Guess Who: This leading lady is shocked and angry that her ex-boyfriend has moved on so QUICKLY

This leading lady still has feelings for her ex-boyfriend and was extremely upset when she saw photos of him getting cozy with a stylist. Her ex-boyfriend has moved on and this has left the leading lady surprised and angry
Guess Who,guess who
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This leading lady who debuted in Bollywood opposite a superstar has hit a rough patch in her career. She only has a handful of films with lesser known actors. In her personal life too, she and her boyfriend of many years called it off recently. She wanted to settle down, whereas he wasn’t ready to commit. The female actor took a long break with her girlfriends to get over the heartache. However, she still has feelings for him and was extremely upset when she saw photos of him getting cozy with a stylist. Her ex-boyfriend has moved on and this has left the leading lady surprised and angry!




He looks like a steroid fed gorilla. This Bunty Guy is a rich sports agent. Virat Kohli is his client. He dated Sushmita Sen,Dia Mirza, Neha Dhupia,Sonakshi Sinha and now Ali Abbas zafar’s ex Leepakshi Ellawadi. He is a 40 years old divorcee . Don’t know how he gets to date Bollywood beauties.

Sonakshi lol rk rockstar kapooe is hot n supersexy its beyond ur thinking so stop dreaming of him

katrina !!

How can an average man named BUNTY to get so many stunning actresses to date him?! He isn't worth it. Count your blessings.

seriously!!! from the few pics i've seen on insta, he looks relatively old comp. to sona, vein-y, buff in a steroid-fueled way.

he is a big time sports agent tho and has top dollar clients like virat, shikhar, rohit etc. so maybe the money helps??

Sonakshi had an on - off relationship with Seema Khan's brother , the divorced Bunty Sajdeh . She shouldn't be surprised at his behaviour as the man clearly has a thing for women , especially actresses - Dia Mirza , Neha Dhupia , Sushmita Sen are all women he's dated & dumped for the next one .

Message to women: when dating a Casanova consider yourself the rule not exception.

Words of a wise women/man. True that

thanks :)

Maybe it's the lure to reform a rake and belief that the power of your own true love will change him . All BS of course ! It's possible if the chap is very young & sowing his wild oats , but an adult male of 30 plus years changing for u is wishful thinking .

hence the aptness of message

hence the Message is very apt consider yourself the rule if you become the exception to rule good for you if not cut your loses and leave early :).

Hence, kriti, Sharda,alia,dp need to be very cautious

Ali Abbas zafar’s ex Dating Bunty Sajdeh andsonakshi Sinha who was dating Bunty is angry

Deepika, Ranveer and that stylist

Sonakshi stop dreaming of rk..k

Looks like all Men are same

Sonakshi sinha...n please n rk has no girlfriend i know he has hook up with many but not dated except dp n kat got it..

Sonakshi yr


It can't be Sonakshi, as she has been in movies with the top stars.

not anymore


Sara Ali khan


Mahira and RK


Unless the Khans are now considered small actors, then it’s definitely not her.

Leading Lady - Sonakshi
Boyfriend - Bunty Sajdeh
Stylist - Leepakshi Ellawadi (Ali Abbas' ex gf)

Unlike women ,men can easily forget,fall in love and move on , can't trust them

Sonakshi and Bunty.


Sonakshi Sinha?

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