Guess Who: Senior star wife flaunts designer ACCESSORIES and OUTFITS which are cheap first copies!

Famous for flaunting all her 'designer and costly' accessories and outfits, this star wife knows just the place to get knock offs at a great price. Can you guess who it is?
Guess Who,guess who,bollywoodGuess Who: Senior star wife flaunts designer ACCESSORIES and OUTFITS which are cheap first copies!
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The senior super star is earning in crores, but his wife prefers to pick up the first copy bags and dresses from the first copy store. The major and basic difference between designer labels and first copy accessories and outfits is price – first copies are less than one-third of the price (yet flaunting the designer label) that high-end designer stuff commands. And yet, her husband has been charging a whopping eight crores to his hapless producers for every film of his.

The star wife loves flaunting her ‘expensive’ designer outfits and accessories on social media – from hot dresses, to bags, shoes and belts. Every day is something new – whenever and wherever she is traveling she never forgets to out up pictures of herself. Mind you, most are not selfies but to flaunt the costly stuff she wears. But all this us a façade it seems as she buys first copy stuff at ridiculously cheap prices.

She has told the store which sells first copies to tell her when they first arrive. When they do, she goes directly (no messenger or anybody here so nobody knows about it) to the first copy shop to pick them up. She wears them everywhere she goes. They are one-third the price of designer wear, but she passes them off as designer wear with her friends and social events. For a recent production she had all actress’s designer wear (bags, outfits, accessories) after shooting was complete, sent to her home. But her husband is said to charge eight crore per movie so Bandra birdies have been wondering why she cannot afford to spend on her own stuff. In her recent home production, she even got the outfits and actresses the female leads wore, delivered to her home, where she chose what she wanted to keep.

The star wife is an independent woman in her own right, running her own business. She travels a lot abroad on work alone and said to boast of her own high income but in reality, nobody knows what her company is about or what she does. Her star husband prefers to drown his sorrows with his buddies, in his expensive alcohol, and ignore his wife’s shenanigans. Some of his friends wonder whether he is even aware of what is happening around him as his wife likes to do things on her own.

While we know many other wives of stars and Bollywood celebs also wear first copy outfits and accessories, and it’s not really much of a big deal, the lavish lifestyle of the senior star and his wife makes people wonder, why they cannot afford to buy the real designer stuff – when they spend so much on other things including month-long holidays to exotic destinations. Her star husband has never believed in designer stuff and right from his expensive cars and alcohol, to his shoes, watches and bikes, he has worn the real (and extremely expensive) stuff – no matter how costly they may be. He is known to splurge and his expenses are said to run into crores sometimes. Maybe that’s why his wife prefers to control her own budget – what would happen if both spent money like water?

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Pucca Mira Shahid Kapoor



one look at manyatas instagram&its easy to figure it lady..

Ahahhaa. Yes his wife likes to control her own budget because Trishala Dutt and Husband Sanjay Dutt spend way too much and she is worried nothing would be left when her kids grow up.

A. There is no problem in being a star or a star wife and wearing copies.

B.even if the husband Is earning 8 crores to iska matlab ye nahi ki Sara paisa kapdo me zyda do...what's your problem is she is saving money...


WHich super star is earning 8 crores now? SRK or Akshay Kumar. I dont think Sanjay dutt is earning that much right now.

Maanyata and sanjay. Shes smart with money

It's manyata dutt

Shilpa Shetty

Kajol, fr sure.

It's not kareenaa cause they are talking about star wife not TV actor.

I am impressed.Intelligent wife,who is rich the one who spends or the one who saves?

Gauri Khan


Twinkle Khanna

jaya bachchan

Twinkle Khanna, Akshay Kumar

manyata and sanjay dutt

Twinkle Khanna

Manyatta dutt.

Manyata dutt

Manyata dutt


Even I thought it was Kareena and Saif but then I read about the star wife owing a business and nobody knows what business it is. That’s not Kareena for sure.


Kareena and saif





What is this? I do not understand, whoever does this is very smart and know the value of money. Y even anyone wants to talk about that and to insist to buy branded stuff?

Sanjay Dutt and Maanyata?

Gauri Khan and SRK.

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