Guess Who: THIS star is always almost BROKE thanks to his lavish lifestyle & has been signing many web series

The actor in question also enjoys spending a lot but because of his lavish lifestyle, he’s almost always broke. Any guesses who?
Guess Who,guess who,bollywoodGuess Who: THIS star is always almost BROKE thanks to his lavish lifestyle & has been signing many web series
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The highly talented actor, who had been sitting at home, after his period drama crashed at the box-office, a few years ago, has been signing web series by the dozen. He was one of the first stars to hop on to the digital bandwagon which has proved to be a successful stint for him. He loves it too, as they offer him quirky roles and plenty of moolah to keep up with his lavish lifestyle. He doesn’t sign too many movies and the current ones he has, are taking their own time to get completed.

The actor in question, is said to have very little money because of his lavish lifestyle and what he has runs out almost as soon as he gets it. Probably one of the reasons he had a fallout with one of his partners and broke up after that.

The actor has bought property worth crores and loves his wine, cheese and champagne dinners, and expensive holidays at foreign locations. His actress wife loves them too, but she likes to control her purse strings and makes sure that he gets to spend his money on both of them, while hers remain intact. He is a spender and likes to lavish money and expensive gifts to people, including his beautiful wife.

The actor had a small fortune tucked away somewhere a few years ago, but money does not last forever and he tends to spend more than he has. In recent years, while both husband and wife have been seen holidaying at exotic resorts, few know that most of them are sponsored vacays for magazine or brand shoots (arranged by the actress’s media teams who are often known to accompany them too). A recent holiday in a European city was also apparently sponsored because the actor was shooting there and took his family along. The actress is said to have acted in the movie too, so the producer doesn’t mind the sponsorship as it’s a great combination. 

Bollywood folks say because he requires money now, is the reason why he is signing so many web series all of a sudden. When the actor’s tidy little fortune was lying at the bank, he had stopped signing movies but after it finally ran out, he had to start doing work. After signing a couple of movies, he struck gold at the digital medium and since then there’s been no looking back.

His wife too has been looking for work but is extremely picky about her choices. Many a top producer has approached her but has been shown the door because their script or banner didn’t live up to her expectations. She wants to work only in the best of banners – which include her friends. Her fee is high so she hasn’t signed too many movies and her brand endorsements are fizzling out as she’s being replaced by younger actresses. But they make a doting family when they step outside their homes.

Jodi ho toh aisi…


Amrita Singh and Sara Ali Khan

priyanka chopra?

Thank you Karan for the update lol.

Saif never sits at home, he’s always working and he can’t be broke when he has tons of properties and s priceless palace. Kareena’s also alwWays working not even pregnancy can stop her Anschluss those vacation perks, everybody get s them but they don’t pay for days not working so all those extra months they’ve been awy, they’re paying for.

Saif? But was he in a period drama? Rangoon?

Kareena has Sindhi blood, that's why she knows to manage her money!!

Saif, but he worth billions due to his family mansions?

Saif and Kareena

I just hope this is not Saif and Kareena. Thought the lad is has brain!

Saif ali khan..

Saifu it is..

Saif and Kareena!

Obviously Saif Ali Khan

Kareena kapoor and saifuuuu

Saif and bebo.

Saif and Kareena

Saifu & actress wife kareena

Said and Kareena

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