Guess Who? Reason why the girl who accused filmmaker of sexual misconduct refused to file case; Read Details

Can you guess who the girl and the filmmaker in question are?
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The Me Too movement in India is on a roll for over a month now. Lately, an ex-employee of a production company which has now been dissolved accused her former boss, also a filmmaker, of sexual harassment. The filmmaker, who has directed a career changing film for a lead actress and with one film in the pipeline, has been having a hard time with a number of cases against him. He, in fact, has filed a defamation case against his former partners as well. 

It was recently seen that the victim in the case had excused herself off the case and we exclusively reveal the real reason for it. Apparently, the girl happens to be in the drug selling business and she fears of getting caught or exposed by some industry insiders who know that the case filed against the filmmaker would perhaps not stand in the court or in front of the police. This is the reason why the woman refuses to pursue the case and is not likely too in the future as well. 


U have stopped so low pinkvilla. Don't trivialise such a sensitive issue. U accused of her being in drug it funny. Well no just stick to being a PR for Nepo kids

Whats the big deal? She accused Vikas without proof? She can't hack it when the tables are turned. This was a drunken, drug fuelled night of sex nothing else. Both his and her consent was questionable as they were under the influence but the fact that it was both of them under the influence means that neither party can whine about it because my guess is they don't remember it. And to people who are excusing not going to court, and saying a public statement is enough to prove something, are you fools? Would you prefer the parliament and judiciary dissolve overnight and anarchy descend over India? Grow up. Strong women go to court everyday, shady characters from the other side of the tracks flee the authorities. There is a reason why on the first instance of this happening this woman ran to Anurag Basu and not the police who could have easily immediately taken samples of sperm and skin to lock Vikas up the day itself.

I know her personally and this is a completely false and fabricated piece of news

No one wants to read blinds like this. Blinds are for us to have fun and guess about movies and the business, not MeToo. That is serious, and should be reported on, not released as a guessing game.

If u r not 100% sure that the victim is victim and the villian is the villian you should not judge also

How does one forceably reach your place when u don't want them...then they enter home too...then they spend time and then they misbehave. Too many loopholes in this story anyways

I completely disagree to all those who say, victim must be supported, who is the victim?? How do we know? How do we support people who accuse someone of's a big debate, tansushree dutta has all the proofs even in media reporting, but how do we judge others who have no proofs and don't even come out but speak in blinds. What if the victim in this case is completely lying...what if vikas bhal is actually innocent, were does our humanity band righteousness goes then? Can anybody give me one good reason to believe he cannot be a victim here!!!

You gotta stop finding ways to screw over a victim. Unless you are 100% sure she is in it, don't post an article. And if you have evidence, print the details with her name. Way to discredit a woman's trauma by posting a blind which may or may not be true. What is wrong with this site and its moderators?

Hipsdontlie she can't be named because she doesn't want to be and THIS is most likely the reason why. Her trauma has not been validated by anyone but Anurag Basu. Her partner has not spoken and nor has any other source close to her. She has insulted her own trauma by playing games with it. Taking it to her boss ahead of authorities for one says a lot about what trauma she endured. Further still backing out of a case says more on the same. Nothing 100% in this case and that is the victims fault, in a court of law the burden of proof lies with her. She has to prove Vikas Bahl guilty and if she doesn't have the gall to do it then everything is fair game. Vikas is still INNOCENT until proven guilty. If she had bothered to make a case and come out with her identity there would be no blinds. She has done this to herself, frankly as a logical human being I give her trauma no credit and think this was a case of a woman who has casual drunk sex but realizing it was her boss thought something could come of taking it to her other boss.

Still no excuse for Vikas to act like a pig . As for her ,if this story is true (& not to discredit her) , then she should also be held accountable for breaking the law.

Has anyone filed a Police complaint ever, that they are suggesting it to a lone woman. It takes hours daily to pursue it and LOTS and LOTS of money and lawyers to fight a case that goes on at least for 5-10yrs. People saying these people should file cases, have you looked at the police-judiciary system in India? Mob justice is present for a reason i.e. justice when there is no judiciary-police to give you justice, its out of frustration not out of choice. An individual cant fight the legal system and the accused simultaneously.

Its her decision to go for the case or not. She told her story and that was good enough . Who is going to pay for the court money and the time she will have to spent on it. I don't understand why people are forcing them to take action against the culprit. Why she told his name and not somebody. Tell about what that person is like iike is good enough to warn people to stay away from those assholes.

Seems like a fake news to save vikas.vikas is directing super 30 and it's powerful producer sajid nadiadwala wants to malign the girl to save his film.

The girl is herself a criminal and play a with people life. Sad you are supporting a drug dealer just coz she is a woman.

Even if she is a drug dealer how has anyone got the right to sexually abuse her. Are u capable of thinking clearly?

Why does Hrithik always clean the criminals? he did it in 2017 when he signed the Super 30 and “buried” the scandal, he does it now to save Vikas for Super 301

Why does kangana always drag hrithik? Hrithik has nothing to Do with somome crime or sins. He didnt clean or supported vikas. Stop accusing hrithik.
Btw why does you always support the stalkers and harrsser?
Be fair to post

Why is Hrithik always a drag kangan when she is not even there? Super 30 project Hrithik, not Kanganа)) so this is not Kangana drag Hrithik, but Hrithik drag Kanganа to clear Vikas, you have just proved this))

Well, Kangna dragged herself here by accusing Vikas misbehaving with her so many years ago. You really imagine she would have remained silent all these years and remain on friendly terms with him if the thing actually took place?
Just you wait for her next release, more names will be "exposed" by her.

Kangana cleans Vikas for Super 30? Was Kangana Subscribed to Super 30? what do you smoke baby?

This sounds like an attempt to portray the victim in a bad light and nothing more. If she was a drug dealer in fear of getting caught she would have never publicly accused anyone in the first place. Why would she want all the attention on her when she has something to hide? This is just a smear campaign from the man's camp to shame his victim.

This seems to be a fake news planted against the girl by Vikas Bahl' S camp!!!

Do you have a prove? Don't accuse other. Frankly speaking all the blinds and articles turning out to be true with him. So it's not fake or planted by vikas.

If this is true, then this lady must be caught, named & shamed and arrested ...

the lady needs to be dishonored because she is behind her statement, but the criminal must be justified for all his dirty deeds? what a comfortable position!

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