Guess Who: Producer-Superstar duo in cahoots as actor takes a huge sum of the profits from their recent film

Can you guess who the superstar and producer in question are?
Guess Who,guess who
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2018 has been amongst the fruitful and profitable years for Bollywood in the recent decade as many of the movies this year have delivered to the fullest and is earning well in terms of box-office numbers.

We came across a recent blind in DNA over one such hit movie in regards to the producer of the film as well as the superstar starring in it. 

The movie in question had an impressive opening weekend collection and even earned money at the box-office but it was not a blockbuster which the producer was expecting. The profits earned are lesser than the production cost with the superstar taking a huge sum of the profits. The maker is left with very little. 

The producer is disappointed with the response the movie has given even though the numbers are much better than the actors in previous movies. However, the producer is not openly talking about the same as he does not want to upset the superstar.

Can you guess who the superstar and producer in question are?


Actor- John Abraham
Film- Parmanu

Its Padman , Salman was co-producer of Race so its cant be Race 3.

Race made money due to salman only..

Just saying, it took a village to give a RK a hit for his failing career! Sallu is enough for his film! Hope he will go for a stronger story ,next ,too!

at least when u write something write the whole truth..if this is about Salman everyone knows he co-produced the film and also was one of the distributors so he has a right to get some of the profit depending on the deal and how much of profit share they agreed on sharing...

Race 3 no doubts. Sanju is a massive hit, with nearly 50 cr budget and more than 500 cr wordwide profit. Race3 have a huge budget, but noе such much profit. And yeah, i like Ranbir, but he's not a 'superstar' yet.

race3....a deserving flop


who is superstar in Sanju ;-)

which planet u come from?

Salman Khan...Race3

Movie is Padman
Producer is Prerna Arora of KriArj
Actor is Akshay Kumar who earned 40 crores profit with nothing left for other producers.. Thats why he is not pompous about this movie's BO fate..

This is a very old blind...

Salman - Tauranis - Film - Race 3

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