Guess Who: This senior filmmaker calls young starlets to his bungalow for 'some fun'

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What's the difference between casting couch and compromise? While the Me Too movement has several big filmmakers named for their sexual misconduct, what also can't be ignored is the willingness with which several struggling actors - both male and female - give in to such demands. Let's talk about a senior filmmaker, who's clearly found a new way to fulfill his desires. 

The filmmaker had almost lost everything, despite delivering several big blockbusters since the '80s. While he belongs to a khandaan, he's the only guy from his generation who isn't an actor. In fact, he's now a father and two of his own kids are in the movie business, trying to make their own space. His eldest kid is an actor and was launched a few years ago whereas one of his daughters also debuted very recently. He currently doesn't have a woman in his life and even when he did, he was known to have quite a colourful life outside. So, we hear that the producer calls struggling heroines to one of his bungalows for some fun, quite often. Although he doesn't stay there at all, he uses the bungalow only for such 'recreational' purposes, away from the prying eyes of the media and his extended family. The bungalow belongs to his wife and a young starlet, majorly seen in erotic thrillers, can be seen zooming in and out of it almost every week.

And our producer isn't the only one. In fact, the keys of the bungalow are also shared with a few other filmmakers who use the space to have their own share of fun. One of the most prominent faces that the neighbours have seen coming out of the house happens to be this unconventional director, who was also once part of a quartet that split. While one of his other then-partners was named in the Me Too, he sided with his filmmaker buddy who opposed the one named. What shocked many around was that otherwise, the director is known for his gentlemanly behaviour. The producer is also known to be a family man. But then again, what has one's public image got to do with their bodily needs?

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Sridevi knew too much about boney and he wanted to shut her up. The whole surprise trip to Dubai was so lame and we were supposed to believe the man. He will rot in hell.

Boney Kapoor is the filmmaker producer and Vikramaditya Motwane is the director who was part of recently split Phantom films. VM sided with Anurag Kashyap (another partner) when Vikas Bahl was named in #MeToo. Young starlet is Urvashi Rautela.

Disgusting old fat ugly grandpa and so are his skin especially his son

Boney and Vikramaditya Motwane

Boney Kapoor. Who is the director?

Boney kapoor

Boney Kapoor. Poor Sridevi literally gave up everything for this gas ball.

Boney Kapoor. Never satisfied with one woman.

Boney kapoor
Family man may be rajkumar hirani

whoa..vikramaditya motwane? nowayssss

I wonder how the children of morally bankrupt parents accept that side of them from Shraddha Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha's fathers' past, Sunil Shetty, akshay kumar, SRK, and the list goes on and now Boney Kapoor. Instead of a blind, papz photos of them will be more useful in exposing them.

I am surprised that you named Sunil. He is one of the decent guys who was never in any scandal.

Sunil shetthy is one of the most respected actor. He may not a super star but he has a very clean image. Stop spreading rumors

What did Suniel Shetty do?

Sunil Shetty has had a clean reputation like what are you talking about? I have never heard anything bad about him personally. Tanushri Dutta said Sunil and Irrfan were respectful towards her and stood up for her in her testament against Nana Patekhar.

Boney urvashi routela

So it is true then. Boney Kapoor killed Sri.

They have almost revealed name boney kapoor..but who is the director who spilt from trio

Dibankar banerjee

Vikas Bahl i guess

Boney Kapoor

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