Guess Who? This promising actor who gave 100 crore hit refuses to share the couch with another rising star?

Can you guess the actors in questions? Let us know.
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Rivalries in Bollywood are not big thing and especially when actors are suddenly met with new found stardom, they do seem to get competitive. A little birdie informed us that recently two actors who are on the rise currently were approached to share the couch for a chat show but the actor who recently delivered a 100 crore hit film was not too keen on the same. The other actor too is being considered to be one of the breakout stars of 2018. 

We hear that the 100 crore actor turned down the offer saying the other is not big enough to be sharing the same couch to talk with a celebrity anchor. Buzz is that the recent MeToo movement issue might also be one of the reason for the refutal. Well, we have already dropped a couple of hints. This seems to be a easy guess, did you find out?


Karthik and SSR

karthik and vicky

KJo trying to stir up trouble with his blinds for a fledgling half baked show, "coffee with nepo papa - join me for a steaming cup of nepo papa nonsense" Hope PV publishes and calls out KJo for what he is a disturbed soul.

I'm disappointed that deepika came with nobody without Kjo ms.Jerry. kjo used Deepika's fan following to put Alia on the pedestal.

KJo trying to bring Kartik Aaryan down. He seems to have a hate on for him guess cause he is competition for RK. Same as SSR. KJo should change the name of his show to Nepo Papa. Hope PV publishes.

Coffee with Nepo Papa is apt.

Kjo likes to put rivals on his couch. Why is PV not posting?

Good on them. There is no advantage to them by going on KJo's show. Only KJo's ratings benefit.

Rajkumar Rao and Vicky Kaushal maybe?

None of these guys mentioned should even go. Karan will find some way of belittling them somehow. Wait until they are very very big and Karan is groveling like what's happening with Ranveer.

So what? Who wants to come on KJo's couch anyway...

Karthik Scored more than 100cr at box office this year, thinks highly of himself to share couch with Vicky who is the breakout talent of this year with raazi, sanju and manmarziya. Also the fact that luv ranjan has been accused with sexual harassment , karthik chose not to speak on it. So ayushman jumped into karthik place

I don't think its Rajkumar (Stree) and Ayushman (Andhadhun, Badhai ho) because they have made several appearances together and seem to share great camaraderie. Vicky also does not come across as egoistic. So if he did refuse the appearance it has more to do with his father's accusal than his ego.

just saw Vicky and Ayushmas KWK shoot pic which Karan might be Karthik or Rajkumar Rao

there was news yesterday that vicky and ayushman were invited together. vicki had raazi which made 100 cr. but i guess he refused? also, his dad shayam kaushal, was accused of sexual misconduct and vicky has been mia on social media since.

I don’t think Vicky refused to be on KWK with Ayushmann because he’s not as successful as Vicky but probably because of the harassment allegations against his father. And Ayushmann gave two hits in two months as the leading man and Vicky was only a supporting actor in all the films he did this year. Is this KJo cooking up another conflict between two talented actors?

Kartik not agreeing to share the couch with Sushant.

Definitely Vicky and Karthik. Luv Ranjan and Vickys father are being accused of harassment hence the me too clue

Why should he/she!!

Karthik aryan is the new Ranbir Kapoor of Bollywood has got all the charm.Sanjay leela bhansali should cast this new talent

He is way better than RK and hope Kartik gets a tonne of offers and remains true and humble. RK is a waste and tired of his sordid love life.

May be Karthik and vicky.. Vicky is a side actor Karthik is a star because he hasn't worked with any great director still he mas following Vicky in other way worked with good directors done some good movies but no mass following like Karthik..Vicky's father was accused may be that's why

I think it's Kartik aryan and Vicky Kaushal.. Metoo may UIs father was accused... Good Karthik anyways Karan johar will not cast you. Instead he uses his PR and publish Karthik got kicked all those rude stuff... Be yourself choose good script you are star in the making.. I can see many youth are fan of yours.. And self made... Good keep it up

Vicky kaushal

Is Rajkumar Rao the 100-crore actor? I don’t know who the other actor is

Rajkummar Rao ?

Recent 100 crier star is Kartik Aryan or Raj Kumar Rao

Karthik Aryan ans Vicky Kaushal

Ayushman Khurana and Rajkumar Rao

Rising star, 100 crore, me too (luv ranjan) could this be Kartik aaryan????

But there aee too many hundred crore actors..... How can one get hint??

And who is this breakout star? Rajkumar Rao ??/
Don't know yaar

Is it Sushant?

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