GUESS WHO: This one film old star kid follows a pundit religiously before deciding on his films and fees

Can you guess who we are talking about here? Tell us in comments section below.
GUESS WHO: This one-film old star kid follows a pundit religiously before deciding on his films and remunerationGUESS WHO: This one-film old starkid follows a pundit religiously before deciding on his films and remuneratio
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This young actor might have started in his late 20s, but is an industry kid. His mother was a yesteryear actress and she shot to super stardom right after her breakthrough debut vehicle. But soon after, she decided to bid adieu to movie business to concentrate on her family life. Now, the boy decided to give his family business a miss to try his hands at showbiz. His first film, which happened to be a very quirky action film, hit screens earlier this year but opened to a very dull response at the box office. Despite the film turning out to be a damp squib, the audiences who came in to watch the actioner loved this actor and his histrionics. 

He has been quickly signed on for a few more films, under two banners. A director who's known to have introduced two fresh talents - one of them being another starkid who created a definite change when it came to Indian action - has also got this new boy on board for his next project that was announced recently. But little does anyone know that much like another yesteryear hero who was adept at comedy, this industry kid also religiously follows a pundit. Yes. Believe us when we say that all his life decisions are taken by this baba who the family firmly believes in. 

We hear that the pundit also tells him how much to charge for each film so that the figures add up to a particular number. In case you don't know, a reigning superstar also follows a similar strategy when it comes to the remuneration but his are more rounded figures, whereas the boy adds extra decibels to his fee so that it all add up to his desired number. Forget that, he also lets the baba decide the exact time at which a particular contract needs to be signed. A lot of filmmakers who know of this are stunned by the young boy's actions. His own entourage is tired of his, err or his pundit's ridiculous demands. But then again, andha bhakti bhi kuch cheez hoti hai. Hai na?

Could you guess who we're talking about here? Tell us in comments section below. 

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Abhimanyu Dasani

Abhimanyu dasani. Bhahyashree's son..

Bhagyashree's son. Don't know the name.

Abhimanyu dasani

Bhagyashree's son

mard ko dard :P

Abhimanyu Dasani

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