Guess Who: Senior star’s wife catches him red-handed with his co-star and has a HUGE FIGHT with the actress

Can you guess who the actor, his wife and his co-star are?
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This couple projects themselves as the most in-love couple in Bollywood. Pics of their loving poses are plastered over their social media but apparently, cracks have developed in their marriage in recent times with the wife going on holidays mostly solo, with their children.

A much-touted film said to have the senior actor in a menacing role was shot mostly outdoors so he could have his flings with the starlets he was acting with. The film was said to have been made to keep the macho senior star happy. His one condition was that it would be shot outdoors in North India. His wife was busy with the children’s schools and couldn't accompany him outdoors. It became one long ayyashi outdoor for this senior actor when the film began. Among the many actresses, one was a happily married one who kept to herself and didn’t participate in any of the ongoings. She would shoot and leave along with a senior actress but a couple of the other actresses became a part of the senior star’s love brigade.     

The actor was having a blast till one of his close colleagues (who was in the film) quietly spilled the beans to his fiery wife (who keeps a tight control over his finances too) who came storming down and caught him in the act red-handed with the actress who is also known for her acting skills. Naturally what followed was a blazing row with the wife almost coming to blows with the actress and warning her to lay off her man! The actress is also known to be fiery in her way and gave it back shouting, ‘ek haath se taali nahi bajti’ etc and the wife should keep her man in control. The star was a mute spectator who kept apologizing to his wife knowing there was hell to pay when he returned home. Finally, the wife threw out the actress from the star’s hotel room and told the movie’s makers that there would be no more scenes with the actress and husband till the shoot got complete or he wouldn’t shoot anymore. Naturally, the makers had no choice but to agree.

The movie has been completed and released and sunk too and now the couple too is as happy and loving as ever to outward appearances. Celebrating birthdays and throwing parties, going on holidays abroad together – it is back to one happy marriage for this couple again. Looking at them one would never think that this incident happened.

There’s no place like showbiz after all where the real becomes unreal and vice versa!


If it is Sanjay, it's probably Chitrangada, known for "fiery personality".

ajay devgn?

its Sanjay but not sure of the actress. either Mahi or Chitrangada

Mr and Mrs funny bone!

This is what you get for marrying a dishonorable sleaze like Sanjay.

but it says the movie has released and tanked at the box office, Gold has not yet released. Also it states that there are more than one actresses one of whom is married also, so can' think of any of Akshay r Ajay's films that fit the description

Sanjay Dutt

Sanju baba bit who us the actress

Sanjay n manyata

Sanjay n manyata

Sanjay n manyata

Sanjay dutt and Manyaata

Sanjay Dutt —sahib biwi gangster 3

Either Akshay or Sanjay. Probably Sanjay.

So jaya caught Amitabh with Alia...ok that's why kjo rush into the sets of brahmastra...

The new couple in the town...AMITALIA...

Alshay twinkle and Mouni roy

GOLD has not released yet so it cant be

Mouni known for her acting skills?!

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