Yet he promoted and still always mentions about that. Everyone talk about how awesome actor is Amiir. But he always want to be good one. Even in secret superstar he was portraying deeply good hearted superstar. He is so full of himself. So lame

It’s quite weird to see Ranveer Singh being thrown into the comments everywhere and trying to praise him so much only in pinkvilla , has been paying someone to do that ? If he’s a good actor this is unnecessary the over enthusiastic pr needs to stop .

Here we go the self praising actor and his over enthusiastic PR .

Because they are horrible people in real life. Fans need to realize this. Even in Dhoom 3, he is the "villain", but no he isn't, he's also the hero, the disabled one is loving, in the end, BOTH are good-hearted people... vs. John's character, who killed himself just as a PSYCH! to Jai Dixit. Same with Salman Khan, he REFUSES to play any kind of villain at all. Because they already have a negative stigma attached to them, and don't want the public to think... God, they REALLY are evil.
Vs. Shahrukh Khan, who is always up to play dark roles, as recently as Fan and Raees, to way back when he started. It's literally his claim to fame. He doesn't have a bad reputation for doing anything like you know, shooting animals or driving into people, so he isn't worried his fans can't accept switching from lover boy to villain and back.

On Koffee with Karan, Aamir said that he did TOH coz he loved the role and it's a movie which does not give out a social message. So y wud he not like the role now. I'm sure if he wanted anything to be changed in his role then he wud definitely get it changed.

Aamir is getting paid a fortune to do the damn movie and got Fatty on board on his insistence .He bloody well promote it .

Whoaa... Aamir told them to change the film and they didnt listen?.....yeah right!

Only in India. Everywhere else , actors do just that...ACT. No character is seen as an extension of their true personality. This is ridiculous. It's time we caught up, or we'll always be the dumb audience forced to worship imbeciles full of smoke and mirrors.

It may be more about how the character is badly written and that the audience's reaction to him was not very positive . Firangi does seem straight out of Sholay /Dhoom 2 /POC , nor does it look plausible as a historical .

Akshay Kumar

I thought that too to be fair

Amir khan and TOH?

Thugs of Hindostan. Can't blame Aamir for not wanting to promote it. Trailer was all over the place and made zero logical sense. His character seems like a total tharki. Not exactly something his fans will love him for. I have a bad feeling about this one unfortunately.

Only he is to blame. He does interfere in the direction and if /when the movie is a hit hogs all the credit

Aamir Khan as the annoying Firangi in Thugs

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